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Enhance data__rate_for__gsm__evolution

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Enhance data__rate_for__gsm__evolution

  1. 1. What Is Technology Technology is the technical meanspeople use to improve their surrounding. It is also the knowledge of using the tools andmachines to do task.
  2. 2. What Is EDGE Edge (Enhance data rate for GSM evolution) is aradio signaling technology for 3G mobilenetworks. EDGE use for mobile service such asdownloading of video and music clips fullmultimedia messaging high-speed colorsinternet access and e-mail on the move.
  3. 3. Introduction Of EDGE Enhance data rate for GSM evolution (EDGE) isa digital mobile phone technology. It is generally classified as a 2.75G networktechnology. EDGE has been introduced into GSM networkaround the since world since 2003 initially inNorth American
  4. 4.  It can be used for any packet switchingapplication such as an internet connection. EDGE circuit switching is a possible for futuredevelopment.
  5. 5. EDGE(Enhanced Data Rate forGSM Evolution)
  6. 6.  Increase data rates up to 384 kbps Introduces a new modulation technique (8PSK)and channel coding.
  7. 7. Transmission techniques In addition to Gaussian minimum-shift keying(GMSK), EDGE uses higher-order PSK/8 phaseshift keying (8PSK) EDGE produces a 3-bit word for every change incarrier phase.
  8. 8. EDGECoding schemes (modulation codingschemes)
  9. 9. EDGEMeasurement accuracy It is done by measuring bit error rate ,carrierstrength …etc. It has done by quickly to select the right codingscheme.
  10. 10. EDGEEdge link controlling function It uses a combination of 2 functionalities :1. Link adaptation2. Incremental redundancy
  11. 11. HOW DOES EDGE WORK ? Edge work by improving the signaling interfaceused to communicate over the radio wave. Typically edge enhance thee time theperformance of GPRS achieving an data rate 80to 160 kbps per user with mobile terminals.
  12. 12. EDGEEDGE benefits: Short-term benefits: Capacity and performance1. Easy implementation on a GSM/GPRSnetwork.2. Cost effective.3. Increase the capacity and triples the data rateof GPRS.4. Enabling new multimedia services. Long-term benefit: Harmonization with WCDMA
  13. 13. THANK YOU