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Enjoy Italy Segway Tour with Family and Friends

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Enjoy Italy Segway Tour in Rome by hiring a segway from the tour operators and enjoy the cool breeze and ride on the segway.

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Enjoy Italy Segway Tour with Family and Friends

  1. 1. Presentation Title Enjoy Italy Segway Tour with Family and Friends PPT Presented By: http://www.segwayfunrome.com/trips/grand-city-tour.html
  2. 2. Segway is a two- wheeled, electric powered and self-balancing scooter, it is mostly used for personal transportation and it runs on a battery. It is an eco-friendly vehicle. Italy Segway Tour gives you the opportunity to travel short distance reducing traffic and fuel cost. It can carry weight up to 150kgs including the rider, thus you will be able to carry your grocery to home.
  3. 3. The scooters are designed to be convenient and light, you will be able to transport the scooter from one place to another. You can go to your school or office in a segway and have it charged while you are busy, after finishing the day you can ride back in the segway. The experience you get riding a segway is one of the kind.
  4. 4. There are wonderful sites you can visit in the segway tour, major attractions like Colosseo, Roman forum, Palatine hill can be commuted in the segway. If there are any events happening at night and you plan to go then you can hire a segway at an affordable cost. It takes you as low as 20 euro to hire a segway for a day.
  5. 5. Rome is known for major events happening throughout the year, people of different age group gather and participate in activities. During the event you can contact the tour operators and book the segway for travelling within the city limits. You can self- drive or also hire a guide to tour in and around Italy in an economical way.
  6. 6. Rome Segway Tours info@segwayfunrome.com Phone: +39 333 167 0205 Whatsapp: +39 333 1670205 Piazza Montevecchio 15 Rome, 00186 Italy
  7. 7. Thank You