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The Ultimate Social Sales Playbook

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The Ultimate Social Sales Playbook

  1. 1. http://www.kitedesk.com/ THE ULTIMATE #SocSales Playbook Tips from 50 of the World's Most Influential Social Sales Experts
  2. 2. http://www.kitedesk.com/ https://twitter.com/kitedesk www.kitedesk.comwww.kitedesk.com/insights/ www.facebook.com/kitedesk www.linkedin.com/company/kitedesk Sean Burke Chief Revenue Officer KiteDesk These days, the million dollar social sales question is no longer “if” or “when” but “how” to incorporate social sales effectively into your revenue generation strategy. If you are looking for ways to master the art of social selling but wondering how to go about it, look no further. We’ve interviewed fifty of the world’s leading social sales experts – including Jamie Shanks, Jeffrey Gitomer, Jill Rowley, Julio Viskovich, Ken Krogue, Koka Sexton, Matt Heinz, Michael Brenner, Pam Moore, Sandy Carter and Scott Monty – to bring you this playbook, so you can achieve maximum reach, results, and revenue from your social sales efforts. We’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation so you can focus on beating your sales quota. So please enjoy these insider tips and tell us what you think. The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook Hello!
  3. 3. http://www.kitedesk.com/ Introduction Your Play-by-Play Guide to Social Sales Branding 1. Carefully Cultivate the Brand Called You 2. Choose the Social Channels That Are Right for You 3. Constantly Build Your Social Network Prospecting 4. Marketers: Give Lead Generation a Social Boost 5. Salespeople: Stay Focused Listening 6. Actually Be a Good Listener 7. Get to Know the Person Beneath the Profile Engaging 8. Avoid Generic Pick-Up Lines 9. Don't Talk About Your Products and Services! Nobody Cares 10. Engage Intelligently And Follow Through 11. Out-Educate Your Competitors 12. Invest in Your Community 13. Pick Up the Damn Phone! Closing 14. Use Social Media to Help Seal the Deal Thanks to Our Panel of Social Sales Experts Closing Thoughts The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook Contents
  4. 4. http://www.kitedesk.com/ In the 20th century, you had it easy. All you needed to meet quota was a flurry of activity and a bit of artful persuasion. The formula was simple: buy a list, pound it with emails and calls, and, presto, you closed a certain percentage of deals, quarter after quarter. But as we entered the 21st century, sales took a nose dive as calls went unanswered, proposals sat dormant, and customers refused to listen to even the most persuasive sales pitches. The buying process has forever changed. Today’s buyers — equipped with Google search, online forums, and easy access to thought leaders — favor discovery and self- education, relegating traditional sales pitches to the bottom of their inboxes. What do today’s socially savvy buyers look for? Thought leadership. Insights from people they know and trust. Content that is compel- ling and so relevant that they want to replicate the outcomes. And how are the world’s leading social sales and marketing experts reengineering the sales process to meet these needs? According to a 2014 KiteDesk Voice-of-the-Customer survey, only 26% of salespeople are using social channels for listening and 37% to engage with prospects, despite 94% reporting they use LinkedIn and 67% reportedly use Twitter. In other words, only early adopters are using social to cater to today’s buyers. We interviewed 50 of the world’s most influential people in social selling — including frontline salespeople, sales coaches, social marketers, platform vendors, and industry analysts — to better understand their ideas and innovative approaches for using social media and social intelligence to prospect, qualify, connect, engage intelligently, cultivate relationships, and help drive sales at scale. Based on those interviews, we’ve assembled this playbook to help increase your odds of success. Each play in this playbook acts as a challenge and an opportunity for social sales and marketing professionals to adopt this powerful new wave of revenue generation and make it your own. Enjoy! The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook Introduction
  5. 5. http://www.kitedesk.com/ Branding 1. Carefully Cultivate the Brand Called You 2. Choose the Social Channels That Are Right for You 3. Constantly Build Your Social Network The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook
