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Landscapes from home

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Due to Covid-19 students have to be at home. This is an activity to introduce landscapes at home and from home.

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Landscapes from home

  1. 1. Landscapes passport @personal archive Thanks to Albert Murillo’s sounds @espaciosonante.com
  2. 2. I was at home asking myself… Then, I had an idea !
  3. 3. I wish I could travel Why not? You can look at your photos Then, I decided to organize my photos in chapters. Do you want to travel with me? I am going to design a personal landscape presentation checking the places I have been.
  4. 4. The first place to visit is Pedraforca MOUNTAIN, and the HILLS around it. I like nature because it makes me relax and switch off from my routines. Does it happen to you? Does the wind invite you to dream? @personal archive V
  5. 5. The second place is the FOREST where I love walking along the paths* and listening to birds. @personal archive R
  6. 6. @personal archive I like the SEA and the BEACH @personal archive Next stop is the sea and the beach. I love playing with waves* and making sandcastles* . A
  7. 7. @personal archive LAKE @personal archive RIVER The fourth place to visit is Banyoles lake and a river in the mountains. The water is freezing*! Can you name five rivers in your Country? D
  8. 8. Ireland is the best place to find lots of CLIFFS. They are formed as erosion landscapes*. You can listen to water by tapping this link. Do you know the colours in the Irish flag? @personal archive CLIFF E
  9. 9. The JUNGLE is the next stop. There you can listen to many noises from the animals who live there. Can you name five animals who live in the jungle? @Pixabay, free images N
  10. 10. @personal archive And what about the WATERFALLS! It’s quite impressive to stand so close and listen to them. What type of clothes do you think it’s better to wear for going there? T
  11. 11. U Next stop is the Sahara Desert! It’s quite impressive to walk over the dunes. They usually appear in large groups! Can you name a plant in the desert? @Martín Sanabria
  12. 12. E I cannot forget the Misti Volcano in Perú. From Arequipa, the city below, the visitor can see its smokes. Awesome! Can you name a volcano in your Country? @Martín Sanabria
  13. 13. For ending this _________, I want to show you a Geyser: this is one of the most important geysers in Iceland. It’s called Strokkur. It erupts approximately every 4 minutes and the water can reach up to 40 meters in height. @personal archive @personal archive
  14. 14. Now, it’s your turn. We have travelled through a wide range of landscapes in this special trip. In each chapter (excepting number ten), you have a letter. If you order them, you will have the missing word in chapter ten. Are you able to find it out? SECRET WORD: --------- (9 letters) Clue: a word instead of «experience» May 2020 seniros@gmail.com English for You and Me