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Social Media | Demystified

  1. Social Media… Demystified
  2. Are you ‘In’?
  4. The New Equation + =
  5. Social media tools and online communities are how and where your customers are talking about you. It's a conversation that you need to be aware of, understand, and, in some cases, participate in . 
  7. Image Courtesy Brian Solis
  9. 300 MM 100 MM 50 MM 7-20 MM 13 MM Blogs 84 MM Readers
  10. >150 MM Bookmarked URLS
  12. Sometimes It Starts with Search
  14. A Little More Detail…
  18. So What Has Been Learned So Far?
  21. Real Life Examples
  22. Increase Customer Engagement | Drive Loyalty
  24. Internal Collaboration
  25. Getting Real Feedback
  26. CASE STUDY|DAIRY QUEEN The story of the DQ brand is told through the eyes of their employees. Dairy Queen’s  Chief Brand Officer actively contributes to the blog. They reached out to 250 bloggers with a creative contest. BLOG
  28. So Where do You Go From Here?
  29. 90% of what you share on Twitter should be made up of personal insights and thoughts along with a heavy dose of helpful links 10% should be made up of messages that more directly benefit you. 90 -10-10 RULE
  30. LISTENING – Holistic Tools
  32. Gain Insights using multiple data points
  34. Start with your target audience. Determine what kind of relationship you want to build with them. Use tools like the social technology profile tool. Generate Word of Mouth
  35. Learn about the behavior types that interact with your brand. Capitalize on emerging social behaviors . Reach new audiences
  37. Real Time Monitoring
  38. LISTENING and Measuring – By Property

Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. Show the landscape – a lot of people like this slide and request it
  2. This is a good example of more engagement around the consumer, and to drive operational efficiencies – leveraging ONE platform to gather ideas, understand what customers like and not like in one place- as well as be able to broadcast the solution BACK to the group quickly and easily
  3. BBUY uses the BUYY Connect to aggregate comments from the discussion board, including the TWELPFORCE feeds. Twelpforce is how BBUY is leveraging Twitter to provide real time assistance and question-answering capabilities – leveraging twitter means quick easy questions, quick easy answers, leveraging mobile, desktop
  4. This is the twitter chatter around twelpforce- providing BBUY feedback and information about how TWEPFORCE is doing – the GOOD the BAD AND THE UGLY- there are no watered down corporate interpretations – it’s real feedback from real users
  5. They have been around since 1940, and have established themselves as the leader in the soft serve and fast food restaurant industry.  Fast forward 70 years, 5,600 + domestic store locations, and internationally are in more than 20 countries, the brand is a well recognized icon all over the globe Everyone in their corporation starting from their CEO, John Gainor, down to their Chief Brand Officer, Michael Keller, understand the impact of social media and truly embrace it. Their motives are pure and transparent and they are truly excited to be engaging their potential and existing customer base and beyond in this medium. They understand the implications of social media and how it affects their brand, that speaks volumes in and
  6. BrandTags, BlogPulse (BuzzMetrics) GoogleBlogs, ViralHeat, PeopleBrowsr, SocialSeek, Look for: Actvity, Participants, Sentiment, Stickiness,
  7. Things to think about before starting entering social media Resource Allocation Team Coordination Tracking and Reporting Integration with current platforms Responding and Posting guidelines
  8. Twitter lists, more robust privacy/protection… aggregating around groups Scalability : Wachovia (CoTweet) / Twelpforce