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So you want to be a Marketer…
14 Marketing Rock Stars Offer
Career Advice to Grads
“Start writing and sharing
any knowledge you have.”
– John Doherty (@dohertyjf),
Senior Growth Manager
“Most everything you learned in the
university about the practice of
marketing is, or will soon be, outdated.
My best advi...
“New grads should obtain as much
experience as possible in creating
campaigns for businesses and
organizations. Volunteer ...
“LinkedIn will be your catalyst to success. Don't underestimate it, and start
investing in your personal branding on it no...
“Check your ego at the door. Entry-level
marketing looks nothing like a Nike
commercial. Focus on your impact on the
“If you want to be a career
marketer, I would recommend you
begin at one of the top CPG
companies which have well-
“Marketing today is so broad and has many more nuances than even 10
years ago. Marketing could encompass PR, event plannin...
“One thing I have been telling aspiring
marketers to do is start and manage a
blog with 500-plus word posts. I actually
“Whether you want to go into a large consumer brand
like Uniqlo or an enterprise software company like SAP,
there are a fe...
“New grads can come from any background, but I tend to look for these skills:
great writer, creative thinker, problem solv...
“Become comfortable using analytical
methods and tools for organizing, mining,
and analyzing marketing data.”
– Steve King...
“Spread your marketing wings as wide as
you can. Raise your hand and get
firsthand experience in new high-growth
areas. Af...
“Most great career opportunities spring out of
extracurriculars – what you do, who you meet,
what you create outside of th...
“I came to marketing through a career in the arts – and I truly believe that this
unconventional path has been an incredib...
“Read The Customer Edge daily.”
– Savvy Marketers Everywhere
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“I came to marketing through a career in the arts – and I truly believe that this
unconventional path has been an incredible asset. Having a deep
understanding of visual culture and design is imperative for marketers and a
skill I fully recommend embracing.”
– Erika Velazquez
Senior Director, Brand Marketing

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