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Question four

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Question four

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies inthe construction, planning and evaluation stages? Samantha Coburn
  2. 2. The constructionImovieIphoneItunesLivetypeKey NoteGarage BandSafari- Facebook, Blogspot, Youtube, Youtube ConverterCannon HD CameraApple MacPreziPodcast
  3. 3. Bringing my Ideas to lifeAfter coming up with some story lines i then solidified them by typing them up onPages, using the Storyboard template, fitting in the timing and hand drawing theimages that fit in as well as the camera angles, after filming I replaced the had drawpictures with actual footageI filmed with a HD cannon camera to film the adverts and T.V sponsorshipsequences, if I worked with a filming company I would have access to betterequipment and the quality of my filming would be much better.I uploaded my filming onto an apple mac before then editing it with Imovie, one ofthe main editing tools that I used was to speed the clip up as well as stabilising it, thismakes the film smoother are just a few of the things I was able to use on Imovie
  4. 4. Bringing My Ideas to lifeI used a Iphone to do a few mock up shots, this helped loads with the progression ofmy Adverts as it gave me taster of how hard this project would be as well helping medecide how I actually film the advertsThe music was a important part for my products, I used Youtube to find the musicwith the correct tempo and atmosphere, I then used youtube converter to retrieve themusic before placing it onto Itunes before uploading it to Imovie and placing on theadvertsI had to use garage band for my Radio advert, splitting and ducking the tracks whileadding in a voice over are a few of the techniques that I used.
  5. 5. Bringing My Idea To LifeOne of the most important things was my target audience, to achieve a high level ofthis I used social networking sites to get a grasp of a wide audience.A few sites that Iused were, Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot, from Facebook I got written criticismsand the same with twitter, Youtube and Blogspot became very useful as instead ofaiming at just Great Britain I got a world wide audience, i also did a collection ofshort focus groups to get a greater response
  6. 6. Bringing My Ideas To LifeI used Key Note, Prezi, Pages and Garage bandspodcasts to answer the four questions