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Library Website: Mirror of the Library

  1. Library website : Mirror of the library By Ms. Sangeeta N Dhamdhere Librarian Modern College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Company Ganesh-Khind, Pune -53 LOGO
  2. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Why Library Website 3. Library website designing tools 4. Use of ABCD s/w for Website
  3. Library Website: Mirror of library The library web site is part of the public image in the community. Library website can act as a mirror of library. It is nothing but a virtual entrance to its collection, services, facilities, communication and other information.
  4. Need of library website •Website is an effective tool for exploring library activities now days. •Use of ICT and web 2.0 tools in libraries & teaching field made librarians to develop their own web pages •Marketing and propagating library services is a need in ICT Era •Libraries are shifting information gathering using the Internet and providing more services to users linking the resources available at different palces.
  5. Library 2.0 site contents •Link to information resources, Library Catalogues, services, programs, calendar, and about the library functioning staff etc, News and events supports the library. It also supports to : •Library blogs, RSS, Instant messaging, Social networking services, wikis, and social tagging applications etc •Access to various databases, portals of other libraries & Ask Librarian platform, etc. •For this developments tools are readily available
  6. Library Website Design tools Google Site ABCD Site Lets have a look at how to create library website with ABCD site
  7. ABCD Site CMS •ABCD is powerful tool for all libraries to create library websites and also used as content Management tool for libraries. •ABCD software is useful for library automation and digital libraries developments •It is a customized partial version of the Virtual Health Library (VHL)-Site, produced and maintained by BIREME (a WHO-organisation in Brazil).
  8. Possibility with ABCD •ABCD allows librarians to build their own website themselves without any knowledge of web-technology or HTML-coding. •A complete range of elements can be presented in a rather well-structured way. •The own resources (catalogs, databases) will be accessible directly form the website with an integrated search facility (‘meta search’) but surrounded by other resources and information from both the Web 1.0 era (links to external information) and the Web 2.0 (interaction with users).
  9. •The full package of ABCD can be downloaded from: onent=27&item=10.
  10. Main Menu of ABCD Site
  11. Easy to use
  12. How to add databases
  13. Manage Files with ABCD
  14. Site Components
  15. Sample Site
  16. References Installation manual of pre-required software to VHL applications VHL-Site's operation manual versions 4 and 5
  17. Conclusion •The ABCD Site CMS is suitable for all types of libraries in developed and developing countries. •The example of Virtual Health Library and their allied libraries mentioned above illustrates its excellent functionality, presenting a wealth of information sources around its own ‘meta search’ core for availing local information. •As this tool is for libraries in any type of institutes and quite easy to manage and create, it can be used to publish and share all types of information and library services. •One can test it and use it.
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