  6. 6. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/653JH http://ctt.ec/iRhedhttp://ctt.ec/iRhed http://ctt.ec/5cU4i http://ctt.ec/idFmh http://ctt.ec/0fRK2 “Your personal brand is who you are day and night, online and offline... Develop your own personal brand. If you don’t, then your audiences will likely develop it for you. It’s better to have input and share the person you really are.” – Pam Moore “Create a digital reputation that is easy to be found. Increase the likelihood for your personal brand to be found by distributing your content on LinkedIn, blogs, Twitter, Google+, SlideShare and Facebook. So, when someone Googles you or a topic, you will be found.” – Gerry Moran “It’s fine to show some of your personality when you’re sharing information, but do it while sharing your thoughts and opinions about relevant information. No one cares that you just grabbed coffee at Starbucks or just ran 3.5 miles and burned 2000 calories.”– John Barrows “Stand for something important. If it weren't you or your company making it, would you actually want to share it? Probably not. Most companies' content is boring. And so you don't get any results. Make me FEEL something with each post. You should feel proud and get excited by the content you're creating and sharing. If you're not, then start over.” – Evan Carmichael “Become a trusted source and connection for your prospects. Have a complete and relevant profile on each major social network, especially LinkedIn. Commit time each and every day to building your network with prospects and those who influence them. And share relevant, timely, informative, or even entertaining content on a consistent basis.”– Michael Brenner Carefully Cultivate the Brand Called You 5 Key PlayPoints The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook1
  7. 7. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/MxW2L http://ctt.ec/fQhwD http://ctt.ec/105nc http://ctt.ec/fKS1q http://ctt.ec/WaHk2 The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook2 “The volume of social media channels available to engage with is exhausting. And they keep coming. As an individual or a business, there’s no way you can keep up with them all. And the good news is, you don’t have to.” – Matt Heinz “Be loyal to only a few social media platforms. If you're using 7 different tools, you're probably spreading yourself too thin. Your prospects are likely concentrated in, and responsive on, only a few social networks.” – Josiane Feigon “’No immediate return on investment’ is NOT the same thing as ‘not worth your time.’ If anything, platforms that force you to play the long game provide MORE value if you’re willing to stick with them”. – Gary Vaynerchuk “Use Twitter and LinkedIn to provide a consistent flow of high-value thought leadership to your customers. This is an extremely effective way to provide insights to your prospects about how your solution can best meet their requirements. For my business I use Tweets to convey a story about how to meet various sales challenges and how to succeed in a very tough profession, enabling potential clients to quickly form an impression of the value that I can offer them.” – Andy Paul “I love Twitter. I love brevity. But if you are salesperson who wants to become a ‘thought leader’ to your prospects by sharing valuable content and great information, you might want to invest your time elsewhere.” – Trish Bertuzzi Choose the Social Channels That Are Right for You 5 Key PlayPoints
  8. 8. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/bdbZ9 http://ctt.ec/_KeW5 http://ctt.ec/sSfTW http://ctt.ec/D9ALf http://ctt.ec/YzXC3 The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook3 “Don’t look for clients. Do look for referral sources. If you have been trying to get a meeting with a particular company or individual, social media can help you quickly find out who in your network has a close connection so you can ask for a referral.” – Joanne Black “It’s never been more important to have contacts in place that can introduce you and give you credibility to your potential buyers.” – Julio Viskovich “Start by following the influencers and leaders within your industry. You'll know who the influencers are by the size of their network, for example in the 10K+ range. Next, follow those who are also following the influencers. These are the people who will follow you in return. You might not get too many influencers to follow you, but that is not all that important when you are first building your network.” – Sandy Carter “The BEST way to get a referral is to GIVE one.” – Jeffrey Gitomer Tap into your colleagues’ networks. “Most employees are willing to share company information, and the average company has the possibility of reaching 10x as many people through their employees as on their own.” – Eric T. Tung Constantly Build Your Social Network 5 Key PlayPoints
  9. 9. http://www.kitedesk.com/ Prospecting 4. Marketers: Give Lead Generation a Social Boost 5. Salespeople: Stay Focused The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook
