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Ads manager script

The ad management tool of such a nature will provide you with effective issues of banner ads along with quality substitute of banner advertising that can multiply your revenue stream. http://www.yourfreeworld.com/script/adsmanager.php?id=4753

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Ads manager script

  1. 1. Ads manager script Welcome To
  2. 2. AD MANAGEMENT TOOL Build your List and Generate Back End Profits By offering Members Bonus Downloads For Joining Your Program
  3. 3. Script Features: • Easy ad package management of text ads and banner ads on single or multiple websites. • Create your own ad packages for different banner sizes/text ads, numbers of views and length of time from the easy-to- navigate admin area. • Approve/Reject/Delete ads from the admin area. • Paypal and Payza compatible with the ability to add 5 more merchant accounts of your choice. • Email members function.
  4. 4. With this powerful script, you can offer attractive text ads and banner ads, with the further capability of also offer scrolling text ads and scrolling banner ads! Mouse- over pause enabled when someone points at an ad included. Discover just how popular these forms of advertising are once you install it to your website and start receiving orders from eager advertisers. ADS MANAGER