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Train to europe

first meeting

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Train to europe

  1. 1. A train to Europe
  2. 2. Why are we meeting today? • To get to know each other • To discuss the first steps of the project especially • collaborative activities • live meetings
  3. 3. General info IT IS IMPORTANT: • to upload all materials in your folder (under MATERIALS) and to publish them in the dedicated pages • not to publish materials in the project diary, because - it is not collaborative (students need to have all outputs of one step collected in the same place, so as to exchange ideas) - it is useless (when browsing the TwinSpace for the QL, evaluators won’t scroll down the project diary posts to look at the products!)
  4. 4. IT IS IMPORTANT: • to add your students to the TwinSpace • to let them write in the forums, edit their profile, write to each other (remember, there’s nothing they can damage or delete!) • to take part in some collaborative activities (the TwinSpace is not a show of individual works but an itinerary of collaboration).
  5. 5. INTRODUCTIONS Collaborative activities padlet & Google presentation ebooks We will let the new partners contribute to the INTRODUCTIONS page (uploading their pics) but we will move on to step 1 (the object)
  6. 6. Here is the first ebook!
  7. 7. Step 1: an object I would take with me 1. Choose your tool freely 2. Choose your language freely (but maybe add a picture!) 3. Share your product in the page 4. Let your students free to contribute to the TwinBoard 5. Shared activity World Cloud with Mentimeter
  8. 8. Collaborating with Menti: how it works • We will send to you a link and a code • Just open the link, paste the code, and you will find the question «Which object would you take?» • Let your students answer, one by one, with ONE SINGLE WORD IN ENGLISH • Please don’t give the link to your students, have they answer in front of you (if they write something wrong, this can’t be deleted) • The link will stay active from the 25th to the 31° of January
  9. 9. An example form a past project
  10. 10. Organizing Live events • Being so many and with so many different timetables (not to mention the sudden «surprises»…) we cannot organize the live meetings for everybody • The formula that works best, in our experience, is one to one • Take your arrangements between partners and meet freely to discuss the different steps (the more, the better!) • Remember to document your meetings in the dedicated subpages (there is one under each step). Few lines and pictures will be welcome.
  11. 11. «Something more about the partner schools» page • If you want to let the partners know something more about you, your country, your city, your school, feel free to create your own subpage. • We are curious! • You can share whatever here: national or local festivities, special days, school shows… be creative!
  12. 12. And eventually…