  10. 10. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/e6mbJ http://ctt.ec/8UgcH http://ctt.ec/puhoS http://ctt.ec/B0S8W The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook4 “Get in the conversation.” – Sandy Carter “My favorite way to garner highly targeted leads via social is to offer a free webinar. I use Facebook Page posts with educational content and add a call to action to register. . . . I mix organic reach posts with some paid posts to reach a wider audience. I also highly recommend taking advantage of Facebook's Custom Audience and retargeting features; these allow you to reach an audience that is already familiar with you and more likely to want to buy from you.” – Mari Smith “Relying on using social only for organic reach is a thing of the past. The new mantra is organic is good, paid is better”. Put some paid advertising behind your content and make sure you are targeting the correct people. If you are serious about social, then it’s time to dedicate staff and budget for results.” – Jason Miller “Use Twitter to offer a free eBook with a link to a landing page. Once on your website or blog, potential customers can download the free content and then be entered into an email list for nurturing, cultivation, and further engagement.” – Jeff Bullas Marketers: Give Lead Generation a Social Boost 4 Key PlayPoints
  11. 11. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/UfP24 http://ctt.ec/yV8EA http://ctt.ec/aU6gE http://ctt.ec/214ea http://ctt.ec/UU2q1 The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook5 Salespeople: Stay Focused 5 Key PlayPoints “Whether good or bad, your focus will determine your results.” – Jeffrey Gitomer “Salespeople get paid to sell stuff – not hang out on LinkedIn. And the brutal fact is digging though social media to find the right prospect and then getting them to engage, or doing research on social media prior to a sales call, is time-intensive. So much so that I have watched salespeople spend tremendous amounts of unproductive time on sites like LinkedIn with nothing to show for it.” – Jeb Blount “Sometimes the social web is like the biggest library in the world, with all of the books lying on the floor. I highly recommend you employ a series of filters and processes to cut down the time you take looking for and responding to social triggers, plus bring the best prospects straight to you for follow-up.” – Matt Heinz “Quality trumps quantity. People are becoming more and more frugal and focused on where they spend their time. Smaller, stronger networks offer more leverage and traction for products and services that don't want to be seen as a commodity.” – Liz Strauss “Don’t follow everyone on www.gagein.com, www.insideview.com, Google alerts, or whatever other tools you use. Only follow key target accounts and executives. I recommend developing a top-25 target accounts list and then surrounding them with all your social tools to listen to what they are saying and look for things to make connections to.” – John Barrows
  12. 12. http://www.kitedesk.com/ Listening 6. Actually Be a Good Listener 7. Get to Know the Person Beneath the Profile The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook
  13. 13. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/gcUuS http://ctt.ec/aXb3F http://ctt.ec/aUA2X http://ctt.ec/9UAo3 The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook6 1 | Listen to what people are saying and discern what problem they’re trying to solve. 2 | Engage them in conversation, not in selling.” – Scott Monty “The ability to listen well in a digital manner is really not that different from listening well in person”. – Jon Ferrara “Listening is the new prospecting. The more an organization can tune into the digital signals of their prospects and potential buyers, the better they can cater to them.” – Shama Kabani “The #1 way to sell more by using social media is to learn of opportunities just after a decision maker has experienced a Trigger Event, that makes them realize what they have is not longer sufficient, but before they notice, or worse yet call, your competition.“ – Craig Elias Actually Be a Good Listener 8 Key PlayPoints “Here’s my strategy, in all of its complexity:
