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Hacking 101 & Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite - YMDC NYC

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Introduction to hacking, focus areas for YMDC NYC hackathon and resources for you to get started with Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite

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Hacking 101 & Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite - YMDC NYC

  1. 1. HACKING 101 and everything else you need to get started with Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite Saurabh Sahni, Yahoo Developer Network
  2. 2. Term ‘a«: “<*ss': :;; has a lot of different meanings
  3. 3. WHAT IS A HACK? An innovative solution to a real world problem; quick and dirty workaround, yet effective.
  4. 4. Hacking is nothing new
  5. 5. 0;! ‘ 1.‘ 2 ' I ’ .3 I v». r‘ _4 ; .“k¢ H‘. F _ . _ . L ' ‘ p I-, ,.ro«-aw- . .,L . , VI. ’ I'D T I / / '1‘ A‘ Liz; L I K ‘C L ‘ ‘Zia’ . - ‘‘‘x K ’ k{l . , _’ I K/ *5 ‘ "EV id. 4-» I ‘CIT: .7 ‘$¢4l: ~ § 0 L . :—= .=sL I . ~, ~ , L ~, g ’ I ‘I ‘III I‘ I I 3 I »: ->: :- L. .- . .L 4-» VAV I, IIJLIIIIE I a I. I -'1'; _: ; . jT‘ I» L L ‘ I T ‘ 7 V. ' "‘ L; ;-i‘7'. I‘ I ‘ W I WEI SN I I I}; L. ‘,4-h—-y'I_l -‘ L > "1 J ' E I
  6. 6. V‘ 9"" -P Y I”II‘@Vl . Hacking in a hostel roomI
  7. 7. I u a. ’ I-’i~—_. ..__L L‘ . ;=: : I Life Hacks ‘NR L’:
  8. 8. However, today we are looking for software hacks
  9. 9. HACKATHON: SIMPLE RULES - Take something from idea to prototype in a day (you have only 9 hours! ) - Demo it at the end of day, in two minutes or less - Should be a mobile app around one of our focus areas
  10. 10. FOCUS AREAS ‘Ii Yahoo App Publishing Build new engaging ad expefiences 8. Yahoo Search in Apps Enhance your mobile apps with Yahoo search. t Tumblr API Find fun and innovative way to integrate Tumblr into your apps
  11. 11. 1. YAHOO APP PUBLISHING *1
  12. 12. Yahoo App Publishing enables you to maximize your mobile ad revenue
  13. 13. Native ads look, feel and work like all the other content
  14. 14. 9 G) 1) ' Ci) - ‘ '-o-no am 1° 4:21PM uxmé‘ ‘ . .. venznrl us mam - . = DISCOVER Mengnge Rates Take Huge Dip . 2.aa% APR Rates new at 2 35% APR wlrll no points 7 3255K mortgage for 593A/ me Process lS easy & quotes are lreel l2.sa-as APR 5/1 ARM) Calculate new payment new. / lldrt-,4 OV. t', l‘*» » , —ll 3‘ Johnny Lopez l. l ', ‘.l"1sl"‘, l‘l— ' ‘ :2 The Avengers W. ._, .l r» l, ,eu». .n.4‘ "“""“”“' ’°" 5‘”"""’ Obama Had The Perfect Response when G ‘. «u e: // 4 . bl’ ' d ' ' h f. ,. m Demse Jlmensz Repu leans Dlise Hlm DurmgT esmeo Fresiderll Barack Obarrla dellvered a ralher unexpected A ‘ applause llne duvlrlg his Slate ol zhe Unlun address Tuesday “ F — G ‘ nlgm Ahel pauslng for several seconds In embrace the su. .
  15. 15. nfil. RED Bun EDl'l10NS. P 313? wt-orvmllz-ud= c:AJF'oo $.65.- Emoxnr-'. (nnodlr>Iw ‘1'G7U"‘l'€-1| . .«e, e,. ;-assay. ..-er. Y'vr. d'Irl. cn, :acnnrr, c-vudtrln §>Aosw1:7'. >-«r. Er‘-. ’~(a-It-aAcv‘. L snag-—uu-unorwnoaex RI 803 . CHM Glflulb Native Ads in 2:
  16. 16. NATIVE ADS INTEGRATION Initialize Ad Fetch Ad Assemble Ad Track Ad , , . lvul, <.. _bl. .;'_; .. @interface SampleTableViewController () FlurryAdNativeDelegate @implementation SampleTableViewController - (void)viewDidLoad : [super viewDidLoad]; FlurryAdNative *nativeAd = [[FlurryAdNative alloc] initwithspace @ j5;h»; l uh‘: llullyAul - (void)viewDidLoad nativeAd. adDelegate = self, nativeAd. viewcontrollerForPresentation = self; [nativeAd fetchAd]' for(int ix= ix<adNative. assetList. count ++ix) if ([asset. name isEqualToString: @”headline”]) self. streamTitleLabel. text = asset. value; / / Parse rest of ad assets - (void)setupwithFlurryNativeAd: (FlurryAdNative*) adNative atPosition: (NSInteger)position; [self. ad removeTrackingView]; self. ad = adNative; self. ad. trackingView = self;
