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Linked Data Publication of Live Music Archives and Analyses

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Slides from a talk from the Resources Track at ISWC2017 in Vienna.

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Linked Data Publication of Live Music Archives and Analyses

  1. 1. Linked Data Publication of Live Music Archives and Analyses Sean Bechhofer,Kevin R.Page,David M.Weigl,György Fazekas,and Thomas Wilmering
  2. 2. “A world of digital collections—databases of relatively raw cultural heritage materials… and then layers of interpretation and presentation built upon these databases and making reference to objects within them” Lynch
  3. 3. Collection Internet Archive Live Music Archive—“etree” Community Contributed live recordings 5,000 artists 130,000 performances Uploader contributed metadata
  4. 4. Collection Freely available audio in various formats Various genres Variety of quality Multiple performances Cover versions
  5. 5. Collection Metadata Conversion/publication of raw metadata as RDF Publication as Linked Data with rationalised identifiers Alignment with external sources SPARQL/pubby access Music Ontology,Event Ontology,Similarity Ontology, SKOS,VoID
  6. 6. Computational Analysis/Feature Metadata Audio analysis of tracks: chromagrams,chord,tempo, key,structural segmentation etc. Separation of analysis metadata and provenance from analysis results Feature data stored as a“blob” Access via direct download PROV,VAMP,Audio Feature Ontology/Vocabulary
  7. 7. Exploratory Analysis Exploratory analysis tools and workflows Typicality of key Initial workset based on metadata Results of key typicality used for metadata validation
  8. 8. Discussion Two differing,but complementary purposes etree: bibliographic metadata calma: audio analysis Integration of audio feature analysis and bibliographic metadata to support navigation and retrieval
  9. 9. Discussion Software/analysis focused on a single investigation might be cheaper But we get the potential to reuse,expand and transparency of method CALMA dataset builds on the existing etree collection It's a fun dataset to play with!
  10. 10. http://etree.linkedmusic.org/ http://calma.linkedmusic.org/