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Mojo feb2013a

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Mojo feb2013a

  1. 1. The UK’s most most influential brands The UK’s influential brands
  2. 2. THE editor’s statement At MOJO we cover the good stuff. Our award-winning editorial team prides itself in delivering a magazine that is packed with insight, passion, and revelatory encounters with the greatest musicians of all-time, be they established or emerging musicians. The magazine is loved by its readers and artists alike because it engages them on the subject they love the most: music itself. Every month MOJO brings you a definitive cover feature on an iconic act; a bespoke CD (especially compiled by the editorial team or a major musician in MOJO’s world); and our famous reviews section, the Filter, which brings you 30 pages-plus of the best of that month’s music, both classic and contemporary. MOJO’s previous guest editors range from David Bowie to Tom Waits via Noel Gallagher and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, showcasing the magazine’s breadth and iconic status among musicians. From The Beatles to The Black Keys, from Led Zeppelin to Laura Marling, from Fleetwood Mac to Flying Lotus, MOJO is not only Britain’s biggest selling music magazine, it is an immersive experience. At MOJO we invite you to lose yourself in music every month. Join us at www.mojo4music.com for a daily download of what’s going on or to simply find out more about our magazine. Phil Alexander, Editor-in-Chief & Associate Publisher The UK’s most influential brands
  3. 3. AWARD J WINNING OURNALISM l Phil A awarde lexander d the Yea Editor of (Entert r 2012 ain at BSMment) Es THE CREDENTIALS Circulation 83,676 Readership 220,000 abc1 profile 72% MeAn Age 43 twitter 55,600 l MOJO is the world’s largest UK music magazine, delivering a monthly dose of world class journalism and iconic photography to an audience of extremely passionate music consumers. If you’re featured in MOJO, you matter. l MOJO is the brand for those truly OBSESSED with music l MOJO is THE MUSIC EXPERT – a magazine of high brand values and integrity. A carefully crafted musical archive covering the very best of music across genres. From classic and modern rock, folk, soul, country to reggae, electronic and experimental. It prefers to celebrate quality over popularity – music that will stand the test of time. l MOJO provides a “hand-made” experience in a mass market environment, and as a result is a valued and trusted brand. facebook 36,400 ABC july – Dec 2012 NRS july – Dec 2012 The UK’s most influential brands
  4. 4. The MOJO READER John is 37, a passionate and discerning individual who loves the good things in life. A professional with high disposable income, music has soundtracked every major event in his life so far and continues to define him. A child of the ‘70s, he just missed out on punk but admires its confrontational spirit which inspired the likes of The Smiths and the ‘80s indie rock that he listened to in his teenage years. Since then he has grown to appreciate the classics (The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Dylan, Bowie, Floyd, Zeppelin, The Clash, Kate Bush et al) and continues to seek out the best in modern music, baulking at his daughter’s love of Glee and yet accepting his son’s burgeoning interest in post-emo rock. A worldly-wise, well-read man, these days he is thrilled when he hears new folk music or the latest African outpouring. While he believes vinyl is the most authentic of music formats, he has become a heavy user of streaming services which he plays via WiFi through wireless speakers. Listening to music through Spotify or Deezer actually simply provides him with an excuse to buy more music that he’s heard. His iPod, iPad and iPhone are all impressively loaded with everything from Motown to 60’s garage punk and on to the latest in bedroom electronica. A heavy gig goer, these days he prefers the more ‘boutique’ festival experience of Latitude or Green Man. Last year he ‘discovered’ rising British soul-folk star Michael Kiwanuka at the latter (this was a full year before he was hailed as The Sound Of 2012 by Radio 1), and he recommended Michael’s album to a vast number of work colleagues and friends. Friends are important to John and his partner, not least of all because they allow him to indulge in his favourite past-time of showing off about music, something which he does with great aplomb at every dinner party where the conversation turns from music to film to books to real life, and back to music again. The UK’s most influential brands
  5. 5. why advertise? l MOJO FOR MUSIC LABELS… MOJO is the world’s leading music monthly, reaching an unrivalled number of music fans in the UK and worldwide. With a level of access to artists that other magazines could only wish for, MOJO lets you put your acts next to some of the greats, both past and present. l MOJO FOR CONSUMER ADVERTISERS… MOJO’s level of authority creates a huge sense of trust with its readers. This respect for the brand extends to its advertisers and creates trust and access to a traditionally difficult to reach crowd of mature, cash rich and hard to influence men. l MOJO delivers a 58% ABC1 audience comparable with some of the most premium brands in the market. Our readers have serious buying power and are better described as “investors” rather than “consumers” Once they discover quality they . will continue to invest in that product or brand. l MOJO is a genuine influencer – it ranked 4th in Bauer’s independently commissioned “Anatomy of Influence” research, weighing up the influence magazines have on consumers across a number of factors. This included beating titles such as Uncut (8th), NME (18th) and even GQ (20th). This shows just how much MOJO readers respect and trust the high quality editorial that the brand delivers day in, day out. The UK’s most influential brands