  14. 14. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/7k5d8 http://ctt.ec/fHvn8 http://ctt.ec/CPkfN http://ctt.ec/U07V4 The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook6 “What type of trigger events do your customers experience that elevate them to a good lead? A change in leadership, a dip in sales, a new software implementation, growth, etc. Whatever trigger events are important to you, create keyword searches for those trigger events in Twitter and look for them in LinkedIn. When you see them, pounce.“ – Jim Keenan “How do you know when your prospecting activity is working? When a prospect emails or calls you back? That represents just 1% of the people you are calling. A much larger percentage are opening your emails, visiting your website, or following you on social media. These are real signals that your efforts are working. Use the free app www.getsignals.com to make sure you are prepared to listen.” – Mark Roberge “Look at having some kind of Chief Listening Officer . . . to develop a systematic approach for you to listen to the conversations that are going on around you, your brand, and your products and services [and route them appropriately]. If someone starts talking about one of your competitors’ products, why not alert someone in sales to jump in and hijack the conversation? Say hey, I noticed you were talking about XYZ, would you be interested in ABC? Say it's a great product, but here's another great product and we would love to have you as a customer, too.” – Jeffrey Hayzlett “If you're not responding to customer inquiries, questions from leads and prospects about your products, and influencers in your space on social media, your competitors are, and they will eat your lunch.“ – Brian Halligan Actually Be a Good Listener (cont.) 8 Key PlayPoints
  15. 15. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/JD84M http://ctt.ec/Et0B9 http://ctt.ec/RekAw The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook7 “Gain any insights you can about things they are interested in or recent events they have attended.” – Koka Sexton “Social data and intelligence from social networks enables you to have a 360-degree view of each buyer and truly understand what makes them tick personally and professionally. Utilize information you uncover online and work it into your traditional communications in order to personalize them and increase your success rates. With the availability of this information, there is no reason to ever do a cold call or send an email template again.” – Julio Viskovich “Most salespeople look to LinkedIn because it provides resumes of the prospects you might contact. It's when you go deeper into other social media that it gets interesting, because then you can discover what people are really like based upon what and who they're following (in a Twitter sense). For example, I know of a management guru whose list of people he follows consists almost entirely of young, attractive women. In some ways, this tells me more about him than his official profile.” – Geoffrey James Get to Know the Person Beneath the Profile 5 Key PlayPoints
  16. 16. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/eU4Tv http://ctt.ec/qinB_ The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook7 Get to Know the Person Beneath the Profile (cont.) 5 Key PlayPoints “I use a tool called Charlie. It is integrated into my calendar, and delivers a daily social view of people with whom I have a meeting scheduled. I get updates of their and their companies’ social activities and news. This gives me great talking points and shows the person I am meeting with that I care about them and their business.” – Tibor Shanto “I use information I find in Social Networks to listen and relate to my buyer so I can be more personalized and relevant. The other day, I had a call with Brian Halligan, the CEO of HubSpot. I use a free App called Refresh, which reads from my calendar and notifies me of recent social activity of the people in my upcoming meeting. I could see that Brian had tweeted he'd be speaking about The Grateful Dead at an MIT event that night, so when we were on our call, I had Grateful Dead music playing in the background.” – Jill Rowley
  17. 17. http://www.kitedesk.com Engaging 8. Avoid Generic Pick-Up Lines 9. Don't Talk About Your Products and Services! Nobody Cares 10. Engage Intelligently And Follow Through 11. Out-Educate Your Competitors 12. Invest in Your Community 13. Pick Up the Damn Phone! The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook
  18. 18. / http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/22CYP http://ctt.ec/p48Q2 http://ctt.ec/cV5Hj http://ctt.ec/52NU1 http://ctt.ec/9qrp3 The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook8 “By ALL means, AVOID the horribly common approach of connecting and writing a salesy InMail to tell prospects anything about your company, products, or how you might help them.” – Dave Stein “Even the ‘I would love your feedback on my product set,’ which at one time seemed original, is now seen through as a [pretense]. – John Barrows “Connect respectfully. Using the standard LinkedIn ‘I want to connect with you because you are a person I trust’ when you don’t have a relationship just isn’t going to be well received. Instead, take