nune biochemistry santhosh kumar nune simsrh biochem carbohydrates lipids enzymes cholesterol water soluble vitamin santhosh kumar vldl chylomicrons ldl hdl lipoproteins chemistry of enzymes essential fatty acids fatty acids chemistry of lipids organ function test fatty liver bile acids metabolism of lipids galactosemia fructose metabolism galactose metabolism glycogen metabolism glycogenolysis glycogenesis tca cycle metabolism of carbohydrates vitamin fat soluble vitamin porphyrias heme absorption digestion lactose intolerance phospholipids glycolipids compound lipids triacylglycerol simple lipids sucrose lactose chemistry of carbohydrates amino acids metaboloc changes in alcoholis lipotropic factors detoxification alcoholism methanol ethanol alcohol disposal of ammonia blood urea nitrogen bun hyper ammonimia disorders urea cycle catabolism of amino acid ammonia glutamine glutamate deamination transamination general reaction of amino acid transportation of lipids lipoproteinemias metabolism hypercholesterolemiaa hmg-coa reductase bole salts metabolism of cholesterol aldolase-b fructokinase galactokinase carbohydrate metabolism hereditary fructosuria galactose fructose biliverdin bilirubin jaundice heme degradation heme catabolism porphyrins regulations of heme functions of heme heme synthesis pufa ecosanoids adrenal function test adrenal function renal functions bsp excretion test urea clearence test clearence test rft renal function test thyroid function test tft lipogenesis lipolysis phospholipid chylomicron atherosclerosis beta oxidation fatty acid metabolism essential pentosuria essential fructosuria ggt diabetes mellitus uronic acid pathway hmp shunth pathway regulation of blood glucose gluconeogesis glycolysis von gierke's disease glycogen metabolic disorders carbohydrates metabolism nune santhosh kumar biochemistry practicals globulin a/g ratio estimation of serum albumin albumin serum protein energetics on complete oxidati amphibolic role of tca cycle anaplerotic reactions of tca c anabolic role of tca cycle significance of tca cycle energetic of tca cycle pdh complex glucose-6-p metabolic fate of acetyl coa metabolic fate of pyruvate citric acid cycle krebs cycle glucose utilisation by tissues fate of absorbed sugars disacchariduria sucrase deficiency lactase deficiency glucose transporter absorption of monosaccheride cellulose non digestible carbohydrates vitamins antivitamin angular stomatitis cheilosis glossitis fad fmn b2 polyneuritis wernicke korsakoff syndrome tpp b1 anti beri bari factor riboflavin thiamine antivitamina deficiency manifestation of b6 plp nadp nad therapeutic use of niacin 3d niacin deficiency pellagra b-6 b-3 pyridoxine niacin vitamin -k vitamin -e biosynthesis of heme globin metabolism of heme malabsorption of lipids steatorrhoea emulsification of lipids dr. santhosh kumar n absorption of lipids chyuria digestion & absorption of lipi degradation of triglycerides meisters cycle gamma glutamyl cycle endopeptidases digestion of carbohydrates digestion of lipids digestion of proteins digestion & absorption dipalmitoyl lecithin antioxidants lipid peroxidation rancidity iodine number properties of triacylglycerol classification of lipids poly unsaturated fatty acids eicosanoids classification of fatty acid lipid benedict's test santhosh kumar n heteropolysaccharides home polysaccharides gags polysacharides maltose disaccharides uronic acids amino sugars derivatives of monosaccharides monosaccharides carbohydrates properties classification of carbohydrates enzyme specificity mechanism of enzyme action diagnostic imp of enzymes iso enzymes clinical enzymology affect of substrate concentration factors affecting enzyme activity allosteric inhibition noncompetitive inhibition competitive inhibition enzyme inhibition multienzyme complex coenzymes biological imp of enzymes properties of enzymes classification of enzymes classification of fatty acids lipids chemistry aromatic amino acid metabolism sulphur containing amino acids metabolism basic amino acids metabolism bichem sims&rh
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