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Why are we so happy with bad data?

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Why are we so happy with bad data?

  1. 1. WHY ARE WE SO HAPPY WITH BAD DATA?How you’re living on old, terrible insights; why you aren’t mad about it; and how SAP Business Suite on HANA can help.
  2. 2. So, how is your data? Because we hear it’s pretty old ...
  3. 3. In fact, most of you have to go to great lengths to get your reports ...
  4. 4. How far must you go to get your insights? How long would you travel to get actionable business insights? Across town? Around the world? Drive Across Town < 1 HOUR Run a Marathon UP TO 4 HOURS Complete a Stage of the Tour de France 10 HOURS 2 DAYS 4X4 Across the Danakil Desert UP TO 3 DAYS Canoe Down the Yukon River UP TO 5 DAYS UP TO 10 DAYS UP TO 11 DAYS Board a Cruise from New York to London Walk from San Francisco to Los Angeles Fly from Newark, NJ, to Singapore 6% 21% 16% 30% 15% 8% 1% 3% We asked 759 IT and business users about the time it takes to fill operational report requests. Here’s how far they typically go to get their most valuable insights.
  5. 5. But that’s okay, right?
  6. 6. Because our research shows us you’re pretty happy ...
  7. 7. Are you satisfied dining on old data? Imagine you order a meal at a restaurant. By the time it comes, it’s cold, wrong, and not what you’re hungry for anymore. Do you send it back? Of course! However, the majority of businesses wait up to two full days for operational insights. And day-old insights are more useless than day-old chicken. But are business users horrified by this? Shockingly, no. Somewhat Satisfied Very Satisfied Unsatisfied Satisfied Very Unsatisfied 2%8%35%19% 36% 2-DAY-OLD DATA
  8. 8. But what about all the competitive advantages you’re missing due to slow analytics?
  9. 9. Sure it’s faster, but what else can it do? IT pros know running unified transactional and analytical systems with business suite on SAP HANA makes databases faster and business processes more dynamic. But faster isn’t always their main concern. We asked 407 IT pros which pain points they experienced from their unintegrated systems. Here’s what they told us: 22% Complex and Costly IT Landscape 1% Other 7% Slow Performance with Transactions and Batch Processes 16% Unable to Move Data Between Databases Quickly 17% Difficult to Manage Big Data 18% Security Risks Due to Data Proliferation 19% Business Users Heavily Dependent on IT
  10. 10. When we put it that way, unified transactional and analytical databases sound pretty good, huh?
  11. 11. Unify and conquer Imagine having real-time data and analysis at your disposal. What kind of competitive advantage would that give you and your business? Here’s what 352 business users said. 25% Faster Access to Real-Time Data 1% Other 7% Less Dependence on IT 10% Deeper Access to More Granular Data 20% Faster Analysis of Larger Volumes of Data 24% Improved Planning Accuracy 13% Contextual Information from Many Sources
  12. 12. Ready to rid yourself of outdated insights? Download our exclusive IDC white paper to find out how.