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F17_Unified Governance for Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI

  1. Unified Governance for Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI Doctor Flow aka “Serge Luca” Power Platform Solution Architect Power Platform Associates, Belgium @sergeluca
  2. Doctor Flow aka “Serge Luca” Business Application MVP, Brussels MVP 15th year Business Apps, Office 365 Solution architect Creator of the open-source Power Platform BPM Toolkit Author of “Power Automate in a day” Blog: Twitter: @sergeluca
  3. Isabelle Van Campenhoudt Data Platform MVP, Brussels Consultant, Speaker Trainer, Community Leader SQL server since 1999 SharePoint BI & Power BI since it starts Blog: Twitter: @theSQLgrrrl SQL BI Tuning Architecture Coffee making
  4. Agenda Introduction Vision Attention Points Conclusions
  5. Why Unified ?
  6. Unified approach • Confusing for everyone, including for sponsors Power BI is often managed by a dedicated Power BI or the traditional BI team • We have Self-Service • citizen devs and BI makers • Pro dev • People in between • The audiences overlap • More and more Power BI makers become citizen devs (Power Apps/ Power Automate) • More and more citizen dev, integrate Power BI dashboard with their apps • The adoption concepts are the same Conceptually the challenges are the same
  7. How do we work?
  8. The “Check-list”  300 Highly technical and non-technical topics
  9. Role of IT in the Power Platform
  10. Maximize the benefits of using the Power Platform Minimize the risks of using the Power Platform React quickly & not slowing down the business Delegate experts (“digital fusion teams”)
  11. Minimize risks Short term : • Bugs • Lack of support • Several versions of the truth • Data Loss • Terrible architecture Long term : • Technical debt
  12. First do this !!!
  13. Before doing anything 1 Assign Power Platform admin role 2 Restrict creation of environments and Power BI workspaces to admin 3 Isolate the tenant 4 Review the Power BI tenant Settings 5 Define e-mail exfiltration blocking Secure the Power Platform perimeter
  14. Define the role of the Power Platform in the IT portfolio
  15. Reduce IT asphyxia Increase innovation? The Citizen, self-service culture Increase Productivity
  16. Extensibility Azure Office & Data Services Power Platform Every developer (low code) Azure Services Pro developers 500 connectors
  17. Intuitive to use & easy Citizen Developer Self-BI champions One admin center to rule them all for IT Administrators IT Administrator Pro Developer support and ALM Professional Developer BI A platform for all makers Basic Complex
  18. Educate IT
  19. Educate IT 1.(Workshop) What is the Power Platform, benefits, risks 2.(Course) Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI • Makes sure this course cover the best practices and the rules in place • Limitations of the tools • Reduce risks 3. (Course) Power Platform Governance 4.(Workshop) Deeply understand licensing • Storage, connectors, throttling
  20. Create a dedicated Center of Excellence
  21. Define a Unified Center of Excellence Covering Power BI and the rest of the Power Platform Power Platform CoE Data Power BI Apps Power Apps, Power Automate
  22. Power Apps Power Automate Power BI CoE Scope Mentoring Training materials Documentation and resources Governance guidelines System oversight and administration Define a service catalog Integration with ITSM tools (like ticket escalation, Service catalog) Developing solutions and/or proofs of concept Establishing and maintaining the BI platform and data architecture
  23. CoE Roles Power BI Power Apps Power Automate Product Owner Solution architect Trainer, coach Data pro User support Community leader App pro
  24. How people use the platform: Install the Power Platform CoE Starter kit
  25. The Power Platform CoE starter kit Core components Governance components Nurture components Theming components Innovation Backlog components ALM Accelerator for Makers components
  26. Power BI CoE Kit ? No dedicated integrated tool yet • Inventory • Monitoring • Automation What do you need? • Integrated tooling like Usage reports • Power BI Rest APIs is the key • Third party • Azure PureView? How to achieve it ?
  27. License tracking
  28. User usage
  29. User adoption
  30. Content tracking
  31. Define the container strategy
  32. Containers Power Apps Power Automate Environments Power BI Workspaces
  33. Default Everyone is a maker Business Unit A Dev Business Unit B Dev Business Unit A devs are makers Business Unit B devs are makers Developer Free, Premium, can share Critical Project Dev Critical Project Test Critical Project Prod Dev Team are makers Devs and end users are users Testers are users Shared Prod Testers are users Shared Test Business Unit A Testers are users Business Unit B Testers are users Power Apps/Automate environment strategies
  34. Workspace Workspace Workspace Workspace Workspace Workspace Corporate Reports Shared Dataset Composite Dataset Custom Reports Custom Dataset Factory Kitchen Restaurant Enterprise data Dataflows Dataflows Apps Business Unit devs are makers Viewers Power BI typical organisation RLS
  35. Define policies
  36. • DLP with O365 Compliance center – (Preview) Classify and label sensitive Power BI data • Dataset protection with RLS and OLS • Enforce governance policies even when Power BI content is exported to Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF… • Monitor user activity The main concern = data loss Power automate/Power apps • DLP Policies (Block connectors, endpoint filtering, action control) • e-mail exfiltration blocking Power BI --- surface area
  37. Educate : data and apps culture
  38. Educate Makers 1.(Workshop) What is the Power Platform, benefits, risks 2.(Course) Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI • With the business • Makes sure this course cover the best practices and the rules in place • 2 or 3 reference apps • Share the video ! • Limitations of the tools • Reduce risks • ALM • Tests
  39. Nurture
  40. Grown a community Welcome e-mail Define a SharePoint site • Where users can • Learning • Request workspaces/environments • Request connectors • Request storage, Dataverse, certified dataset, Data access • Policies • Find the Yammer • Find the FAQ • The FAQ can feed the Bot • Get help • Get Power Platform news • Register to trainings Define a Yammer (goal : organic support) • Newsgroups by product • General newsgroups • Nominate champions (organic help) • Update the reference apps/dashboards based on questions • Encourage people to follow the courses • Weekly meeting for CoE team -> frequent problems • Feed the Faq Newsletter
  41. Adoption Campaigns With internal communications • Show and tell sessions (monthly) • Celebrate success stories (monthly) • Define career path for makers • Encourage makers to become ambassador across their dept • Clinics (weekly) • Workshops • Bootcamps • Newsletter
  42. ALM
  43. Continuous Integration/Delivery (CI/CD) • Deploy from DEV->TEST->PROD • Manuel • Automated • Power BI pipelines (premium) • Power Platform Build tools & Azure DevOps or Github Simple scenario • V1 is in PROD • V2 is in DEV • A critical bug must be deployed to V1 (PROD) asap • It must also be included in V2 (DEV) • We need source control, branching, merging • New immature tools for Power Apps (Power Apps source code Tool) • Not available yet for Power BI Complex scenario
  44. Power Platform CoE ALM Accelerator
  45. Power BI pipelines (Premium)
  46. Summary Role of Power Platform in IT portfolio It makes sense to have a single CoE Huge benefits of sharing a data/apps culture ALM story is weak (work in progress) It takes a village… Technical debt Role of IT
  47. One More Thing ! Without empathy, our 320 check list governance items don’t work
  48. Thank You Serge Luca @sergeluca

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