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A transformational leader

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A transformational leader

  1. 1. THE EARLY YEARS Steve Jobs was an incredible man that changed the way our world works. Born on February 24th, 1955, Steve was adopted at birth. From the beginning Jobs was always interested in electronics. I feel that Steve Jobs started out finding something he loved to do, and had a passion for it. In my mind, this is the first thing you need when you want to become a leader.
  2. 2. FINDING A PASSIONWith the passion and interest inelectronics, Steve was in eighthgrade when he discovered that amain part of Hewlett Packardsfrequency counter was missing.He called William Hewlett, andthe next thing you know he wasan intern for him that summer. Inhis early days, he might nothave considered himself aleader, but he was on his way.Putting himself out there andlearning as much as possiblehelped his abilities andknowledge with electronics. Hewas able to take what he waslearning from his peers, andapply that to develop his skills.
  3. 3. TAKING CHANCES When you think of a leader, you might think of someone who has a great deal of education and pursued higher education with multiple degrees. However, this is not the case with Jobs. He actually attended college and then dropped out. Not something you would think happened to him because of all his success. He still went to school, but only took some classes for a short time that interested him. He was developing his skills, and setting a vision up of what he wanted to do in the electronic world. He also thought about things differently, and did not just follow what others were doing.
  4. 4. THE TURNING POINTAfter many years working for othertechnology firms, Steve Jobs has agoal and that is to have his owncompany. He co-founds AppleComputer with Wozniak and RonaldWayne. It is here that Jobs canbegin the transformation in thetechnology world. They worktogether and launch the Apple I anda year later the Apple II. I thinkbeing a great transformationalleader, you need be able to have acommon goal, and share yourvision with those you lead. Jobsknew what he wanted, and that wasto bring computers to the everydayAmerican household.
  5. 5. LEADING THE WORLDToday, Steve Jobs has transformed the waywe communicate with each other. Hispassion, commitment, and drive to push hislimits really sets him apart from the rest. Hewas able to commit to his vision andcompany, and develop a company notcomparable to the rest. With hiscontributions ranging from iPods toMacBook Pros, Steve Jobs has changed theway we live in this world. We can now easilyaccess anyone, anywhere we want. Havingthis type of impact of the world makes yourealize how great and transformational SteveJobs really was. He went from being aninterested 8th grader, to high schooldropout, to having the most successfulbusiness in the world. Steve has left animpact on our society. His ideas andcontributions to our world have been huge.Although he may not be with us heretoday, his goals, his vision, and his companywill live on.