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Expanding Horizons - Ideas into Practice

Expanding Horizons - Ideas into Practice. Martyn Wade.Twin Cities Conference: Innovation into Practise- New Service Concepts, Helsinki and Turku, Finland, 13-16 May 2009

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Expanding Horizons - Ideas into Practice

  1. 1. Expanding Horizons: Ideas into Practice Books ... Newspapers ... Maps ... Manuscripts ... Archives ... Music ... Electronic Resources ... Digital Library ... Online Services ... and much more ...
  2. 2. Information and Library Services, Archive Services and Records Management: National Occupational Standards http://www.ukstandards.co.uk/Admin/DB/0030/ILS-AS
  3. 3. From Advocates Library... • 1689: The Library of the Faculty of Advocates • 1710: Legal Deposit begins
  4. 4. From Advocates Library... • 1689: The Library of the Faculty of Advocates • 1710: Legal Deposit begins
  5. 5. … To National Library • 1925: The National Library of Scotland Act
  6. 6. Today ... • Scotland’s largest library • Scotland’s only legal deposit library • Open to anyone who wants to access our collections and services
  7. 7. NLS customers • Scotland and the world • Academic and research • General Public • Education and lifelong learning • Business and enterprise • Library and Information Professionals • Donors
  8. 8. Service Model 1 Purposive Self service C C S C P O U I U S E B T S T R L L L I I T A V E C Z O F I C E M F C T V N E E I A O L S R S U N S S E You exist! Interpretative
  9. 9. Service Model 2 • Visitor Access • Remote Access – mediated and supported • Remote Access - direct
  10. 10. How we …How we are were seen seen... Internally focused World class Dedication to For everyone, Not for me… quality; everywhere Academic research bias professional; Contemporary trusted Elitist Unique Strong user satisfaction and Speaks my language Intimidating affection Inspiring Old fashioned Changing to Connecting Not inclusive external, NLS for tomorrow customer focus Too formal Interacting Two way Traditional to become Relevant
  11. 11. • 2004 Strategy • Refreshing of Strategy http://www.nls.uk/about/policy/docs/strategy2004.pdf http://www.nls.uk/about/policy/docs/2008-strategy.pdf
  12. 12. NLS mission and vision NLS will enrich lives and communities, encourage and promote lifelong learning, research and scholarship and encourage universal access to information, by comprehensively collecting and making available the recorded knowledge of Scotland, and promoting access to the ideas and cultures of the world.
  13. 13. Somebody told me there was a national library around here...
  14. 14. Ah... there it is!
  15. 15. And there it is too!
  16. 16. Front of house then…..
  17. 17. And coming soon... National Library of Scotland New Visitor Facilities Access Discovery
  18. 18. Plan of visitor centre
  19. 19. Exhibitions at the National Library of Scotland used to look like this…
  20. 20. And this…
  21. 21. Now they look like this…
  22. 22. And this…
  23. 23. NLS Education and Outreach - Workshops
  24. 24. Education and Outreach: John Murray Archive
  25. 25. National Library Roadshows Aberdeen - 2006 Perth - 2007 Ayr - 2008 Dumfries – 2009 Perth Aberdeen Ayr Dumfries
  26. 26. Aq u a b ro w s e r
  27. 27. I would like to say that I think your website is marvellous and I have pored over your maps many times. I am a Fifer, born and bred on a farm near Cupar, so these old maps give a fascinating insight into its past. Amazing to think I can sit The amount of material you have out here on the banks of available electronically is fantastic. Loch Fyne and do all this It certainly is on par with the Library without going out of the of Congress and the British Library. house. Quite delightful. (Well, I think so anyway!) I searched for hours for a Scottish poem my grandmother (Scottish-born) used to recite from memory, and which my father knew parts of. Then I found it as a broadside on your site! I was thrilled!
  28. 28. ...
  29. 29. Nice pictures but what do the figures say!
  30. 30. I thought they might ask that
  31. 31. Future Plans… Remote Access Programme • Remote registration • Remote access to electronic resources • Smart Cards • Event booking via website • E-newsletters • Customer updates via SMS text message