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IBM Bluemix Talk at University College Cork (UCC)

  1. 1 IBM Bluemix IBM Bluemix Lecture @ University College Cork November 17th 2014 Presenter Sanjay Nayak Software Architect IBM
  2. 2 IBM Bluemix LLoogg i nin
  3. Traditional On-Premises Applica tions Data Runtime Middlew are O/S Virtuali zation Servers Storage 3 IBM Bluemix Cloud Service Models Networ king Client Manages Applica tions Data Runtime Middlew are O/S Virtuali zation Server s Storag e Networ king Vendor Manages in Cloud Client Manages Bluemi x Platf orm as a Servi ce Applica tions Data Runtime Middlew are O/S Virtuali zation Server s Storag e Networ king Vendor Manages in Cloud Client Manages SoftL ayer Infras tructu re as a Servic e Service Engage Applica tions Data Runtime Middlew are O/S Virtuali zation Servers Storage Networ king Vendor Manages in Cloud Softw are as a Servic e
  4. 4 IBM Bluemix What is Bluemix? Bluemix is an open-standard, cloud-based platform for building, managing, and running applications of all types (web, mobile, big data, new smart devices, and so on). Go Live in Seconds The developer can choose any language runtime or bring their own. Zero to production in one command. DevOps Development, monitoring, deployment, and logging tools allow the developer to run the entire application. APIs and Services A catalog of IBM, third party, and open source API services allow the developer to stitch an application together in minutes. On-Prem Integration Build hybrid environments. Connect to on-premise assets plus other public and private clouds. Flexible Pricing Sign up in minutes. Pay as you go and subscription models offer choice and flexibility. Layered Security IBM secures the platform and infrastructure and provides you with the tools to secure your apps.
  5. 5 IBM Bluemix How does Bluemix work? Bluemix embraces Cloud Foundry as an open source Platform as a Service and extends it with IBM, third party, and community built services.
  6. 6 IBM Bluemix Bluemix Architecture
  7. Why are developers using Bluemix? 7 IBM Bluemix Go from zero to running code in a matter of minutes. Automate the development and delivery of many applications. To rapidly bring products and services to market at lower cost To continuously deliver new functionality to their applications To extend existing investments in IT infrastructure Extend existing investments by connecting securely to on-premise infrastructure.
  8. IBM BluemixTM DevOps Services An Open, Integrated Rapid Development Experience that Scales • A Premier DevOps Service for IBM Cloud Platform • Promotes incremental frictionless adoption of DevOps Services for Bluemix • An Integrated Developer Experience • End-to-end DevOps Solution in the cloud for developing applications. • Integrated task tracking, agile planning, source control with auto deploy • Complementary mobile quality and application performance monitoring • Use your favorite tools or work from the Web IDE • Free public and fee-based private projects (free for now now) • Scalable, secure, enterprise-ready • Runs on SoftLayer Infrastructure 8 IBM Bluemix
  9. IBM DevOps Services (IDS) Previously known as JazzHub 9 IBM Bluemix IBM DevOps Services (JazzHub) Web IDE SCM Eclipse Bluemix
  10. DevOps Services available today 10 IBM Bluemix
  11. 11 IBM Bluemix Sample Application • IBM developerWorks Article
  12. 12 IBM Bluemix Sample Application • IBM developerWorks Article
  13. 13 IBM Bluemix Sample Application • My IBM developerWorks Article
  14. 14 IBM Bluemix Sample Application
  15. Demo Application Items to Discuss • Bluemix User Interface • Runtimes, Services, Add-ons • Cloud Foundry CLI (cf) • Can install other CF build-packs 15 IBM Bluemix
  16. 16 IBM Bluemix Command Line Interface • Bluemix uses the CloudFoundry command line interface (CLI) – cf • cf help – provides help page showing all the commands • cf help <command> - provides help for specific command cf api cf l - login cf ds – delete service cf t – target space or organisation cf bs – bind service to application cf a – list apps in current space cf st – start app cf app - display status for specific app in current cf sp – stop app space cf p – push (deploy or update) app cf d – delete app cf s – show service info cf scale – scale app cf cs – create service cf logs – tail or show logs for app
  17. 17 IBM Bluemix Watson Services
  18. 18 IBM Bluemix Internet of Things (IoT)
  19. 19 IBM Bluemix Internet of Things – Devices with Wi-Fi Shield
  20. Pre-requisite Software and Accounts • Java 7.0 SDK (Not JRE) • • Eclipse Kepler (4.3) or Luna (4.4) • Java Enterprise Edition • • From Eclipse Marketplace • IBM Bluemix plugin • Git • • Ant • • CloudFoundry Command Line Interface • • Create a Bluemix account • • Create a DevOps Services for Bluemix account • 20 IBM Bluemix
  21. 21 IBM Bluemix References • IBM Bluemix, get started with your IBM ID: • Editor’s Picks: Top 15 Bluemix Tutorials: • Bluemix Articles Archive: • IBM Academic Initiative: • Bluemix Developers community: • Bluemix YouTube Channel: • Watson Services: • Internet of Things (IoT) Foundation: • Bluemix + IoT + Node-RED demo: • IoT YouTube Channel:
  22. 22 IBM Bluemix Thank You

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  1. Key themes Speed Instant environments Quick deployments Sign up in minutes Ease of Use Instant Environments Services prebuilt for your use - IBM, Third Party, Community DevOps tools to monitor, plan, deploy, and manage your apps Flexibility On-Prem integration Flexible pricing Security IBM secures the platform and infrastructure - leveraging experience with softlayer and proven on-prem security implementations Provides you with the tools to secure your apps
  2. Bluemix is built on top of IBM’s infrastructure as a service offering - SoftLayer. It embraces Cloud Foundry as an open source platform as a service and extends it with IBM, third party, and community built services. Explain Diagram (verbs in blue - please use this terminology) Start by Pushing your code through Cloud Foundry Cloud Foundry interprets which language you’ve used and associates your code to the appropriate runtime - now you have a working app (layer above runtimes). Your app can Pull prebuilt services (IBM, 3rd party, or community built) in from the marketplace and utilize their functionality Connect to traditional IT - aka “Your Systems” with a secure connector Connect to other clouds that you utilize with a secure connector All of this sits on infrastructure (networking, storage, servers) hosted by IBM Softlayer (IBM’s IaaS cloud offering) Finally - when your app is built and ready to go, it can be accessed by anything with a web browser and a connection to the internet, a smartphone app (via the Bluemix SDK) to utilize backend services, or another type of app or system (via an API you create).
