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SmartCity Guide Presentation

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SmartCity Guide project and product presentation.
Demonstrates product features, and gives general idea about the project.

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SmartCity Guide Presentation

  3. 3. A guide to the city in 5 languages with an ever-updating database of architectural sights, museums, amusement attractions, cafes, restaurants, concert halls, nightlife, shopping locales, sports facilities, and more. We input into the system establishments which, in our opinion, are the best and most interesting for tourists, not those who paid to be there. Also available is general information about the city, its history, architectural styles, public transport, health services, and security – all of which can be useful for tourists. ©2013 Smart City Guide
  4. 4. Our tablet is available to rent with a preloaded local SIM card. The client receives a local phone number and the ability to connect to the Internet. ©2013 Smart City Guide
  5. 5. An offline map with navigation and routing to the residence of the customer from anywhere in the city. Routing is available between arbitrary objects and select points on the map, with direct or metro routes individually indicated. ©2013 Smart City Guide
  6. 6. A fully up-to-date database with architectural attractions, monuments, museums (including the cost of tickets and schedules), bridges, squares, rivers, etc. Designated points of interest can be sorted into up to 10 categories. ©2013 Smart City Guide
  7. 7. Detailed descriptions with picture(s) for identification, surrounding terrain, references, and the relevant article in Wikipedia (if any). An audiodescription file in the selected language and pronunciation of the name of the object in the native language is available as well. ©2013 Smart City Guide
  8. 8. Restaurants and cafes with the ability to sort through cuisines (6 categories) and price range (4 categories). You can display on the map a certain type of food at a given price range. ©2013 Smart City Guide
  9. 9. Entertainment for children, nightlife for adults. Sport hubs, shops for different goods, and public service locations. You can personally add categories depending on your local needs. ©2013 Smart City Guide
  10. 10. Interesting routes which are constantly updated and written by local Specialists, with Audio accompaniment - your own guide for 10 euros a day! ©2013 Smart City Guide
  11. 11. A calendar with local events such as festivals, concerts, holiday celebrations, etc. Selects and updates the most interesting and important events, plus information on annual events and festivals. ©2013 Smart City Guide
  12. 12. A convenient dictionary with the pronunciation of the most common phrases in the local language. ©2013 Smart City Guide
  13. 13. Option “What’s near?” when enabled, any records in the database of objects within a radius of 150 meters will appear on the map! ©2013 Smart City Guide
  14. 14. A unique feature When you take a picture of an object listed in our database, the picture is saved with the name of the object so that you will never forget where you were and what you saw! ©2013 Smart City Guide