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Digital phase selector

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Digital phase selector

  1. 1. Automatic phase assortment
  2. 2. IntroductionDigital phase selector which can also be known as Automatic phase selector as the name indicates automatic selection of phases when there is absent or discontinued due to fault or some other reasons of available phase.This devices is used were there is availability of 3-ph i.e., (415v), 3-ph & 4-wire line. And you can also add many number of phases as you like.
  3. 3. Hi I am DPS
  4. 4. Need of this devicePower instability in developing countries creates the need for automation sources of power to back-up the utility supply.Most Industrial and commercial application are dependent on power supply and if the process of change over is manual, not only considerable time is wasted but also the device or machine may get damaged from human error during the change over connections, incurring massive losses.
  5. 5. Working Principle
  6. 6. Phase sensing & switching block : The phase from which the power has to betaken is sensed and corresponding switchingoperation is performed.Control logic block : The control logic circuitry decides the phasepriority for one out of Three lines.
  7. 7. Relay driver block : The relay driver gets signal from the controllogic circuit . The relay driver section gives electrical signalto the strip of the relay and relaycontacts closes thus the powerflows to load.
  9. 9. Ratings of components Transformer ratings : 230/12 v. Current : 5A Relay ratings : Type: SMCU Contact: 1.5A/230v Coil : 12v, DC/300 ohms. Preset resistor 5k. Transistor : BC 548.
  10. 10.  Zener diode. Capacitors : 25v, 100 micro F & 25v, 220 micro F. Resistors : 10k ohm. LED’s Diode IN4007.
  11. 11. Advantages of DPS : Power Interruption during running of load can be eliminated. Compact in size. Economical. No Mechanical contacts. Can be used for all single phase loads .
  12. 12. Applications Can be used in Apartments. Used in EMERGENCIES i.e., in ICU ‘s, Operation Theatre’s. Used in industries & offices. In Shopping malls. Can also be used engineering colleges.