  3. We’ve seen over 30,000 beta applications thus far and have spoken to numerous developers about the value Bluemix provides. We’ve learned that developers are joining for 3 key reasons (go through reasons on the page). Rapid setup and time to production Frequent releases - delivery of fixes or new functionality quickly Integrating apps with on premise infrastructure
  4. mention that JazzHub is powered by IBM Rational Team Concert Main Point: Many software developers are building applications today for the cloud, web, iOS and Android and there is a new app-oriented culture…and as developers get more innovate and creative, the bar is raised higher and higher. And this app-oriented culture has its challenges. Challenges of app-oriented culture and what developers need: I need to keep my developers writing code for the business, not managing infrastructure [Eliminate drudgery for developers] I am losing talented developers because they don’t have access to the tools they want to use [Provide open technologies for developers] I am nervous we are spending time and money integrating things that should naturally fit together [one integrated solution] My average developer has 250 open change requests from the business. [developers need the ability to experiment more] I am not confident that the platform is secure as I integrate [developers need peace of mind] Solution DevOps Services (JazzHub) Offers tools and processes to build mobile and cloud applications by enabling individuals and teams to plan, track, version control, develop and deploy software in the cloud. Announced Feb 2014: now supports deployment of software to Codename: Bluemix runtime and is a premier DevOps Service for Bluemix providing a streamlined developer experience A fully hosted Web IDE, task tracking, agile planning, integrated source control (Git or Jazz SCM) or connection to GitHub repository and auto deployment to Bluemix provide everything you need to develop and deploy your next app, feature or product quickly and with high quality Provides free public projects and fee-based Private projects (free during Bluemix Beta), and enables fully browser-based development through built-in Eclipse Orion technology, and directly supports the Eclipse and Visual Studio IDE&amp;apos;s. Mobile Quality Assurance (Open Beta) Announced Feb 2014: Now tightly integrated with IBM DevOps Services (JazzHub) to support agile mobile application development teams in their effort to continuously deliver the highest quality mobile software possible When bugs and crashes are reported through tests run with IBM MQA, work items can be automatically created within a JazzHub project associated with the mobile app being tested. In this way, IBM MQA and JazzHub deliver a highly optimized, cloud-based, collaborative environment for agile mobile teams. Codename: Bluemix (Open Beta) Announced Feb 2014: A comprehensive, cloud-based application development and hosting platform. It provides developers of modern web and mobile applications with: Tools to author their web and mobile apps, and tools to make them available on the cloud A scalable, cloud-based infrastructure to deploy and administer their apps - based on a variety of different run-times (Java-based application servers, Ruby, JavaScript, etc.) A wide variety of ready-to-use services (such as persistence, messaging, caching, analytics, etc.)  exposed through APIs and transparently provisioned by the platform at run-time. Developers can dramatically reduce time-to-value - organizations can dramatically reduce operational costs. DevOps Services (JazzHub) is IBM’s DevOps solution in the cloud: Read more about Bluemix FAQ here: Join MQA Beta:
  5. evOps Services: - DevOps are Node.js scripting based - show the DevOps demo - DevOps in Cloud - options include Git, Jazzhub - DevOps on premises include Eclipse, others (Worklight for post-GA) - Eclipse plugin for SoftLayer &amp; plug-in for CloudFoundry are available DevOps Lab (Jazzhub based) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cloud based Rational Team Concert environment - for all the details, refer to RTC infocenter - show example of a Java class from one of the Github samples and publish it to Bluemix - You can publish your own code repositiries to Jazzhub for Cloud based development &amp; test - Create a Jazzhub project - Java, Tomcat, etc - Choose &amp;quot;Deploy on Bluemix&amp;quot; - Look at an existing &amp;quot;Sentiment Analysis&amp;quot; project in Jazzhub - Fork it - Make a simple change - Save for staging - deploy to Bluemix - in Bluemix, examine the app that was deployed - start the app - run a testcase of the app ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jazzhub vs Github: JazzhubGithub ------------- Rational basedOpen-source based SoftLayer IaaSAWS IaaS