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Better oral health in residential care adapted version

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May 1st 2013

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Better oral health in residential care adapted version

  1. 1. Better Oral Health in Residential Care
  2. 2. NEW TITLE???? You Choose
  3. 3. Better Oral Health Care requires a TEAM  APPROACH  Oral Health Care Team (OHCT)  •Oral Health Professional (dentists, dental  therapists, dental hygienists, dental assistants  and denturists)  •Oral Health Coordinator (OHC)  •Nurses  •Care aides  •Physicians 
  4. 4. Oral Health Care Team will be responsible for 4 key processes  • Oral Health Assessment  Performed by licensed oral health professional on  admission. On a regular basis and as the need arises  by oral health professional or trained nurses.   • Oral Health Care plan  Oral Health Care Team and residents develop an oral  care plan
  5. 5. Oral Health Assessment Education and Training Program
  6. 6. Oral Health Care Team will be responsible for 4 key processes  • Daily Oral Hygiene  Care aides maintain daily oral hygiene according to  the health care plan.  • Dental Treatment Referrals for a comprehensive dental examination  and treatment are made on the basis of an oral  health assessment. It is recognized that many  residents may be best treated at the Long Term Care  (LTC) home. 
  7. 7. Portfolios  • Educators’ portfolio  • Professional Portfolio   • Staff portfolio 
  8. 8. Educators’ Portfolio • Module 1 Good oral health is essential for overall health • Module 2 Protect your resident’s oral health - daily oral hygiene • Module 3 It takes a team approach to maintain a healthy mouth
  9. 9. Educators’ Portfolio Target population  •Nurses  •Care aides  •Other LTC staff  •Residents  •Residents’ family 
  10. 10. Good Oral Health is Essential for Overall Health Education and Training Program Quality of Life Bad breath Bleeding gums Tooth decay Self esteem Speech Ability to eat Dental pain Responsive Behaviour Impact on General Health Aspiration pneumonia Heart attack Stroke Lowered immunity Poor diabetic control
  11. 11. Common oral health conditions experienced by residents
  12. 12. Lips Education and Training Program Sore corners of the mouth Angular Cheilitis
  13. 13. Tongue Education and Training Program Sore Tongue Thrush Glossitis Candidiasis
  14. 14. Oral Health Care and Responsive Behavior Responsive Behavior Effective Communication Talk clearly Caring attitude Right environment Body language
  15. 15. Oral Health Care and Responsive Behavior Improving access Overcoming fear of being touched Bridging Modelling
  16. 16. Oral Health Care and Responsive Behavior Improving access to the mouth Hand over hand Modified oral care techniques • Mouth props  • Modified soft toothbrush  • Use of spray bottle  Distraction Alternative provider
  17. 17. Protect your Residents’ Oral Health
  18. 18. Protect your Residents’ Oral Health
  19. 19. Protect your Residents’ Oral Health
  20. 20. Oral Care Products/Resources • Demonstrated utilizing various oral care  products.     • Example:   • Gloves  • Fluoride toothpaste (presence of Canadian Dental  Association symbol denotes fluoride in toothpaste)  • Visual education through videos  How should these oral care products be made  available at the LTC homes? 
  21. 21. It Takes a Team Approach to Maintain a Healthy Mouth  ‐ Reflective practice 
  22. 22. Oral Health Scenario – Part 1 Education and Training Program
  23. 23. Oral Health Scenario – 1
  24. 24. Pre/Post Quiz
  25. 25. Posters 
  26. 26. Thank You