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Saniah saleem

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it is research questionnaire and urgently need it respondents please get hurry to respond me about your experience attitude of the customers toward the Islamic banking.

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Saniah saleem

  1. 1. Questionnaire Dear respondent, I am the student of The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Bahawalnagar Campus. My research topic is Attitude of the customer toward the Islamic banking For the completion of my degree we need to complete my research and collect the data. All the data is kept secret and confidential and no information given to any other. Please Fill-out the some common information and demographic information carefully: Name optional: Gender: Male Female Age: less than 20 20-30 30-40 40-50 above 50 Qualification: Inter level Bachelors Masters above Masters Occupation: Student Businessmen Govt. Employee Others Heard about Islamic Banking: Yes No Have Account in Islamic Bank: Yes No Strongly Agree 5 Agree 4 Neutral 3 Disagree 2 Strongly disagree 1 Strongly Agree S.A Agree A Neutral N Disagree D
  2. 2. Strongly Disagree S.D Please give the responses carefully: Sr. # Description S.D D N A S.A Islamic financial stability 1 The cost and income ratio of Islamic banking is stable 2 The ratio of loans to assets to giving the customer ratio in large and small level. 3 The income diversity ratio did the Islamic bank to satisfied to our customer. Religious influences 4 Today generation is understands the concept of islamic banking. 5 If Islamic banking efficiently promote the own products the attitude of the customer should change. Service attributes 6 Can the islamic banks must adopt profit maximization principle for gain the more profit. 7 The profit-sharing principle is the only principle that can replace the element of interest in the operation of Islamic banking system do you extremely agree 8 What is the main reason why people select Islamic banking products can the people is follow the rules of shariah a any other probaility. 9 Would you think that now islamic banks is going have done enough in marketing their products. Attitude of customer toward the Islamic banking 16 What is the reason which motivate to the people to deposit their money at an Islamic bank can you agree this factors religious and profit ratio. 17 The elimination of pre-determined interest rates charged on loans provided for investment, purchasing cars and financing on the basis of profit-loss. 18 To remain a depositor at the Islamic bank because it could distribute high profits in subsequent years.