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Future cities. After school club summary

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This is some of our young students work. We teach sustainable architecture at primary schools in London since two years ago.We focus on early ages as we truly believe the sooner we open their minds to creativity and sustainable values the better fot their and our future.

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Future cities. After school club summary

  2. 2. Children should grow up being aware of their built environment and their potential to change the future for the better.We want them to embrace and claim for new strategies to obtain a better city to live in. This workshop arose as a critical and purposeful reaction to the lack of architectural knowledge amongst society. We have launched a pedagogical platform aimed at children all around London, teaching architecture and sustainability at primary schools. During these years we have collected some of their designs enjoying their colourful and sustainable future.
  3. 3. Colourful solar panels, tomatoes and algae on the roof
  4. 4. Communal bike with plastic roof to avoid rain.
  5. 5. Collecting sun energy and distributing it to other buildings.
  6. 6. Rehabilitating and converting the castle into a bus station.
  7. 7. Vegetables shop with green house to grow its own food on the roof.
  8. 8. Wind mills and sun panels for their new school.
  9. 9. Reusing old boats to grow food and algae, protecting birds and collecting water.
  10. 10. Museum with big machine to purify the air. Fun houses beside.
  11. 11. Structure to collect rain water for the roof top swimming pool
  12. 12. Children proud of their designs at Islington Museum ( London) during one workshop´s lesson.
  13. 13. These pages are just some examples of their fabulous designs. They inspire us to be better architects and teachers.
  14. 14. For further information about our activities and schedule please contact us. “Future cities” DoloresVictoria Ruiz Garrido Juan José Ruiz Martín rgrm@rgrm.es lolivi@rgrm.es www.semisotano.es