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  1. 1. SAP NOW İstanbul Powering SAP with Google Cloud Platform Pınar Uğurlu Kirazcı 25 Ekim 2018, Perşembe
  2. 2. Powering SAP with Google Cloud Platform Pınar Uğurlu Kirazcı Cloud Customer Engineer
  3. 3. Google & SAP partnership Google Cloud + SAP / ‘gōōg(ə)l kloud/ pləs ‘es ā pē/ a strategic co-innovation partnership to help global enterprises run their businesses on a highly secure public cloud with best-in-class flexibility, scalability, and speed Enterprise Leader Trusted advisor Run the business Cloud Leader AI/ML Innovator Enable the business Intelligent Enterprise
  4. 4. Confidential &Proprietary Tannat (BR,UY,AR) in construction FASTER(US,JP, TW) 2016 Monet (US, BR) in construction for 2017 Junior (Rio, Santos) in construction PLCN Unity (HK,LA) in construction for2018 Belgium London SãoPaulo Netherlands Hong Kong 3 3 Singapore Sydney TaiwanSCarolina N Virginia Iowa California 3 Oregon 3 4 3 3 3 Montreal 3 3 Finland 2 3 Frankfurt3 3 Tokyo 3 3 2 Mumbai 3 Future region and number of zones Current region and number ofzones Edge points of presence(>100) Google global cache edge nodes(>800) Google leased/owned fiber How GCPis different? 17 Regions, 52 zones, over 100 PoPs, 100,000s miles of fiber optic cable
  5. 5. Why enterprises are moving towards cloud? Growth and innovation Aging core platforms are hindering growth and innovation – modernizing the core is a must. Flexibility and scalability On-premise applications, architecture and staff entail long-term commitments that handicap the ability to evolve and scale. Low cost On-premise legacy technology, defined by high technical debt, is increasingly expensive to maintain and operate. Cloud offers significant cost savings.
  6. 6. Why run SAP HANA on Google Cloud? Wait less, build more Create fully featured systems in minutes rather than weeks. Create and deploy software in one week instead of 10, leading to quicker innovation. Faster by design Take advantage of Google Cloud’s partnership with Intel and use the latest generation Skylake processors, which give a performance improvement of 20% to 80% in data intensive tasks, such as running SAP HANA. Google-grade security Data in Google Cloud is encrypted at rest and in transit transparently and by default, so you don’t need to incur additional performance penalties by implementing encryption at the SAP HANA stack level.
  7. 7. SAP platform on Google Cloud Managed services Implementation Support Software Infrastructure
  8. 8. Migrate SAP workloads on Google Cloud Improve performance, scalability and security. Reduce infrastructure costs. ● “50% faster” ● “Better default availability without additional costs” Deploy new SAP workloads in Google Cloud Accelerate deployments (e.g. S/4HANA) with lower start-up costs and shortened timelines. Use SAP CAL for immediate provisioning. Jump-start stalled deployments Ignite projects stalled on start up cost/CapEx. Create new opportunities for value added solutions. Run what’s next
  9. 9. Extend SAP Capabilities Extend your SAP environments with the power of SAP Cloud Platform on GCP and native capabilities from Google Cloud. Derive Better Insights Petabyte scale data analytics from GCP combined with the power of SAP HANA to derive better insights and make business decisions. Data = Intelligence Combine SAP applications and Google Cloud ML for better business outcomes. Accelerate what’s next SAP + GCP to super-charge your business
  10. 10. Innovate to win Data Custodian Partnership Accelerating customers’ journeys to the cloud through transparency and controls. Access Transparency - one of a kind visibility into data access in the public cloud Additional controls through SAP as the Data Custodian SAP Leonardo Machine Learning Collaboration on TensorFlow with more coming.
  11. 11. Certified and reliable Certified by SAP SAP has certified the most popular SAP solutions on Google Cloud Platform, including NetWeaver, BusinessObjects, Business One, S/4 HANA, BW/4 HANA, Business Suite, etc. Full list with supported software and hardware configurations can be found on Google Cloud website. Reliability beyond SLA Thanks to unique high availability features like Live Migration and Google SREs, Google Cloud Platform stays as the most reliable major provider, as can be seen in the Gartner owned CloudHarmony website.
  12. 12. Certified solutions supported on GCP SAP Business Solutions SAP S/4HANA SAP BW/4HANA SAP Business Suite SAP NetWeaver BW SAP Hybris SAP BusinessObjects BI SAP Business One and more... Supported Database Systems SAP HANA (Platform Edition 1 SPS 12x and Platform Edition 2) SQL Server (Standard, Web, Enterprise; 2012, 2014, 2016) SAPASE IBMDB2 Supported OS Platforms Windows Server (2012 R2 and 2016) SLES 11 and higher (SP4 and higher) SUSESLESfor SAP 12 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL6) and higher
  13. 13. Extending SAP capabilities with Google Cloud products
  14. 14. Integrations with Google Cloud Platform Completed certification of SAP HANA and SAP Apps (NetWeaver). Business Objects Suite certified on GCP. SAP Adaptive Server (ASE) certified SAP Cloud Platform on GCP HANA Express available on Launcher. Planned: SAP Leonardo ML and IoT Platform on GCP. Business Objects Data Services integrated with Google BigQuery for seamless data migration. SAP Analytics Cloud native integration with BigQuery for seamless visualization across HANA and BigQuery. Integrations between Concur, SAP Anywhere, Cloud for Customer and G Suite products. SAP Cloud Identity is integrated with Google Cloud and G Suite enabling SSO across SAP and Google applications. Explore: Add-ons to improve productivity workflows by integrating SAP Co-Pilot and Fiori apps with G Suite. Explore: ERP to Google Sheets export functionality.