time to tailor correspondence on social networks with the same care you give to an email outreach. Then, and only then, can you try to engage with the person.” – Vanessa DiMauro “Personalizing your sales contact can make the difference between a ‘no thank you’ and a ‘tell me more.’” – Mike Damphousse “Monitoring for customer changes in behaviors, changes in employment (like promotions), or even personal events (like posting their daughter’s wedding photos on Facebook) all provide opportunities to completely customize the timing of your touch points and the context of each communication. This type of customization can drastically change your closing ratio.” – Shane Gibson Avoid Generic Pick-Up Lines 5 Key PlayPoints
  19. 19. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/o5aDO http://ctt.ec/W9Gls http://ctt.ec/Pe42q The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook9 “Don't talk about your products and services! Nobody cares.” Instead, be helpful by creating content that people are interested in consuming. – David Meerman Scott “What's required is a MAJOR mindset shift from selling to serving, from focusing on YOU, YOUR COMPANY, YOUR PRODUCT, YOUR QUARTER, YOUR COMMISSION, to focusing on YOUR BUYER / CUSTOMER — making THEM #1, making them the hero, helping them WIN.” – Jill Rowley “Stop blasting out coupon codes and promotional offers. Stop just sharing your blog posts that are boring and nobody cares about. Are you actually seeing any results? Stop trying to push product and actually care about your customers. If you do that, then they'll care about you. They'll buy from you. They'll refer business to you. They won't leave you when your competitors drop their price 2% below yours. That's what best-in-class companies do.” – Evan Carmichael “Don't talk about your products and services! Nobody cares.” 3 Key PlayPoints
  20. 20. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/F069K http://ctt.ec/I9K9l http://ctt.ec/D3yfe 10 The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook “Have valuable conversations with prospects from the first contact. Always be prepared with something about the industry, the company, the location, or the person's role in the company that shows you know something about them and are able to add something interesting or helpful to the conversation. People buy from those who help educate them.”– Lori Richardson “The best salespeople understand that not every conversation or interaction is about the sale and having the patience to develop real relationships through online networking can (and does) ultimately lead to business opportunity.” – Shelly Kramer “I reinvigorated a major opportunity for my own business that had stalled by writing a blog post with this particular prospect in mind. I used what I learned about their situation from my personal network and from research, and then tailored my post to push a few hot buttons. Using both social media and good old-fashioned email as vehicles, three key executives read the piece within 24 hours, and I received a call directly from the CEO saying that he wanted to meet with me.” – Mike Weinberg Engage Intelligently and Follow Through 7 Key PlayPoints
  21. 21. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/Box86 http://ctt.ec/6o5bw http://ctt.ec/xzQ4a http://ctt.ec/bbPSH The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook10 “Start looking at the connection/interaction not as win/win . . . but as learn/learn. Win/Win is good, but implies an end. Once you win, then what? Learn/Learn creates a paradigm of ongoing value — I learn about you and you learn about me.” – Ted Rubin “Consumers expect a tailored, 1-on-1 marketing experience, and smart marketers of the future will make sure they’re giving the customer . . . purposeful experiences across every channel and every device to help make people's lives better, versus shouting marketing messages.”– Mike Lazerow “Rarely is a sale made on the first interaction. Having the right cadence and flow along a sales arc is a true art. Understanding the right timing for your prospects, individually, is key. Part of this is basic qualification. Then it’s a matter of blending natural engagement signals — such as the ability to read social networking cues for clues — so that you are responding, commenting, and establishing a reciprocal business relationship with your prospect.” – Jon Ferrara “A social seller must be transparent, that means showing your client how the ‘sausage is made’. Don’t be afraid to let your buyers know the pros, pitfalls and challenges of any decision they make, even when choosing your solution.” – Jamie Shanks Engage Intelligently and Follow Through (cont.) 7 Key PlayPoints
