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Interested?                                                   To learn more, attend one of the meetings                   ...
It’s hard                                       What’s the purpose of the                     But I’m a little nervous abo...
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International Student Friendship Program

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This is an overview of a program in which International Students and Americans develop a friendship. This provides a great opportunity for learning about the other person's culture.

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International Student Friendship Program

  1. 1. Interested? To learn more, attend one of the meetings below. between cultures All Meetings are in the Millennium Student Center Room 313 Aug 13 (Mon), 1:00-2:00pm, MSC 313“My wife and I met our American friendsthrough this program last fall. In the past yearwe had many memorable moments together, Aug 14 (Tue), 4:30-5:30 pm, MSC 313spending Thanksgiving at their parents’ farm,decorating Easter eggs together, cooking Aug 20 (Mon), 12:00-1:00 pm, MSC 313American and Chinese food, watching ourfavorite movies, and playing video games. Aug 21 (Tue), 12:00-1:00 pm, MSC 313Most importantly, we shared our opinions andthoughts on life and society. We become goodfriends in spite of our different culturebackgrounds. This friendship is a gift and we Any questions? Please contact: Developingwill cherish it forever.”—Chinese International Student Bryan and Cecile Ames a friendship“We can honestly say that we love thesefriends with all our hearts. We’ve spent hoursand hours talking and sharing ideas and International Student Friendship Representatives with anfeelings. Learning about each other’s culture.Enjoying each other’s food. Not to mentionlaughing really, really hard!” info@stlouisxa.com (314) 485-9125 American—American Host Family host A service of Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, a Recognized Student Organization at University of Missouri—St Louis. This service is provided without cost or obligation.
  2. 2. It’s hard What’s the purpose of the But I’m a little nervous aboutto leave your family, your friends, program? meeting a host family! The International Student Friendship Befriending someone from a differentand everything familiar. To travel program seeks to: culture might seem daunting, and youaround the world to a new country • Introduce international students to life might worry about how to relate toand try to make it feel like home. in the U.S. in a warm, friendly way someone from a completely differentTo struggle to adjust to a new • Acquaint families or individuals with background.culture with new customs. To try to other cultures through personal relationships and mutual respectearn a degree at a university bylearning in a language thats not What would myyour native tongue. Internationalstudents face lots of challenges. responsibilities be? To meet with your American host aAnd over 70% of the internationals minimum of once a month for onestudying in the U.S. will leave school year to enjoy an activity that’s funhaving never entered an American for both of you. That’s all!home. The International Student Dont worry! Your American family willFriendship program is designed to What could I gain from the simply invite you into their life. You canhelp. It matches every program? talk. Ask lots of questions. Laugh. Shareparticipating international student • The chance to meals, both from your culture and theirs.with an American host. You can experience life in the Play games. Celebrate holidays. Visitmake a new friend and experience U.S. through the eyes of interesting places. Sometimes justAmerican culture in a new way! an American conversation and the exchange of ideas • A family to be a part of can be more important than a whirlwind while you’re away from home of activities, especially to a busy • The opportunity to develop your student! So above all, you can simply language skills with native English enjoy the chance to relax and feel at speakers. home with your new "away from home" • An opportunity for an enduring, life- family. long friendship with someone from another culture.Statistics from “The World at Your Doorstep,”by Lawson Lau.