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Epilogue:  What  we  learned  •  Blinktraffic E245 final presentation

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Epilogue:  What  we  learned  •  MVP  has  to  iinclude  virality,  not  just  traffic   to   nclude  virality,  not  just  traffic  •  Legal-­‐ese  is  difficult  to  handle.  It  took  us  a  long  +me  to  understand  this  •  Users  need  to  test  the  product  in  order  to  maximize  learning  •  We  need  to  assume  tthat  users  are  ttechnically  lliterate   ssume   hat  users  are   echnically  i illiterate  •  Simplicity  is  everything  from  the  user’s  perspec+ve  •  Users  who  like  our  idea  are  not  the  same  as  early  adopters  /  promoters  •  Need  to  balance  tech  planning  and  implementa+on  •  Difficult  learning  curve  to  master  technologies  like  EC2  and  Apache  •  Blackberry  is  not  developer-­‐friendly  and  it  spreads  to  the  server  •  Gelng  user  feedback  is  a  lot  harder  than  we  originally  thought  •  Difficult  to  approach  customers  large  and  small  the  second  +me  around  •  From  mindsets  to  trends  to  technical  literacy,  the  tech  landscape  is  different  in  parts  of  the  world.  •  We  cannot  spend  too  much  +me  thinking  off  /  wri+ng  an  elegant  solu+on,  but  you  also  cannot   write  garbage  •  Code  organiza+on  really  starts  to  become  more  and  more  important  as  you  LOC  grows.  By  5,000   LOC  it  will  be  crucial  to  have  a  well  organized  code  base.  •  User  mindsets  and  ttechnological  environment  ddiffer  remendously  from  mmarket  to  market   indsets  and   echnological  environment   iffer  t tremendously  from   arket  to  market  

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