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Hinweis der Redaktion

  1. To facilitate Ulyssean living, regular checkups must be taken in order to keep seniors living at freedom with their best health concerns taken in account. Individuals that do not meet the standards of living will need to be looked at in order to keep them at best living conditions for them. Especially if they need professional care, help, or attention.
  2. Personally I believe everyone in a society brings out a certain aspect in a community. From youth, adults, and seniors and everyone in between, they all bring attributes to a community, and without a certain age group a piece would be lost. Neglecting a certain age group would result in negative energy, and time and attention should be made to each individual in a community that best suits their needs. Help should always be available, as well as opportunities within each and every community.
  3. Assessments to seniors in their homes is always extremely important. Especially when they live alone. Neighbours, friends, family always need to keep an eye on each other to make sure they have left the home regularly and are able to deal with every day tasks. When seniors are becoming questionable about being able to take care of themselves attention must be given to them and explanations given that there aging they may want to look at other options for the future.
  4. Having “elderly friendly” communities will allow seniors to still enjoy life. Such as recreation center with programs designed for seniors, libraries, volunteer programs etc. All these being easily accessible and simple for senior to take part in. Services and programs that help seniors live their lives as independent and safe as possible, as well as giving them the help they need in any aspect of their lives, while they slowly grow older and less able to take care of themselves.
  5. Once a senior is found to be dealing with either becoming a widow or caregiver there lives will never be the same. Sometimes nothing can be done to heal the pain but having a strong support system will always be a positive feet when dealing with such a negative and sad time of their life.
  6. Examples of survival programs are, crafts, cooking classes, government lessons, economics, driving, self defence, etc. Now that the world, even in smaller communities is changing at a growing pace seniors need to stay informed and given additional resources, and help to stay intact and involved with their community.
  7. Audits are basically there to find areas that need improvement. Sometimes the elderly cannot find all the needs in a certain community which means they would have to be relocated to a community based on elderly living.
  8. Just some examples of leisure activities that could easily be done within a age0egregated community would be... Dances Movies Board games Golf Tennis Crafts Schooling Health Religion....possibilities are endless.
  9. Thank-you for taking the time to read my presentation. I hope it made you stop and really think about the seniors in your communities and if hey are being treated fairly, and are getting the help they need to live a pleasant live as they grow old.I am excited to hear all your feedback.Thank-you!-Samantha Stoddart