  22. 22. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/lrCXd http://ctt.ec/09Rea http://ctt.ec/oS8aG The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook11 “Social tools enable the engagement necessary to nurture your dream clients with relevant content BEFORE they experience [a trigger] event. Social tools give you the ability to be known — and to be known as a value creator. This is how you open relationships that create opportunities.” – S. Anthony Iannarino “Be the one to shape your buyers’ decisions ... Maintain a 4-1-1 approach to your content strategy: four third-party thought leadership pieces of content, one of your organization’s blog posts, and one call to action. This will help you stay valuable and avoid overselling, which tends to lead to social media mutiny.” – Julio Viskovich “Create a stream of content that solves the problems of your ideal customers. Place the highest value content behind a simple gate, such as a request for an email address. Share the stream on the key social site where your prospects share business ideas with their friends and colleagues.” – Liz Strauss “Success depends on a steady stream of thought leadership. Companies that do best in this help their front-line social marketers get access to content from all over the company. I am fortunate that McKinsey has such a broad base of folks creating terrific thought leadership material. I use a lot of it as a launching point for my posts and then drive traffic back to them.” – David Edelman “If you and your organization are more advanced social sellers, you’ll likely already have content generated that can answer a lead’s or prospect’s questions. If you don’t, there’s nothing wrong with guiding them to external content that does — provided that you’re prepared to follow up and show them that, with the question now answered, you have the resources to solve a specific need.” – Cheryl Burgess Out-Educate Your Competitors 5 Key PlayPoints http://ctt.ec/42DeJ http://ctt.ec/cTdoD
  23. 23. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/i3Ud5 http://ctt.ec/4142c http://ctt.ec/123bk The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook12 “Online communities are often the centerpiece of social business strategy because that is where prospective and current customers and partners come and stay when they are interested in learning about your company. It is an often-overlooked secret weapon.” – Vanessa DiMauro “Our most cutting-edge customers (like Aerohive and HP Vertica) are using their customer communities to develop relationships with prospects earlier in the sales cycle. The communities are becoming not only lead-generation, but also sales-development channels.” – Wendy Lea “Think about your community — both fans and strangers: What do they want from you? You build your community by publishing content that enhances their lives, not just ads for your product or service. You engage your community via two-way communications — asking them questions and responding to their questions, comments, and complaints. And you have to do it consistently.” – Don Cooper Invest in Your Community 3 Key PlayPoints
  24. 24. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/j0mJQ http://ctt.ec/Z6yCV http://ctt.ec/bI0YR The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook13 “Pick up the damn phone! Real conversations don’t happen in 140 characters or less. The digital world, as great as it is, threatens our ability to have real conversations. Text messages with truncated words or 140-character Twitter posts are not the kind of meaningful, effective dialogue that increases sales conversions or gets you referrals.” – Joanne Black “Real successful social sellers understand that combining and executing both social and traditional sales techniques [has] the ability to go beyond the sum of both.” – Tibor Shanto “A manager from the Canadian office of Dun & Bradstreet went to our website and filled out a web form. Our immediate response technology triggered a callback within 9 seconds. While the phone was dialing we checked out their LinkedIn and had some things to talk about. The D&B manager was so impressed that we called back within 9 seconds and knew what to talk to them about that they said, ‘I don't know what you just did, but we are going to buy it!’ And they became a customer.” – Ken Krogue “Pick Up the Damn Phone!” 3 Key PlayPoints
  25. 25. http://www.kitedesk.com/ The Ultimate #SocSales PlaybookThe Ultimate #SocSales Playbook Closing 14. Use Social Media to Help Seal the Deal
