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How to Not Let Team Authoring Drive You Crazy - MadWorld 2013, Scott DeLoach, ClickStart

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Project management and team authoring best practices and tips for MadCap Flare.

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How to Not Let Team Authoring Drive You Crazy - MadWorld 2013, Scott DeLoach, ClickStart

  1. 1. How to Not Let Team Authoring Drive You Crazy Scott DeLoach – scott@clickstart.net ClickStart – www.clickstart.net Managing a team, especially under tight deadlines and budgets, can be extremely difficult and challenging. In this session, we will share best practices for working as a team. We'll discuss using source control, SharePoint, snippets, variables, and project linking. We will also provide tips for organizing, naming, and managing files and projects. “Global” projects Design files Unused styles “Clutter” Access restrictions Project linking Multiple masters Removed links External resources/ SharePoint Ground rules Syncing Managing mappings Contributions Contributor (best option) Word and FrameMaker Editing and re-importing Storing files Using templates Training contributors Project organization Outlining Creating folders and topics Moving multiple files Organizing “Not used” content File naming conventions Prefixes Capitalization Spaces Length Modifying for WebHelp and HTML5 (Target > Advanced tab)
  2. 2. Source control Binding (Project > Project Properties, Source Control tab) Team member importing (File > New Project > Import Project) Open source options – SVN and GIT Web-based options – www.svnhostingcomparison.com and www.cloudforge.com Variables and snippets Setting default variable definitions Overriding variable definitions (Target > Variables tab) Creating block and character-level snippets Enabling auto suggestion (File > Options > Auto Suggestion) Sharing between projects Project management – file tags   Author Reviewer   Status Critical path Project management – reports Tracking  File tags  Statistics Coordinating  Topics not in any TOC  Topics not linked  Unused content files  Unused context IDs Annotations and track changes Adding annotations (Review > Insert Annotation) Creating project-wide annotations Turning track changes on/off (Review > Track Changes) Creating an annotations and/or track changes report Reviews Content reviews – Contributor Design reviews – targets Community authoring/reviews – Pulse About the presenter Scott DeLoach is the Founder of ClickStart, where he provides training and consulting for MadCap Flare, Adobe Captivate, embedded user assistance (UA), CSS, HTML5, and Word. He has been developing browser-based UA since 1997, and he has received four STC “Best in Show” awards for his work. Scott is a certified Flare instructor, and he manages the MAD for Flare certification program. Scott is the author of MadCap software’s training guides, MadCap Flare Developer's Guide, CSS to the Point, HTML5 to the Point, and Word 2013 to the Point. You can reach Scott at www.clickstart.net or by email at scott@clickstart.net.