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iOS 5 Development

iOS 5 Application Development with iPhone 5 has been recently announced the world’s most advanced mobile operating system with whole new updated level. With more than 200 plus new features, updated SDK and above 1,500 new APIs with powerful development tools had made a great revolution in iPhone Application Development & iOS Development. With iOS 5 advent iPhone 5 has become much faster, smother and advanced multi-tasking mobile phone.

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iOS 5 Development

  1. 1. iOS 5 Application Development & iPhone 5 FeaturesiPhone 5 with latest iOS 5 application development came out with more than 200 plus newfeatures. With updated SDK, above 15,00 new APIs and development tools iPhone 5 hasbecome more faster.New Hyde Park, Feb 17, 2012 -- iOS 5 Application Development with iPhone 5 hasbeen recently announced the worlds most advanced mobile operating system withwhole new updated level. With more than 200 plus new features, updated SDK andabove 1,500 new APIs with powerful development tools had made a great revolutionin iPhone 5 Development & iOS 5 Development. With iOS 5 advent iPhone 5 hasbecome much faster, smother and advanced multi-tasking mobile phone.iOS 5 Development is very flexible with its new features that can do more thananyone can think. iOS 5 Application Development have provided severalrequirements and applications that assist iPhone users the best to perform theirpreferred tasks more easily and speedily. On the other hand iOS5 is loaded with somany features like iCloud, notification center, imessage, newsstand, reminders, socialnetworking and many more. The accessible features like camera, safari, mail,calendar, game center and Wi-Fi Sync have been developed with fully improvisedfeatures.iOS 5 includes more than 200 new features that makes everything easier and fasterwith iPhone 5. Some of the iOS5 features that go further are:iCloud Storage: iCloud is an automatic and effortless interface to seamlessly integrateall your apps and stores your media files which you can access on all your Appledevices wirelessly. iCloud is easy to set up and simple to use. It updates all your dataon iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and PC.Notification Center: Setting all your alerts in one place. It provides a free way tosimply display and handle your app notifications without interrupting any runningapplication. It is improvised and built on the existing notification system, so yourexisting local and push notifications just works fine and remain updated.Newsstand: One stop custom news stand with your entire subscriptions. Just onestand to get all the latest concern of your magazines and newspapers directly.Newsstand Kit offers everything that you have to update about new issues in thebackground, so you can always be in touch with the nearby and recent covers.Twitter Integration: Tweet directly from your apps using the new Tweet sheet. It Page 1 of 3
  2. 2. supply all of the existing feature with every built-in apps, including URL shortening,updating current location, character count and photo hosting on Twitter.iMessage: A new messaging service that works between all iOS 5 users over Wi-Fiand 3G. iMessage automatically pushes all to iOS 5 devices, making it easy tomaintain one conversation across iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.Storyboards: Storyboards will transform the way you write a bulk interface code andalso hand the potential to your development workflow as a whole throughout a team.Core Image: Generate incredible effects in your camera and image editing with CoreImage. It is a framework that offers an uncomplicated approach to improve snaps andvideos edit and share them instantly.Game Center: iOS 5 have a turn-based game support where players can play whenthey want and Game Center will manage each turn for them so that a player can playat their time. It automatically sent a push notification to the next player viaNotification Center and handle multiple game sessions.OpenGL ES: A new high-level framework that combines the best practices ofadvanced rendering and texture techniques with the latest OpenGL ES 2.0 features.Location simulation: Here you can test your location-based features with your appwithout leaving your desk. Just select from predetermined location and directionwithin the iOS Simulator and pick a custom latitude and longitude with accuracywhile youre running your simulated app.Automatic Reference Counting: ARC (Automatic Reference Counting) forObjective-C makes memory management job of the compiler. By permitting ARCwith the new Apple LLVM compiler, you will never have to type retain or releaseagain, considerably simplifies the development process, while reducing crashes andmemory leaks.By the discrepancy of iOS 5 features one can figure out the complexity of theoperating system. Also there are numerous iOS 5 Apps for iPhone 5 so select and getwhat actually suits your requirements. Consecutively to get an application that servesyou the best and fulfills your requirement nicely with other apps for Apple devices.iOS5 for iPhone DevelopersiOS 5 with an updated SDK and over 1,500 new APIs with powerful developmenttools makes iOS 5 Application Development easy for Iphone Developers with theadvantage of iCloud Storage, Newsstand Kit, Core Image, GLKit, Game Center Page 2 of 3
  3. 3. APIs. Other iOS 5 application frameworks with lots of improvement and bug fixes across several development frameworks includes UIKit, Message UI, OpenAL, Media Player, Map Kit, Game Kit, Event Kit, Core Foundation (Motion, Graphics, Location & Data) Address Book and Security. Thus iOS5 development seems more powerful than ever with iCloud that have great potential to develop new iPhone Applications and Frameworks to make iPone5 the best. For more details refer website: http://www.satisnet.com/mobile-app-development/iph one-application-development/ios-5-application-development Contact Information: Name: Gianna J Bosanquet Company: Satisnet Email: giannabosanquet@gmail.com Page 3 of 3Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)