  17. 17. 2. Yahoo Search in Apps
  18. 18. ( llowers $19.99 — Flowers Same Day l FvomYuuFlowevs. com www lmmyoullowers cam Same Day Dallvsry Flown — Hand Delivery ln A neural Flowers at l—800—FLOWERS® — Elegant Flowers lor Any Occaslorl. lBUUllowers. corrl Elegant Flultan hx Any Occaslon. Ouallty Flmn a. 9 . -'-I: W(lll‘ . «ull on nuuu . «, ll E Central 5% afiyw Cennal Furlv aloomhesh Flowers of Sunnyvale Q tfltfifl l env-hon lzaz Parslnrl Dr, Sunnyvale . (1 lll Ouerl new I)lV>: L:llllH» ’VlJL)§lll‘ n . ul-Jua v luuus
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  22. 22. Need direct API access? Use Yahoo Search API and search web, news and images. ‘I @311: ' " 2"‘ V: ' " Q »R5,, ?'id/ ERF"fi»Rrl :34 M : ‘ a. v.. ..q¢ Jw n o¢. y.. . 1.. FREE API key at bit. |y/ boss-key
  23. 23. 3. Tumblr API
  24. 24. meta : ( Tumblr API enables , response‘. I I ‘bloq_name frultsoiLheweb”r 0 id‘. 7 ‘posL_ur1‘ ' (hp / /truacsotaneueo, aumolr. couxposax125675196954/bus-rollover", slug "bus-rollover”, ‘type . “photo”. date : "2D15<Ufl-14 16:02:02 GMT", posts a n d : ::: ::. =o: ;., ,,, ,s, ,.. , I format html , ‘reb1oq_key‘ rpxzs1Gz"r ‘tags ; [ interesting content crash {es sunulauon rollover", from the network . , ‘sho(t_url ; “map: //unzalnco/ zcqal-lql: _'ruHe", ‘recommended_source ‘recommended_color po5t_author : sloppydemon". ‘feaLured_in_tag‘: err“
  25. 25. 9 47 «u I 4-31 12 em n 4:34 I; .1 I 4:33 V Trending Q V Empire State Building Broolsfliffia Fort Greene 176 LAFAYETTE AVE. E notreallyamexicanbanana (D15 Locl: Tumblr meets Foursquare
  26. 26. Tumblr SDK for iOS An unopinionated and flexible library for easily integrating Tumblr data into your iOS or OS X application. The library uses ARC and requires at least iOS 5 or OS X 10.7. [[TMAPIClient sharedlnstance] b1ogInfo: @"bryan" success: ‘( result, NSError ‘error) { (error) { NSLog(@"Bummer, dude: X9", error); ll; } NSLog(@”B1og description: XQ", result[@"description"]); }]; http: //bit. ly/ tumblr-quick-sta rt
  27. 27. One more thing. ..
  28. 28. © FLUIIIIV Rom vmooi Get deep insights into your app usage with _ r . '1 3 F ‘I . 4:4 Q 1. #import "F1urry. h" - (BO0L)application: (UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingwith0ptions: (NSDictionary *)launch0ptions { [Flurry startSession: @"YOUR_API_KEY"]; } V: tW: JF? l'I/ ' 1.3 “V gt ; I'¢ 41,4 33 @511/fit 41' IR)’ g . . y; ( ‘; f‘v: ‘.IK'p. so (vi. 1lC: ... ‘ee ‘»‘e. I. CL. .C: ..)Iu. 9
  29. 29. You can do much more with Yahoo Mobile Developer Suite deve| oper. yahoo. com
  30. 30. Presenting your hack
  31. 31. DO NOT SHOW US SLIDES ABOUT YOUR HACK Powerpoint = Fail!
  32. 32. ‘N _. 5‘ E-. . Instead show us what you have done
  33. 33. 1. Technical glitches happen
  34. 34. Have a O ': -.: .*l-i‘: Screencast, No internet
  35. 35. AND ONCE YOU ARE DONE Take your hack live Show other hackers what you have done Stay in touch with @ydn, @F| urryMobi| e
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  38. 38. QUESTIONS / COMMENTS: TWEET US #ymdonyo
  39. 39. HACK RESOURCES https: //deve| oper. yahoo. com https: //github. com/ flurry https: //gist. github. com/ ydn http: //yahoodeve| opers. tumb| r.com/ https: //api. tumb| r.com http: // bit. |y/ tumblr—quicksta rt http: //bit. ly/ yahoo-cheatsheets
  40. 40. THAN KS! Q http: //slideshare. net/ saurabhsahni y http: //twitter. com/ saurabhsahni 0 http: //github. com/ saurabhsahni G http: //www. saurabhsahni. com