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Are you doing enough to promote your old content? (Nope!)

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You already spent hours research and writing that article. Then you publish it, enjoy some shares and engagement... and then everyone forgets about it (including you) and you move on.

But does it have to be that way? Or should it?

Absolutely not! Your old content deserves more love: It should be leveraged throughout many diverse channels, re-marketed on social media in different forms, turned into unique formats to reach wider audience and build loyalty.

This guide gives you 20 ideas to make more of your blog archives. For even more tips and detailed instructions, please proceed here: http://www.seosmarty.com/25-actionable-ideas-to-smartly-re-use-your-old-content-to-get-you-busy-right-now/

Each slide (starting with #5) is clickable: You can see more detailed guides, examples, and tips when clicking any of them. Good luck!

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  • Thanks a lot, Joyce!!! Wanted to somehow demonstrate the power of the listed tips :)
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Are you doing enough to promote your old content? (Nope!)

  2. 2. Simple and creative ideas to bring your old content back to life
  4. 4. (1) Turn the Article into a PDF File
  5. 5. (2) Put Together a (Kindle- Friendly) eBook
  6. 6. (3) Create a Podcast Show
  7. 7. (4) Turn It into a Video
  8. 8. (5) Put Together an Audiobook
  9. 9. (6) Create a Video Course
  10. 10. (7) Put Together a New eMail Course
  11. 11. (8) Create an Infographic
  12. 12. (9) Create a Cheatsheet
  13. 13. (10) Create a Downloadable Checklist
  14. 14. (11) Turn a Guide into a Mind Map
  15. 15. ... or a Flow Chart
  16. 16. (12) Turn Old Interviews into Visual Quotes
  17. 17. (13) Create a Slideshare Presentation
  18. 18. (14) Put All of the Above into a Bunkr Upload
  19. 19. (15) Create a Yearly/Monthly Round-up
  20. 20. (16) Update the Article Using an Expert Round-up
  21. 21. (17) Create “Tweetable” Tips Round-Up
  22. 22. (18) Create “Best Tools of XXXX Year” Roundup