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Agile CRM Tutorial - Part 2

Agile CRM is the web's smartest CRM (Customer Relationship Management) with powerful Marketing Automation and Sales Enablement.
Sign up for a free account here - https://www.agilecrm.com

This is Part 2 of How To use Agile CRM that covers the following topics,
- Campaign Workflows & Triggers
- Newsletters
- Marketing Automation
- Lead Scoring
- Integrated Social Suite
- API & Analytics

Agile CRM Tutorial - Part 2

  1. 1. Onboarding - Phase II
  2. 2. Phase 2 Topics: ● Campaign Workflows & Triggers ● Newsletter ● Marketing Automation Scenarios ● Lead Scoring ● Social Suite ● API & Analytics
  3. 3. Campaigns ● Agile CRM features an intelligent sales and marketing automation process. ● Use workflows to automate most of your marketing/follow-up activities. Eg. Send an email to all users who have signed up on your site. Based on behavior, send them targeted messages periodically. ● Marketing Campaigns can be run manually by adding users to the campaign. Next, assign a trigger to automate the campaign operation. For eg, send an automated email for every new sign-up on your website.
  4. 4. Triggers Triggers are pre-defined conditions that can be setup to initiate a marketing campaign. If the condition is satisfied, you can choose an action to follow using workflow automation. Eg: If a user registers on your website, you can automate the workflow to send a welcome email. A user registering on site is the trigger.
  5. 5. ● Name the Trigger and define your condition. ● Link the Trigger to the appropriate campaign for the campaign to follow the Trigger. Triggers - Add a new Trigger
  6. 6. Newsletter ● Use pre-designed templates or make your own HTML template to send newsletters to contacts. ● A Trigger will automatically run the campaign based on a condition and the select group will receive e-mails. You will never again engage in the old painstaking process of manually doing everything yourself. ● There are templates for Newsletters, Auto-Responders, Marketing Automation, SaaS and e-commerce related campaigns.
  7. 7. ● Automate all marketing efforts with simple to use drag-and-drop campaign builder to send newsletters, auto-responder emails, SMS, Social Media Posts and more. ● Agile CRM features tools that can help prioritise leads based on scores, reports and more by analysing their response rate and web statistics. Marketing Automation
  8. 8. Marketing Automation ● Send Newsletters, Automatic Emails, Drip Marketing SMS, social media posts using the simple drag-and-drop interface in the “Campaigns” section.
  9. 9. Social Suite A Twitter account can be linked to Agile CRM by selecting the option shown in the screenshot. Add streams of choice on the Social Suite.
  10. 10. Social Suite Select the relevant streams such as home stream, all the retweets you did, mentions, tweets that you sent, your inbox/ outbox stream, your favorites stream or any keyword search stream. There are options to tweet/ retweet, view on twitter & add contact to Agile.
  11. 11. API & Analytics ● A tracking cookie containing tracking code is automatically pushed to your visitor’s browser when they visit your web page. This cookie will gather information about the visitor’s web site usage such as links clicked and more. ● Javascript API can be used to track pageviews on your site, add / delete contacts from your website or blog directly. ● Copy and Paste the code from the “Web Rules” section of the User Interface on Agile CRM to start tracking visitors and gain analytics.
  12. 12. API & Analytics
  13. 13. https://www.agilecrm.com/support care@agilecrm.com 1-800-980-0729 For Support and Assistance: Thank you for choosing Agile CRM