  26. 26. http://www.kitedesk.com/ http://ctt.ec/8pb1k http://ctt.ec/2KZd3 http://ctt.ec/CN0t2 The Ultimate #SocSales PlaybookThe Ultimate #SocSales Playbook14 “I use a #SocialSurround strategy. I use social networks to find, listen, relate, connect, engage, and amplify my buyer, the buying committee, and their sphere of influence. I will connect on LinkedIn, follow on Twitter, RT, and/or favorite a tweet. I will figure out who my buyer trusts and learns from and I'll #SociallySurround them as well.” – Jill Rowley “The savvy account manager uses social tools to monitor all of the influencers that will impact the final decision: what are they commenting on, what are they ‘liking,’ what are they sharing, who are they connected with, and who are their new connections. This ‘social intelligence’ helps the account manager identify which influencers are having conversations with her competitors and better understand what is most important to them. Using this intelligence she sets up meetings and focuses on these issues, strengthening her relationships and successfully neutralizing any competitive threat.” – Jeb Blount “Whether it’s negotiation or the events leading to closure, a deal is never done until you have a signed contract. There will be times when you already have internal approval for your sale and you are awaiting final signature. In these critical moments, it is important to monitor the profiles of everyone involved in the decision-making process, as well as information being published by the company itself, to ensure that you are not missing out on any signs that could endanger your sale before the close. This business intelligence is equally important for the negotiation itself.” – Neal Schaffer Use Social Media to Seal the Deal 3 Key PlayPoints
  27. 27. http://www.kitedesk.com/ https://twitter.com/ZeroTimeSelling https://twitter.com/CraigElias https://twitter.com/dmscott https://twitter.com/EvanCarmichael https://twitter.com/GerryMoran https://twitter.com/SalesGravy https://twitter.com/bhalligan https://twitter.com/DaveSteingard https://twitter.com/DonCooper https://twitter.com/garyvee https://twitter.com/jamietshanks https://twitter.com/jeffbullas https://twitter.com/ckburgess https://twitter.com/davidedelman https://twitter.com/EricTTung https://twitter.com/Sales_Source https://twitter.com/JasonMillerCA The Ultimate #SocSales PlaybookThe Ultimate #SocSales Playbook Thank You to the Social Sales Experts Who Contributed to this eBook Andy Paul Author, Founder and CEO Zero Time Selling @ZeroTimeSelling Craig Elias CEO, Chief Catalyst,Speaker&Sales Trainer Shift Selling, Inc. @CraigElias David Meerman Scott Keynote Speaker & Author Freshspot Marketing @dmscott Evan Carmichael Founder Evan Carmichael Communications Group @evancarmichael Gerry Moran Senior Director, Social Media Marketing, SAP Founder, MarketingThink.com @gerrymoran Jeb Blount Chief Executive Officer SalesGravy.com @SalesGravy Brian Halligan CEO Hubspot @Bhalligan Dave Stein Chief Executive Officer ES Research Group, Inc. @davestei Don Cooper Sales Trainer, Speaker, Coach The Sales Heretic @DonCooper Gary Vaynerchuk CEO & Co-Founder VaynerMedia @garyvee Jamie Shanks Managing Partner Sales for Life @jamietshanks Jeff Bullas CEO Jeffbullas.com Pty Ltd @jeffbullas Cheryl K. Burgess CEO & CMO Blue Focus Marketing @ckburgess David Edelman Partner, Marketing and Sales Practice McKinsey & Company @davidedelman Eric T. Tung Social Media Manager & Strategist BMC Software @EricTTung Geoffrey James Columnist, Inc. Managing Partner, Geoffrey James, LLC @Sales_Source Jason Miller Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn @JasonMillerCA
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  30. 30. http://www.kitedesk.com/ The Ultimate #SocSales PlaybookThe Ultimate #SocSales Playbook Social selling is a powerful yet largely misunderstood strategy for most salespeople. At KiteDesk, we distill today’s abundance of online and enterprise data as well as your connections into actionable sales intelligence. We deliver that data within an integrated, browser-based social sales and CRM automation platform. We hope that by following the tips in this playbook, you will be well on your way to successful social selling. So what are you waiting for? Closing Thoughts
  31. 31. http://www.evolvesinc.com/ http://www.kitedesk.com/http://www.kitedesk.com/ https://twitter.com/kitedesk https://www.linkedin.com/company/kitedesk https://www.twitter.com/kitedesk https://www.kitedesk.com/insights https://www.kitedesk.com The Ultimate #SocSales Playbook The World’s Best Salesforce Plug-In for Intelligent Prospecting & Social Selling PROSPECT. CONNECT. CLOSE. The KiteDesk social selling plugin takes only minutes to install but will save you countless hours by streamlining the way you research leads, uncovering thousands of new connections into any account, and automating the never ending task of updating Salesforce. This playbook was commissioned by: www.kitedesk.com www.kitedesk.com/insights/ kitedesk www.facebook.com/kitedesk www.linkedin.com/company/kitedesk Produced by