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Campbell's Soup Company– ADV 420

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Campbell's Soup Company– ADV 420

  1. 1. @SamanthaMazzola #NMDL section 703
  2. 2. Company Background
  3. 3. Target Audience
  4. 4. goals • An increase in overall sales of 8% • Improve brand awareness • Reiterate the brand and what the company stands for
  5. 5. Digital strategy
  6. 6. Tools and tactics • By using social media streams such Twitter and Instagram and a populated hashtag #CampbellCombos, consumers can post their recipies and pictures using Campbell products. • An Instagram contest could also run, where users would have to get the highest amount of “likes” before a certain time. • Digital marketing with Facebook promotion ads is another way to get the more brand exposure.
  7. 7. Key performance indicators • Key performance indicators to measure Campbell campaign productivity: • Klout score • Google analytics • And and increase in interaction via social media vehicles (Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  8. 8. budget Digital Vehicle Unit Cost Cost Per Year Facebook promotion/ ads $50 per day Every day for a year $50x 365= $18,250 Instagram account $0 Twitter account $0 Google+ $0 Klout $0 Total $18,250
  9. 9. Budget
  10. 10. Conclusion • Though the strategies are not complicated, they are proven to be effective in raising brand awareness. This works especially for our current target market and the needs of consumers.

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  • Campbell Soup Company, also known as Campbell’s soup is a company that produces non perishable goods. There are 3 main divisions– canned soups,