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  1. 1. #pubcon Establishing the Sustained Center of Excellence Presented by: Brian McDowell, President SERP Strategies @Brian_McDowell @SERP
  2. 2. #pubcon Brian McDowell, President SERP Strategies Enterprise Search Marketing Consultant www.SERPstrategies.com Linkedin.com/in/mcdowell @Brian_McDowell @SERP -Web Marketing Since 1997 -SEO Focus Since 2006 -Built SEO Channel at Red Ventures -Established Conductor Consulting Services
  3. 3. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com Sustained SEO Career Path in 10 Steps 1. Shark Tank Mentality 2. Attribution Modeling 3. Audit Account Credentials 4. Build a channel P&L (Budget is your starting capital) 5. Continued Keyword Discovery 6. Technical Site Audit (Autonomous User) 7. Collateral Publishing Calendar (Human User) 8. Reporting Platforms and RFPs 9. Team Expansion 10. Continued Education
  4. 4. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com 1: Have a Shark Tank Mentality
  5. 5. #pubcon Shark Tank Mentality #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com 1. SHARK TANK MENTALITY
  6. 6. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com http://techcrunch.com/2014/02/21/women-outnumber-men-for-the-first-time-in-berkeleys-intro-to-computer-science-course/ TECHNOLOGY MARKETING MEN WOMEN
  7. 7. #pubcon Engineering Web Development E-Commerce PPC SEO SEM Marketing Web Analytics Public Relations Web Design Content Social Media Gender Distribution by Field Data extracted from https://moz.com/blog/2015-online-marketing-industry-survey #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  8. 8. #pubcon 2: Understand Your Attribution Model #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  9. 9. #pubcon Attribution Modeling http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesinsights/2014/12/02/cross-channel-attribution/#280bda433741 SEO Typical Customer Purchase Journey #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  10. 10. #pubcon ATTRIBUTIONPROTIP #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  11. 11. #pubcon Attribution Modeling #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  12. 12. #pubcon 3: Audit Account Credentials #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  13. 13. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  14. 14. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  15. 15. #pubcon PRO TIP: CHECK ROOT DIRECTORY FOR ANY VALIDATION FILES #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  16. 16. #pubcon 4: Build a Channel P&L #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  17. 17. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  18. 18. #pubcon Your P&L Helps With Budget Requests DATA Are you at the beginning stage of proving ROI? What data do you need for your reporting and how is it currently collected and served? EDUCATION Do you have the people in place but lack the “Know How” to execute? Invest in Knowledge. PEOPLE Do you have the team needed to grow your organization? Where are your gaps in execution and how much will those gaps cost to fill? Image Source: Third Door Media http://blogs.position2.com/enterprise-seo-platforms-in-2015 #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  19. 19. #pubcon 5: Continuous Keyword Discovery #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  20. 20. #pubcon
  21. 21. #pubcon 6: Conduct a Technical Site Audit #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  22. 22. #pubcon FOCUS ON THE USER FIRST!
