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Orchestrating a Successful CRM Implementation

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Join an interactive discussion about how to effectively set expectations, manage requirements, and get buy-in across the enterprise to successfully launch CRM. To kick off the conversation, Babson College will share how they were initially just looking for a CRM solution, but soon realized that they needed to revamp business processes, systems, and technology from the ground up. World Learning will share how implemented Salesforce to three distinct business entities within one enterprise Salesforce environment for better cross-entity collaboration. You should walk away with shared ideas, best practices, and lessons learned from your peers as to how to manage change and adoption.

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Orchestrating a Successful CRM Implementation

  1. 1. Marc Satin & Robyn Betts Enrollment Rx Babson College @EnrollmentRx | #hesummit Orchestrating a Successful CRM Implementation
  2. 2. Orchestrating a Successful CRM Implementation First Last Name Title
  3. 3. About Enrollment Rx, LLC First Last Name Title • Founded in 2008, Deep Domain Expertise • Focus Exclusively on salesforce.com for Higher Education • “Higher Ed App” and Toolkit built on the Salesforce platform • Gold Sponsor of the Higher Ed Summit
  4. 4. We Help Institutions of all size First Last Name Title
  5. 5. The Babson Story
  6. 6. The Project
  7. 7. Graduate Admissions Graduate Marketing
  8. 8. How it started
  9. 9. •  “Can’t Report Accurately” •  “No System!” •  “Can’t Track What We Want To!” •  Prospective experience disjointed and inconsistent Symptoms of Underlying Issues Visible First in Technology Layer
  10. 10. We Need A New System!
  11. 11. So, did you get a new system?
  12. 12. This was about a lot more than just technology
  13. 13. Challenge: This isn’t just an IT project!
  14. 14. Preparing for the Project
  15. 15. We are all in agreement, then Define the problem you are trying to solve
  16. 16. Define Success!
  17. 17. Project Charter - Formal documentation of project goals, approach, and success criteria Define the problem out loud Know what “good” looks like Get agreement
  18. 18. Team, Project Governance, Communication Set up Standing Meetings Have Sponsors Have a Strong Project Manager Report Out Weekly
  19. 19. Define Roles and Responsibilities – Out Loud!
  20. 20. All that before even starting?
  21. 21. Wait, all that before even selecting a tool?
  22. 22. Ensures that you are all on the same page
  23. 23. Perform Business Process Analysis 40+ PEOPLE INVOLVED 12+ PROCESS REVIEWS 35+ DOCUMENTS
  24. 24. We Need A New System! Way of Working
  25. 25. We know our business We don’t know CRM Find a partner that knows both
  26. 26. Communicate Broadly “What’s in it for me?” Celebrate Improvements Early and Often Champions for Change Find the squeaky wheels
  27. 27. Set Up SYSTEM Governance Early On
  28. 28. Leave Enough Time! – Build in time for chartering process – Build in time for contract negotiation across multiple vendors – Don’t skimp on testing! Babson took 18 months to select and implement
  29. 29. A Helpful Framework
  30. 30. Establish Urgency “Burning Platform” Build Guiding Team Get the Right Vision Communicate for Buy-In Empower Action Create Short- Term Wins Don’t Let Up Make it Stick Declining Enrollment; Bad Prospective Experience Project Team / Sponsors / Chartering! Business Process Mapping Pain Points / Opportunities Governance Team / Training / Sponsor Accountability Starting with Strategy / KPIs Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model
  31. 31. Orchestrating A Successful CRM Implementation 1.  Define your problem 2.  Define Success 3.  Create Your Project and Communication Structure 4.  Perform Business Process Analysis 5.  Find the Right Partner 6.  Communicate Broadly 7.  Create System Governance EARLY 8.  Leave More Time Than You Think!
  32. 32. Thank you! Robyn Betts Director, Project Management Office Babson College rbetts@babson.edu Marc Satin, Chief Operating Officer Enrollment Rx msatin@enrollmentrx.com