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Scholastic Story Stage: Product Walkthrough

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Take a tour around our new collaborative storytelling software, Story Stage.

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Scholastic Story Stage: Product Walkthrough

  1. 1. Product Overview
  2. 2. Story Stage Story Stage is the first piece of educational software in Europe to allow multiple USB mice to be used concurrently. The first series built using this technology is KS1series focusing on Traditional Tales.
  3. 3. The Main Menu Quick and easy access to the main components of the program.
  4. 4. When Create is selected Up to four users can each plug in a normal USB mouse – so that’s potentially 4 children, working together, at the same time!
  5. 5. Create – Quick Start mode Children (up to 4 working together) can explore story ideas, make up retellings, make up new stories using the interactive characters, props, backgrounds, sound effects, visual effects etc, as well as their own voices (character voices/narration). Work can be recorded and saved into a gallery.
  6. 6. Create – Recording Pupils get visual feedback when they are recording. Recordings can be ‘played back’ in situ for instant reviewing, or saved and played back via the gallery.
  7. 7. Create – Saving Pupils can give their story a title when they save it.
  8. 8. Gallery Their story then appears in the gallery where it can be watched and reviewed by others.
  9. 9. Gallery – watching a saved performance When a performance is watched from the gallery, the credits board shows which children were involved, and how they were involved. Children can rate how much they enjoyed the performance. Teachers can leave audio feedback.
  10. 10. Create – Plan and Perform mode In this mode, children can select which characters, props and backgrounds they want to use. If there are other Story Stage titles installed, children can pick and mix characters from other stories; such as the Three Billy Goats, Little Red Riding Hood etc
  11. 11. Create – Plan and Perform mode The content selections that the children have made are then reflected in the Story Stage environment where they can then explore and perform their story ideas.
  12. 12. Read Also on each CD-ROM is a simple but fully narrated ebook – a great teacher tool to help familiarise children with the focus story.
  13. 13. Watch There is also an animated version of the focus story which models the use of the content the pupils have access to.
  14. 14. Teacher Resources Each CD-ROM has a wealth of useful printable resources for teachers and children.
  15. 15. The series There will be six titles in the KS1 Traditional Tales series
  16. 16. When more titles are installed When more Story Stage titles are installed, pupils can pick and mix characters from different stories.
  17. 17. When more titles are installed Being able to pick and mix characters opens up creative opportunities.
  18. 18. ‘ Transformational educational software!”