  24. 24. #pubcon bit.ly/audit-checklist PPC – 21 Video – 32 Business Strategy – 15 Social – 20 Design – 12 Branding – 18 Keywords – 11 Analytics – 38 Ecommerce – 11 Mobile – 10 International – 12 Semantic Markup – 6 Indexing – 32 Accessibility – 42 Architecture – 15 Links – 27 On Page – 17 Content – 26 #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  25. 25. #pubcon Complete audit of architecture and assets XENU #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  26. 26. #pubcon Complete audit of architecture and assets #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  27. 27. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  28. 28. #pubcon Audit Your Backlinks • Process your 404 report • Guest blog / content • Advocate building • Article Syndication & Press Releases • Directory Submission • Forum Signatures • Infographics • Viral Marketing • Paid links • Sponsored Blog Reviews • Hosted Content • Sponsoring Events • Reciprocal Exchange • Social Media Profiles • Recover from expired domains • Shares, Likes, Mentions, Citations • Cannibalism • Get noticed for what you do well #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  29. 29. #pubcon 7: Establish A Collateral Publishing Calendar #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  30. 30. #pubcon Schedule All Content • Written • Video • Images • Interactive Be on a constant look out for new distribution channels! https://wordpress.org/plugins/editorial-calendar/ #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  31. 31. #pubcon 8: Reporting Platforms and RFPs #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  32. 32. #pubcon Baseline reporting and KPI for success “Choosing the right partner means conducting a rigorous internal evaluation to determine your business priorities, needs, and goals.” http://searchengineland.com/buyers-guides/enterprise-seo-tools-the-marketers-guide •Consumer reports style comparisons •Understanding if a platform is right for you •Top questions to ask vendors •Covers all functional areas of earned media •Focus on modern tactics •Brief look at product roadmaps “If you are considering licensing an SEO software tool, this report will help you decide whether or not you need to.” #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  33. 33. #pubcon http://searchengineland.com/buyers-guides/enterprise-seo-tools-the-marketers-guide PRO TIP: BUILD AN RFP! PRO TIP: BUILD AN RFP! #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  34. 34. #pubcon SERP RANKINGS #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  35. 35. #pubcon Do you prefer to grow your own platform? My Apache – MySQL - PHP #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  36. 36. #pubcon Do you prefer to grow your own? https://www.geckoboard.com/ http://simonhedley.com/wp-content/uploads/geckoboard.png #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  37. 37. #pubcon GECKOBOARDINTEGRATIONS https://www.geckoboard.com/integrations/ #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  38. 38. #pubcon http://market.envato.com/ #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  39. 39. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  40. 40. #pubcon 9: Pitch For Team Expansion #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  41. 41. #pubcon •Time to hire •Average Salary •Vetting Process •Length of tenure •Cost to Develop Training •Average Investment During Tenure •Advancement Track (the revolving door) PRO TIP: USE AGENCY PARTNERS TO PROVE ROI. FIRE FAST! #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  42. 42. #pubcon Identify needs: Need People http://www.conductor.com/blog/2015/03/seo-jobs-seo-salary-growth/ #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  43. 43. #pubcon http://www.conductor.com/blog/2015/03/seo-jobs-seo-salary-growth/ Identify needs: Need People #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  44. 44. #pubcon Identify needs: Need People http://www.conductor.com/blog/2015/03/seo-jobs-seo-salary-growth/ #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  45. 45. #pubcon Identify needs: Need People http://www.conductor.com/blog/2015/03/seo-jobs-seo-salary-growth/ #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  46. 46. #pubcon 10: Continued Education #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  47. 47. #pubcon Establish an education plan PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT "Continuing education within enterprise level corporations is of the utmost importance for SEO success. Working with different groups that include developers, product managers, and content writers, to name a few, the SEO expert must educate them on algorithmic changes that occur monthly and help convey which changes will have the largest impact on their enterprise SEO efforts.” Keith Schilling - SEO Specialist, IBM / Co-Founder & Owner, Search Exchange / @KeithSchilling @IBM @SearchEx #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  48. 48. #pubcon
  49. 49. #pubcon Identify needs: Need Education? continued education / networking “The ‘big boys’ (Amazon, Google, Apple, etal) have so raised the bar-of- expectations, that just knowing the tried-and-true ‘best practice’ tactics and techniques is no longer good enough to compete. You need to know the leading and bleeding edge strategies to have a chance of succeeding on today's fast paced web. The only way to learn those strategies and techniques is to be plugged into a community of peers to use as an on- going education resource.” Brett Tabke – CEO, Pubcon Inc / @BTabke @Pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  50. 50. #pubcon
  51. 51. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  52. 52. #pubcon #Pubcon @Brian_McDowell @SERP www.SERPstrategies.com
  53. 53. #pubcon THANK YOU! Presented by: Brian McDowell, President SERP Strategies @Brian_McDowell @SERP