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Bernoulli Filter Application sheet protection of phe

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Bernoulli Filter Application sheet protection of phe

  1. 1. APPLICATION SHEET Secondary Cooling System Protection of Plate Heat Exchanger In the world of plate heat exchangers (PHEs), fouling and clogging can seriously impair performance by reducing the heat transfer efficiency and increasing the pressure drop. Even with effective screening at the water intake, mussels, seaweed and other marine life can settle on the heat transfer surfaces. Conditions are ideal for the growth of these organisms, whose subsequent rapid multiplication can reduce heat transfer and even cause the plate heat exchanger to break down completely. A Bernoulli Filter installed before the PHE inlet is a highly cost-effective way to avoid all these problems and ensure a reliable supply of particle free water. Bernoulli System AB | Skiffervägen 20 | SE-224 78 Lund, Sweden | Phone +46 46-38 55 10 | Fax +46 46-38 55 19 | www.bernoulli.se | info@bernoulli.se
  2. 2. APPLICATION SHEET Why choose a Bernoulli Filter? Enjoy all these benefits when you choose a Bernoulli filter • Simple and ingenious cleaning function • Low and constant pressure drop • Low flushing pressure Choosing a filter from Bernoulli System is the best way to protect your valuable capital investment over the long term. Our simple, reliable and proven filtration technology is guaranteed to do the job year in, year out. We know this because our filters are already in use around the world, removing sediment and debris from natural water sources such as sea, lake and river water. They serve a vital purpose in industries such as petrochemicals, power generation, refineries and desalination, and in district heating and cooling systems. We have focused exclusively on the development of water filtration systems for over twenty years. Now you can take advantage of our accumulated expertise to maximize the efficiency of your installation and minimize the risk of corrosion and clogging. • Easy installation • Excellent corrosion resistance • Robust and reliable About us • The Bernoulli Filter is a Swedish invention, designed and manufactured by Bernoulli System. • Bernoulli System is a Swedish company with its headquarters in Lund. • We have more than 20 years’ experience of water systems and related issues. • Approximately 2 500 Bernoulli Filters are installed in 80 countries worldwide. Bernoulli System AB | Skiffervägen 20 | SE-224 78 Lund, Sweden | Phone +46 46-38 55 10 | Fax +46 46-38 55 19 | www.bernoulli.se | info@bernoulli.se