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Docking right

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Docking right

  1. 1. Yacht Sales & Marketing. Simplified DOCKING IN STRONG CURRENTS Presented by: www.SeeTheYachts.com, the #1 Listing & Marketing Portal for Yachts & Boats for Sale.
  2. 2. Factors affecting docking Docking is made difficult owing to factors like wind and water current affecting it. Here are few tips that can help you dock right even in strong currents.
  3. 3. Gauge the current • Currents in the water affect the boat from the bottom, basically because they disturb the keel or centerboards, thus disturbing the alignment and balance of the boat as it moves. • The key is to first understand the direction of current by looking at the water carefully. You can dock better by determining the direction of the current correctly.
  4. 4. Go Slow • Currents tend to increase the boat speed (if the boat’s traveling in the direction of the current). • Slow down greatly when docking in strong current. • Approach the dock into the current very slowly till you are aligned properly with the docking spot, keeping at least one boat width’s distance.
  5. 5. Move the boat sideways • Use the current to your advantage. • Move the boat sideways by presenting one side of the boat to the current. • At this time use the controls of the boat to align the boat in the correct angle. • If you get this step right, you’ll notice that the current itself is helping you dock the boat.
  6. 6. Secure the Stern tight • At the time of docking secure the back end of the bow (stern) first. • Ensure the stern is secured well and is tight. • Don’t switch off the boat engine till the boat is fully secured.
  7. 7. Get Quality Docking Equipment • Never compromise on docking equipment. • A braided nylon line is always recommended because of its abrasion resistance, good elasticity and stretching power. • Add fenders to your boat, so that the boat is not damaged even if it hits the dock a couple of times accidentally. • Use anti chafing products, so there’s no major damage when your boat rubs against other boats or the dock.
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