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04 Saksala ArtRadius Child Art

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art centre Saksala ArtRadius is showing a serious view on child art
artist and art teacher Marja de Jong is an authority in the field of art education
and cooperating with Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta and Mikkelin Kaupunki

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04 Saksala ArtRadius Child Art

  1. 1. child art and visual language marja de jong www.saksala.org
  2. 2. and visual languages in art -our visual reality can be seen in different ways -visual reality can be expressed in many ways -in every art work a vision on reality is present -without art there is no view on reality -children need the experience with different visions on reality -art education means to open the world of visual expression -a personal view can only be developed in confrontation to other views -it needs a lot of experiences to express subtle
  3. 3. visions on reality decorative view expressive view abstract view impressive view
  4. 4. what you see is what you see? or how brown and green is the tree? another view on Christmas trees through another presentation of the subject
  5. 5. -working in the same painting is very difficult because of the different ways of working -a joint art work can be realized by creating an own part in the entirety -through the colors of the paint it is possible to find the individual form
  6. 6. basic materials for art education -gouache -clay -wax crayon -graphite pencil -Indian ink -mono print all other materials are possible, but these basic materials are important to find a real personal handwriting
  7. 7. material needed for painting are only primary colors and white no mixed colors and no black, all nuances are possible white paper - weight minimum 160 gr/m² no water mixing is possible on the palette space and time to work concentrated (working several times in the same work is better for the development)
  8. 8. tools can be used in different ways to develop an own handwriting in painting it is important to use the brush in different ways painting and drawing are no preparation for writing
  9. 9. a painting is build up in different layers and it is possible to change forms and ideas during the work
  10. 10. a (colored) pencil or crayon is something else as a brush there is another use it is still the color what makes the form therefore there is no drawing before coloring
  11. 11. working in Finnish schools
  12. 12. art education symposium NATURALLY ART 2007 and 2008 using found materials to make art works the Tony Craig box of Jolanda Schouten
  13. 13. fishes and dialogue action of Matti Mattson the forest-LABYRINTH as a field of new experiences ART-MUSIC-NATURE different views on art education
  14. 14. workshop ‘who is sitting next to me ‘by the Dutch artist Jolanda Schouten in ylä aste of Haukivuori working with photo copy and fabric
  15. 15. collecting the things you normal put in your pocket gives a remarkable collection what can be used in different ways making small drawings of all the stuff in the box trying different arrangements on paper the painted results are different as the children are
  16. 16. children’s forest in Saksala ArtRadius children can build their own constructions with the materials of the surroundings
  17. 17. children’s LABYRINTH – a place where children can play, enjoy and create a fantasy world
  18. 18. art centre Saksala ArtRadius is showing a serious view on child art artist and art teacher Marja de Jong is an authority in the field of art education and cooperating with Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta and Mikkelin Kaupunki program art education • art courses for children in art centre Saksala ArtRadius • art courses for teachers in art centre Saksala ArtRadius • children’s forest • children’s metsä-LABYRINTTI • MASTER CLASSES AND RESIDENCIES ART AND ART EDUCATION • art education symposiums in cooperation with Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta • cooperation with IAE – Vienna – AUSTRIA • art education project with primary schools in Mikkeli (Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta and Mikkelin Kaupunki) • school projects art and painting • after school projects in cooperation with teachers • workshops by artists staying in the artist-in-residence of Saksala ArtRadius • exhibitions child art • collection child art of the AllaprimA Foundation (10 000 works) • developing international exchange programs • student-in-residence program
  19. 19. artists (art) teachers children art lovers ©2009 Saksala ArtRadius