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Erik Scarcia

Erik Scarcia -
Sit down and have a cup of coffee with him; if possible, hire him!

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Erik Scarcia

  1. 1. Erik Scarcia Erik Scarcia Why, How, What?
  2. 2.  18/11/1980 Amersfoort(NL) Italian/Dutch University of Tilburg(NL) Information Management & Law Solution-Sales, Internet/Marketing/Social Media, Negotiations & Mediation Inspirator & EntrepreneurErik Nicola Angelo Scarcia
  3. 3. Erik Scarcia Vision Goals Values TasksExecutive Summary
  4. 4. Experience Characteristics COMsigliere Entrepreneur & Consigliere  Positive Energy (2011 - )Strategic (Internet-)Marketing Advice  Strong communication KPN(Newtel Essence) skills Key Account Manager  ‘Dot-Connector’ (2009-2011) (98%, 4,5M target)  Strategic thinker Cisco Account Manager  Entrepreneur (2007-2009) (140%, 2,5M target)  Trusted Advisor Intelligent Security Entrepreneur (2004-2007)(2 60 PTE, Always made profit)Experience
  5. 5. After work Social Working out  Student Society(Chairman)  Lawshop(Volunteer) Social life  Holland Heineken House Reading books Olympics(04/06)(Security) Social Media  Bass-guitarist in a band Initiatives Sailing CookingBesides Work/Study
  6. 6.  Prince2-Foundation Cisco Sales Expert 4.0 Cisco Security Expert MS Windows, Office Sales presentations Sales negotiations Mediation Ambition Languages: Dutch(N), Italian(N), English(F), French(F), German(G), Spanish(M)Intangibles
  7. 7. Professional Network
  8. 8.  Traveling light  Do good when you can!  The journey is more important than the peak  Stay focussed on the priorities!  Look at all angles!Philosophy
  9. 9.  Bending because I can Yes, but… Easycracy The Tippingpoint Art of the start Rich dad, poor dad Free Getting things done Zen to done Freakonomics The Whuffie-Factor Napoleon HillBookshelf
  10. 10.  Positive Energy Strong Persistent Drive ‘Dot-Connector’ Loyalty & Diligence Creative Inspirator Commercial Success Communicative Teamplayer Strategic Thinking; Consistent Execution Experience within complex environments (Corporate, Governmental, DMU’s and Sales-cycles)What do I bring to your A-game?
  11. 11. En nu?Contact: +316-14371257