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Minutes of the 2nd Partnership meeting in Badajoz (Spain)                     Tuesday, November 27th, 2012Note: The coordi...
Latvian PresentationThe Latvian partner couldn’t attend the Kick-off meeting of last month held in Adana, Turkey.Therefore...
is an Open Source Software. The key of RAYUELA is its dynamism and continuousimprovement.7. SHORT OVERVIEW ON THE AGREEMEN...
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Minutes of 2nd ld v partnership meeting in badajoz, spain

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Minutes of 2nd ld v partnership meeting in badajoz, spain

  1. 1. Minutes of the 2nd Partnership meeting in Badajoz (Spain) Tuesday, November 27th, 2012Note: The coordinator (Yalçin) and Italian partner (Elmo) attended this meetingthrough Skype connection.Morning Session1. SPAIN: LEAFLET and NEWSLETTERAmelia presents samples to all participants.LEAFLET: • Structure: Mostly all partners agree with the design • Colors: Romanian partners suggest that the used colors are too dark, and that lighter color combinations should be used. Example: To use darker colors for the bottom, and go lighter to the top of the leaflet. Partners agree.Conclusions: Spain will change colors and present new version of leaflet within next days forvoting.NEWSLETTER: • Structure: Ok for everyone • Colors: The Romanian group thinks it could be changed but the rest of the partners agree on keeping the one presented by FUNDECYT.Conclusions: The presented version remains. Spain must present first Newsletter.Deadline for this task: End of January.2. ALL PARTNERS: PRESENTATION OF VET GUIDANCE IN EACH COUNTRYNote: All presentations (+ docs and templates) are available on the project blog.Spanish PresentationAmelia presents current VET guidance situation in Spain, explaining that there have beentraditionally two guidance subsystems: one for Education and one for Employment. She alsogives information on Spanish resources and useful links for VET guidance and showsdocuments used as guidance instruments by schools as examples of good practice.Bulgarian PresentationPepa presents Bulgarian example on VET guidance, making emphasis that in Bulgaria this is stillvery new and therefore they do not have background. She explains that in her country VETguidance is ruled by 2 main regulations: Vocational Education and Training Act and NationalLifelong Learning Strategy 2008-2013. But there is still lack of a National system for VETguidance, of coordination between official institutions and providers of and those in need ofvocational guidance. She informs about several good examples of VET guidance projects andinitiatives currently running in the country, but it’s still not enough to talk about a unifiedsystem. 1
  2. 2. Latvian PresentationThe Latvian partner couldn’t attend the Kick-off meeting of last month held in Adana, Turkey.Therefore, Agris Ruperts (Director of a vocational school in Liepaja town) first of all has made apresentation of their school, followed by the education system of the country and the currentVET guidance tools available.Romanian PresentationLaura presents the “Student’s professional and Career guidance in the Romanian teachingsystem”. She says that in general there is too much theory for students and not enoughpractices. Furthermore, she informed about some different guidance initiatives and projectsrunning now in Romania.Slovenian PresentationMarusa gives detailed information about VET and Career guidance in Slovenia, explainingweaknesses of the existing system and also showing good practice examples and tests duringthe presentation.3. COMPARISON OF VET GUIDANCE IN EACH COUNTRY (SLOVENIA)Discussion point: What kind of template to be used for further tables to be implemented?At the Kick-off meeting in Turkey all partners agreed upon the elaboration of a comparisontable to be filled in by each partner in order to put together the different characteristics ofvocational education and guidance methodologies implemented in all partner countries. It wassaid that Slovenian partner should present a first template to be discussed during this meeting.But, all participants agreed that first of all we have to define VET and the target group to beaddressed.After discussing, all participants agreed on the following: • Decide exact definition of the target group • Establish common categories for the tableConclusions: • Target group: First to third qualification (students aged 15 – 20/21) • Categories: - History - Legal framework/legislation - Activities - Providers - Examples of good practices (a maximum of 5 examples per country).Each category can be divided into national and regional ones, and each partner must includeinfo under each category. And during next meeting in Italy, Elmo will decide how to structure itto insert later into the online platform to be performed. The info under these categories isplanned to be available for everyone (counsellors, pupils and parents).Deadline for this task: End of January (all partners). 2
