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Competitor analysis

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2.  Will your customers buy from them?  I do not think so. Because, my service, customers will be able to follow the process by the internet or phone.
  3.  Who are they?  Large technological shopping centers and of these shopping centers technical services
  4.  Gold COMPUTER  VATAN COMPUTER  Media Markt
  5.  What do they sell?  TV, Computer, phone, mp3 player, game consoles, small home appliances etc.
  6.   How big is the company? .Media Markt (There are many stores in Turkey and the world in general.) .VATAN COMPUTER (available in many stores across Turkey) .Gold COMPUTER (available in many stores across Turkey)
  7.  What are their main strengths?  Technical services .
  8.  And what are their weaknesses?  Generally, these types of businesses left in the product will be delivered after 30 days. And Customers must take delivery of the product himself.