  15. 15. Rightsizing your SAP HANA Save money with rightsizing As your data footprint grows, so will your HANA memory requirement. With Google’s Compute Engine you can quickly and easily resize your HANA deployment in just minutes.
  16. 16. Flexible DR and Backup Backup with confidence Cloud Storage allows you to save your backups into different storage tiers with 99.999999999% annual durability. Because of sub-second access times on all tiers, there is no tape-like access speeds in case of recovering your backup from archiving, improving your RTO. Flexible disaster recovery Use all the advantages of Hana Replication Server to build DR scenarios. Google’s low latency network enables synchronous replication between zones. Replication can be easily extended to another region for additional safety. Active-active scenarios are also supported. SAP HANA High Availability and Disaster Recovery Planning Guide
  17. 17. Data temperature and federation Petabyte scale SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC X-XX TB scale SAP Data Services Hot data Cold data or Cloud Dataflow or SDA federation
  18. 18. Extending SAP with Google’s ML powers SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC Scale up Tensorflow Serving Cloud Machine Learning Engine Cloud Cloud Vision API Speech API Cloud Natural Language API Cloud Translation API Cloud Jobs API Cloud Video Intelligence API 3rd generation Tensor Processing Unit - Designed by Google - 8x TPU 2.0 performance - 100+ Pflops / pod MLE
  19. 19. SAP innovations on Google Cloud SAP Cloud PlatformSAP Data Custodian Helping enterprises solve issues related to data location, security, GDPR and FDPA. An open platform-as-a-service which includes the in-memory SAP HANA database and connects to systems running SAP or other third-party software.
  20. 20. Cloud on-ramps for SAP Cloud DR Replicate SAP apps to GCP Eliminate secondary DCs Improve RPO/RTO Reduce costs Dev/Test Increase IT agility with lightning fast access to dev/test environments Reduce infrastructure costs Lift & Shift/Migration CloudEndure, Velostrata SAP SUM and DMO
  21. 21. Customer Success
  22. 22. Timo Salzsieder CIOof METROAG “Google Cloud, in addition to technical advantages, also offers the possibility to optimize collaboration within the individual teams. Moreover, we can now adapt our system to customer demands in real-time.” Blog Consolidating 100 different SAP instances into one SAP S/4HANA system
  23. 23. Serge Minassian Vice President of Infrastructure and Shared Services, ToryBurch Working with SAP and Google Cloud on our global applications and systems infrastructure allows us to serve our customers in exciting new ways as well as take advantage of Google Cloud’s machine learning capabilities to gather insights from our data.” Blog
  24. 24. Costs reduced by 70% compared to on-premises solution Products Used “Our approach was not just to replicate an on-premises system in the cloud. The challenge was to rethink and redesign our SAP infrastructure by simplifying it tomake the most of what GCPoffers.” Claudio Umana, IT Director, Fracarro Solution
  25. 25. SAP architecturing on GCP
  26. 26. SAP HANA stack Supported operating system SLES, RHEL SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC Data PD-SSD Logs PD-SSD Backups, Cloud Storage SAP HANA database Application servers AASPAS MS SAP Web Dispatcher SAP Fiori S/4 HANA /usr/sap /hana/data /hana/log /hana/shared /hana/backup Autoscaling regional managed instance groups
  27. 27. High availability CloudOn-premise SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC Primary Hot standby Primary Compute Engine live migrates your running instances to another host rather than requiring your VMs to be rebooted.
  28. 28. 3 tier high availability + DR europe-west2 SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC Primary Hot standby Synchronous HRS europe-west1 Zone A Zone B Zone A Asynchronous HRS Warm standby Also possible to run a smaller instance for cost optimization. Failover time only takes around 90 seconds because all of the data is preloaded
  29. 29. Scaling Scale outScale up SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC Data sharding, certified up to 16 nodes SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC In-place scaling any size up to 4 TB
  30. 30. Development & Test ProductionDevelopment and testing SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC SAP HANA Tables Virtual tables JDBC,ODBC Dev/Test 5x8 hours QA/UAT 5x8 or 24x7 hours Primary 24x7 hours Restarting paused environments only takes a couple of minutes.
  31. 31. Summary Flexible HA and DR scenarios Take advantage of Google’s unique Live Migration feature and the cloud’s flexibility to build the HA/DR scenario that matches your requirements. Leverage Google’s data analytics solutions Achieve a ~1:100 cost advantage through offloading warm/cold data to BigQuery. Use Google’s machine learning solutions to improve your business performance. High performance for low cost Eliminate underutilization and over-commitment - grow (or shrink) effortlessly as you go. Google’s high speed, low latency network provides the ideal platform for SAP HANA. ~70% cost advantage on dev and test environments when running 5x8 hours.
  32. 32. See you at our Booth!
  33. 33. Appendix
  34. 34. SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform and G Suite will make our employees much more mobile… and help us reduce our maintenance costs and improve our flexibility. —Augusto de Castro, FNM Case Study With help from Innext, FNM Group is migrating to SAP HANA on Google Cloud Platform and GSuite to builda enterprise platform adapted to long-term challenges.
  35. 35. Google Cloud resources and best practices Best practices for enterprises Security and compliance Using IAM securely Designing resource hierarchy GCP for DC professionals
  36. 36. HANA on Google Cloud resources Planning guide Deployment guide Operations guide HA/DR guide Stackdriver monitoring agent
  37. 37. NetWeaver on Google Cloud resources Planning guide Windows deployment guide Linux deployment guide Operations guide