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Solar panel & Wood stove new product development

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This presentation about the new product development, & how to make new product some contents that help how to make new product, promotion, price strategy.

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Solar panel & Wood stove new product development

  1. 1. Topic Solar panel & Wood stove New product development
  2. 2. CONTENT • Introduction • Market mix program • SWOT Analysis • Product development process • Segmentation • Market Research • Four C’s • Sale promotion
  3. 3. MISSION Our belief is to provide a best quality services to our customers
  4. 4. Vision To become market leader by creating customer worldwide through innovation and modern products.
  5. 5. LOGO Lightening is everywhere
  6. 6. Product Idea Process • Idea generation • Idea screening • Concept development and testing • Market strategy development • Business analysis • Product development • Test marketing • Commercializing
  7. 7. INTRODUCATION The solar camping tent with wood stove have a unique design and many of facilities in it. There is easily carry able .
  8. 8. Design and Structure The design and structure of our product is unique shape to other competitors product , in our product have a different styles . The innovation of our is different styles and color . Orange solar camping tent Lighting solar camping tent Solar panel solar battery ,and the other facility of our product is in optional is to charge a heater for solar panel battery.
  9. 9. Structure Of Solar tent
  10. 10. 4c’s Company Customers Competitors Climate
  11. 11. COMPANY Our company is the world's largest company with their innovating products for the customers for fulfilling the needs the need of customer .Now our company make a "Solar camping tent and wood stove "to satisfied the tourist need and other camping facilities as like: (Camping visit , annual summer camping for students that should be use our product in those time ) in easy way
  12. 12. CUSTOMER Our main target people are tourist . we provide our service in those areas where their have is no concept of any hotel and rest house . Our product provided all those things that a tourist are need for our tour . our product is broadly use for those areas (Forest , Boreal areas )
  13. 13. Competitors competitors is compulsory for anything but the high quality service product so, there have many competitors but our product is easily compete to every product . The competitors are direct or indirect but our product competitors are direct . • Solar Ups • Solar Generators • New line tent
  14. 14. Climates We were design of our product is just like that to cause of our journey .it is provided you a shelter to sun and rain and other environmental effect , the plastic sheet of tent is provided a security from harmful.
  15. 15. MARKET MIX Product Price Placement Promotion packaging positioning
  16. 16. PRODUCT Our product is quite different from the other solar products like as (solar ups and solar generator ) . There have a great solution to the tourist that help for the camping. The product is fulfills the tourist need in easy way.
  17. 17. Product CONT • Solar panel chips • 3G internet • Pocket type solar charger In solar camping tent we are providing a camping stove to help the tourist for cooking and other. • cooking on wood • electricity to charge phone • Flash light • other electronic grids
  18. 18. price Price is also an important component of value . our customer is our consumer, a customer is a market king , our belief is to providing a superior values and services to the customer. We are trying to produced best quality product for the customer , so that customer invest the money for their own best use. Our product price is (50,000)
  19. 19. Price Strategy There have two type of price strategy , in our product we have to use a price skimming. • skimming strategy: We will use skimming strategy for our product because our product provide unique feature and best service then our competitors . There have very difficulty to compete our product. Because we were providing different packages to our customers.
  20. 20. PLACEMENT We will provide our product in those areas where there is no concept of hotel and any rest house as like that (forest , boreal areas , desert).
  21. 21. PROMOTION Promotion channels are : • Social media • Newspaper • Television • magazine
  22. 22. Positioning Production of huge energy cost Easily carrying Specially design for the tourist Solution for the problem of tourist Long time lasting
  23. 23. Segmentation Geographic: On the basic of the product we were distribute our product on the basic of: • Area • Region • Country
  24. 24. Targeting Our product is unique to other products . It is design to make the product to the tourist to help the problem that they face during the tour . We were make our product to provide the facility of cooking , flash light , phone charging , 3G internet
  25. 25. SWOT Analysis SWOT analysis is very imported for every product and company .
  26. 26. Strength • solar camping tent and wood stove give a best service shelter to the man . • A clean service should be provided , with a safe journey . • A wood stove , and camping tent have a small packing . • A easy and best shelter of the tourist , and trips .
  27. 27. weakness • The main weakness of our product is a huge of solar panels chips that have a costly and every person is not be used. • To aware a people and use a huge cost for awareness. • A huge market cost are to be utilize
  28. 28. Opportunities • A long lasting and powerful product that should be easily use. • In our country Pakistan and other countries that have a huge demand of our product .
  29. 29. Threat • Environmental crises are effected on that.
  30. 30. Thank You