  6. 6. influence ‘When are you going to put me on the cover of my favourite magazine?’ Paul Weller ‘MOJO is one hip-ass magazine’ Dr John ‘God bless MOJO. One of the few magazines that really care about music’ Elton John ‘MOJO is the one magazine that I truly care about’ Nick Cave ‘MOJO searches for soul and realness, that’s why I love that magazine so much’ Jack White, The White Stripes ‘MOJO is the only real decent music magazine left in the whole damn world!’ David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ‘I don’t know if you have any idea how many thousand of MOJO subscriptions I’m responsible for. Thousands! I’ve been a subscriber for several years. There’s no greater Christmas gift in the world than a year’s subscription to MOJO. And everybody loves it! The greatest publication on any subject in the world.’ Jonathan Demme – Film Director Silence of the Lambs Notable comsumer brands that have used MOJO in the last 12 months include:
  7. 7. brand extensions The MOJO Honours List is our annual awards ceremony. The opportunity to venerate the genuine heroes and timeless legends of music while celebrating the best releases of the previous 12 months. Since 2004, we’ve nurtured our reputation as the awards ceremony’s awards ceremony, the place where Iggy Pop and James Brown mingle with The Libertines and Björk doesn’t leave until the cleaners turn up. – past winners include Ozzy Osbourne, Amy Winehouse, Bjork, Led Zepplin, The Who, Paul McCartney, Paul Weller, Iggy Pop, Arcade Fire… MOJO4music.com 209,000 unique users 460,000 page impressions 18,000 email subscribers 49,600 twitter followers 32,000 facebook fans The UK’s most influential brands
  8. 8. brand extensions The UK’s most influential brands
  9. 9. brand extensions Let it Be revisited The first mojo vinyl edition ONLY 10,000 PRINTED! A deluxe package featuring a 12-inch vinyl version of MOJO’s exclusive Beatles tribute album, and a special collectors’ cover of this month’s magazine. Available from WH Smith, HMV and selected record shops in the UK, and exclusively from Barnes & Noble and Borders in the US. The UK’s most influential brands
  10. 10. the beatles uncovered exclusive event at abbey road MOJO magazine readers are not only loyal and avid fans but they also respond fantastically to well executed campaigns. In this case we met a brief from EMI to promote their new Beatles release in a new and creative way. The end result was an exclusive event at Abbey Road chaired by some of the foremost experts on the band, an advertorial post-event in the magazine and a competition at www.mojo4music.com for a chance to win a seat at the event (limited to 50) and a huge boxset. The competition asked readers to share their favourite hidden Beatles gems that were not included in their well-known Red and Blue compilation albums. Not only did the competition draw in over 3,000 submissions in just 5 days, it also allowed readers to share some of their most intimate experiences and give reasons as to why the tracks resonated with them. Tales of love, sadness, life and death all came in, demonstrating how engaged MOJO readers are with the brand. The campaign met all of EMI’s objectives and went above and beyond, leading to a delighted client and several very happy competition winners. The UK’s most influential brands
  11. 11. Ad Schedule Cover Date On Sale Copy Deadline Feb 2013 March 2013 April 2013 May 2013 June 2013 July 2013 Aug 2013 Sep 2013 Oct 2013 Nov 2013 Dec 2013 Jan 2014 28 Dec 2012 29 Jan 2013 26 Feb 2013 26 March 2013 30 April 2013 28 May 2013 25 June 2013 30 Jul 2013 27 Aug 2013 24 Sept 2013 29 Oct 2013 26 Nov 2013 29 Nov 2012 08 Jan 2013 05 Feb 2013 05 March 2013 05 April 2013 03 May 2013 04 June 2013 09 July 2013 05 Aug 2013 03 Sept 2013 08 Oct 2013 05 Nov 2013 Ad specs Full PAGE HALF PAGE VERTICAL Half page horizontal Trim 297 x 210 Bleed 303 x 216 Type 277 x 190 Trim 297 x 103 Bleed 303 x 109 Type 277 x 93 Trim 148 x 210 Bleed 154 x 216 Type 136 x 190 1/4 page box Type 136 x 93 1/4 page vertical Trim 297 x 55 Bleed 303 x 58 (RH) Type 277 x 45 advertising rates DISPLAY Full page fh Full page rop half page ibc/ obc dps fh dps ROP £7,554 £6,867 £3,777 £8,927 £14,352 £13,047 advertorials PRODUCTION Please contact your Creative Solutions Salesperson for Production Rates INSERTS Bound-in £65 CPT tip-on £65 CPT loose insert £45 CPT Full page £8,927 DPS £16,961 HALF PAGE £4,910 The UK’s most influential brands
  12. 12. contact editorial team editor-in-chief & associate publisher Phil Alexander senior Editor Danny Ecclestone deputy EDITOR Andrew Male editorial assistant Ross Bennett 0207 208 3443 Reviews editor Jenny Bulley advertising HEAD OF MAGAZINES Clare Chamberlain ASSOCIATE MEDIA DIRECTOR Fiona Senior BRAND DIRECTOR Rob Walsh 0207 295 8591 Music Manager Martin Bojtos FILM Manager Liz Harriott Games and consumer manager Stephen Jobling 0207 295 5427 0207 295 8560 CREATIVE SOLUTIONS manager Stefanie Daniels Creative Solutions Manager Ariana Dunne Live Music & Media planner Joel Hopkins 0207 295 5483 0207 295 8589 0207 295 5474 0207 208 3702 PRODUCTION CLASSIFIED Claudine Platt Karen Gardiner 020 7241 8265 01733 468288 REGIONAL SALES OFFICE LOOSE INSERTS H Bauer publishing Katherine Brown Howard Foster 0161 868 3218 0161 868 3214 The UK’s most influential brands