  3. 3. Afternoon Session4. SPAIN: QUESTIONNAIRES ABOUT THE MODALITY IN IMPLEMENTING VETGUIDANCE AT SCHOOLSAmelia presents a model of questionnaire that is distributed to the students who finish thecompulsory secondary education in Extremadura to guide them in the process of taking adecision on what they want to do in their near future: VET, labor market or other alternatives.They can be provided with information on the process of decision-making and they canelaborate an action plan for their next steps. It is very complete and they can access thisquestionnaire when they are coming to the end of their secondary studies. They can do thisquestionnaire individually, it is very practical, accessible online and it is optional for thestudents. Some teachers mentor them to complete the questionnaire at the school.Amelia agrees on researching for having statistical data on the percentages of how manypeople complete it in the region of Extremadura. She also presents a model of an assessmentquestionnaire for students at the end of a VET learning module. It is very oriented to evaluatethe training experience as well as the experience in the company where they made theirprofessional practices and about their motivations for their future.The last tool presented by Amelia is ORIENTA. This is also an online guidance testimplemented by a private company and it is available for the high schools to buy it andcustomize it according to their preferences. An example from the school “Instituto Albarregas”in Merida town was the one used in the presentation.5. continue PRESENTATION OF VET GUIDANCE IN EACH COUNTRYTurkish PresentationIlknur from Avanos Vocational High School gives an overview on vocational guidance in Turkey,explaining that it begins at primary school. She gives information about vocations especially in7th and 8th grade and that students have their Level Determination Exam at the end of 8 thgrade. They are placed to a high school accordingly to the points resulting from this exam. Shecontinues presenting her school and the different training modules the students can choose.Ilknur continues explaining VET guidance activities undertaken by the teachers and saying thatthe end of the 9th grade is quite relevant for the future of a Turkish student because he/she hasto choose between Numerical Sections, Verbally Sections or Foreign Language Sections.6. SPAIN: PRESENTATION OF EDUCATIONAL ONLINE PLATFORM “RAYUELA”Anto Recio (staff of Spanish partner) presents this educational online tool implemented inwhole Extremadura region. RAYUELA is the main proof of the Open Source Software Strategythat the region of Extremadura experienced in the last 12 years. It is a single platform foreducation management, teachers, students, counsellors, parents and associations of parents.It is a comprehensive platform where e-learning (digital contents and re-use of trainingmaterials and software) is the most important feature as well as the possibility for all theactors in the educational process to be connected and be able to share information andexperiences. The management of RAYUELA is oriented to coordinate all the public schools inthe region (more than 300 schools being the vast majority of them located in rural areas). Thesoftware behind RAYUELA is also offered to other countries to be implemented as its definition 3
  4. 4. is an Open Source Software. The key of RAYUELA is its dynamism and continuousimprovement.7. SHORT OVERVIEW ON THE AGREEMENTS AND THE WORKPLAN FOR THE NEXTCOMING MONTHSAll partners agree on the following: • Minutes + Attendance lists of this meeting will be sent latest on Tuesday, December 4th, to the project coordinator • Spain will re-made the leaflet with lighter colors and the new version will be uploaded to Yahoo group for voting • All partners agree on the model of the Newsletter. End of January 2013 is the deadline for the first Newsletter • End of January is the deadline for completing the categories for the comparison table • The design of the moodle platform will be firstly discussed during the next working meeting in Italy on March 2013. This online tool (where the results of the project will be allocated) is planned to be online for testing in December 2013. As a consequence, the process of translating the materials to each language will start after that. • If needed for next meeting, Italian partner shall add any new task to the Badajoz`s meeting ones • The date when the doodle voting system has to be ready for the meeting in Slovenia will be decided in Italy on March, 2013 • As Latvian partner joined the partnership firstly in this 2 nd meeting, Laura asks for deciding on a date for the consortium meeting in Latvia. Everybody agrees on discussing about it during the meeting in Italy • A last discussion on the comparison of the feedback`s questionnaires between the students in the different partners concludes on taking a look to the English one that is already in the blog and the one showed during the morning session. Amelia will translate it for everybody to vote on what is the most suitable option. 4