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What Your Prospect Wants from Your Sales Process

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What You'll Learn:

- Align product, customer success, and sales to match expectations to delivery.

- Communicate the reality of an implementation process.

- Optimize legal resources to build momentum for a smooth negotiation process.

- Lessons from frustrated customers who were promised more than they got—and what they want to hear from future sales teams.

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What Your Prospect Wants from Your Sales Process

  1. 1. What Your Prospect Wants from Your Sales Process SALES HACKER WEBINAR @saleshacker
  2. 2. Hosted by: Travis Moscone Sr. Enterprise AE Concord Colin Campbell Director of Marketing Sales Hacker
  3. 3. Drawing parallels: selling and contracting as a business process How to Build Cross-functional alignment Understanding and Owning Implementation Case study from Concord’s customers Key takeaways Agenda 1 2 3 4 5
  4. 4. How do you align product, customer success, and sales? 1 o Ask for a regular (weekly) check-in around product roadmap; push for accessible language you can share with prospects o Establish an SLA between product - sales - customer success o Sell what your product can deliver now, not what you could build out in the future
  5. 5. What are the selling points - and realities - of implementation? 2 o Give a realistic picture of time and cost o Address the organizational investment and impact o Encourage customers to create a plan for change management beyond implementation
  6. 6. ✓ Wanted end user to be able to create approval workflows whenever they needed to, handled easily by their administrator. ✓ Looking for a system that’s easy to use with simple implementation. “Ultimately, your cost to deploy and time to value were far less.” “ Lost Deals → Customers: Case Study
  7. 7. Remove silos: create an SLA between departments Create a two-way, educational relationship with the product team Map out milestones on the implementation timeline; communicate the importance of each to your new customers Keep a single source of truth (We recommend Salesforce) Sell your product as-is; not as-promised Key takeaways 1 2 3 4 5