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Trends in Academic Libraries

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Trends in Academic Libraries

  1. 1. Sally GibsonJanuary 18, 2013
  2. 2.  Current Model is not sustainable MOOCs and Online Learning Collaboration, Cooperation, and Alliances Brand Name
  3. 3.  Convenience Mobile Devices Vocational Majors/Careers Do It Yourself
  4. 4.  Open Access and Scholarly Communication Delivery at the Time of Need Efficient and Intelligent Workflows
  5. 5.  Content Creation and Distribution ◦ Self Publishing ◦ Open Textbooks Budgeting Managing Emphasis on Preservation rather than Acquisition
  6. 6.  Multiple Access Points Convenience more important than content Information Easy to Find and Constantly Updated Library catalog no longer utilized by constituents
  7. 7.  Breaking down of Silos Adaptability and Flexibility ◦ RDA ◦ Linked Data Understanding Why and not just How Adopt new technologies as they emerge Cross Training and Continuing Education
  8. 8.  Meeting the expectation that information is easy to locate, constantly updated, and readily available Resources on Demand Just For You Service Library Expertise Must Be Visible