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151009 Oscar Palet Santandreu CV

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151009 Oscar Palet Santandreu CV

  1. 1. OSCAR PALET SANTANDREU Fernandez de la Hoz, 45-3,1ºC Madrid, 28010 661990113 opaletsan@gmail.com Estudio Jurídico Internacional López-Ibor Mayor - Madrid Lawyer in the Spanish law firm specialized in energy, contractual, international and administrative law, Estudio Jurídico Internacional López-Ibor Mayor. I have negotiated and drafted international agreements, also in foreign countries, participated in arbitrations of million euros and given lectures in the Official Master's Degree in the Electric Power Industry from the University ICADE-ICAI. September 2008 to September 2009. Member of the Legal Aid, Criminal Section. 01/2015 Nowadays Owner Alucine Films, S.L. - Madrid I started in production with the Warlord project, where I did some acting in its teaser. I constituted Alucine Films, S.L. to promote my audio-visual project "Lullius" that I presented in the San Sebastian Festival in September 2015 www.proyectolullius.com EXPERIENCE 05/2009 09/2014 Associate Lawyer 03/2009 12/2011 Lawyer Servicio de Orientación Jurídica of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Madrid (ICAM) - Madrid I gave legal assitance to citizens in relation to disabilities' law. 11/2008 03/2009 Collaborator Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce - Prague Member of a group of international lawyers working in the categorization of the .eu domain name arbitral dispute resolutions. 01/2005 Nowadays Lawyer in criminal law July 2015. Member of the Legal Aid, Criminal Section (“Turno de Oficio Penal General”) January 2005 to September 2009. Professional exercise before the criminal courts.
  2. 2. FORMATION 2015 LLM in International Law, Foreign Trade and International Relations Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE) - Madrid ISDE gave me 60% of scholarship to do the LLM As part of the Master in January 2014, I did a Course of Introduction to American Law in the Columbia University of NY. 2015 Curso Monográfico sobre Derecho de Internet Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) - Madrid 2008 Master in Business and Law of Energy REPSOL Foundation - Madrid I had the second best mark of my class. Organised by the Cremades and Calvo-Sotelo Law Firm that gave me a scholarship of 50% and where I did 3 month of internship. 2007 Master in Business Law Universidad Francisco de Vitoria 2004 Course on Criminal Procedural Law ICAM - Madrid Course of 180 hours required to enter the Legal Aid. 2006 Gestor Administrativo and Mediador de Seguros 2003 Bachelor of Laws. Universidad San Pablo, CEU - Madrid 1997 Triple baccalaureate 1997. The Spanish “Selectividad”: 1997. Le Diplôme du Baccalauréat Général en Sciences Économiques et Sociales done in the Lycée Français de Madrid. 1996. The Irish Leaving Certificate done in the Castleknock College of Dublin. HONORS July 2014. I was given the award “Premio al Compromiso y Acción Social de la Abogacía Joven 2014” from the Asociación Jóvenes Abogados of the ICAM. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5B76l6EFHn4 July 2010. Summer School Program of the William and Mary Law School done in the San Pablo CEU University, Madrid, in Internet Law and Environmental Law, with a full scholarship of the ICAM. July 2008. Summer School Program of the Mc George School of Law, University of the Pacific California done in the Salzburg University, Austria in International Business Law and International Dispute Resolutions, with a full scholarship by the ICAM. January-December 2008. Working Scholarship of Professional Initiation given by the ICAM done with the Group of Young Lawyers, giving assessment to the members of the group, and with the following courses: * Course of Specialization in Criminal Procedural Law of 300 hours. * Course on Patents of 16 hours and on the Civil Verbal Judgment of 6 hours. 2000-2001. Erasmus Scholarship in the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.
  3. 3. LANGUAGES Catalan and Spanish. Bilingual. French. Proficiency level. French schools education. English. Proficiency level. 2013. Internet based TOEFL score of 105 2004. Certificate in Legal English from Interlex Legal English and the ICAM. 1999. Certificate in Advanced English of the University of Cambridge. Italian. Intermediate level. Chinese. Initiation level. August 2011. Intensive course in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. 2006. Accreditation of level II of initiation from the Madrid's Chamber of Commerce. PUBLICATIONS In November 2012, I was interviewed in the Spanish Internet magazine “Informativo Jurídico”: http://bit.ly/informativo-juridico In January 2014, I published an article about the energy crisis in the Internet magazine “Madrid Actualidad”: http://bit.ly/crisis-energetica