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Enterprise Grade Cloud Computing

Enterprise Grade Cloud Computing


15 July 2015 Frankfurt / ISC
Prodosh Banerjee, CEO

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Enterprise Grade Cloud Computing

  1. 1. Up and Running since 2012 www.safeswisscloud.ch 1 Enterprise Grade Cloud Computing WHAT MATTERS FOR THE FINANCIAL SERVICE INDUSTRY 15 July 2015 Frankfurt / ISC Prodosh Banerjee, CEO
  2. 2. HPC in financial services comes in many shapes and sizes … www.safeswisscloud.ch 2
  3. 3. www.safeswisscloud.ch Source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ab/2009-cheetah-sprint.jpg 3 The 100m sprint ….
  4. 4. 100m sprint – very agile computing Continuous deployment Continuous testing Start and stop lots of servers on demand Peak around closing Peak in special situations www.safeswisscloud.ch 4 Start and stop lots of servers instantly Automate infrastructure in SW Capacity on demand Reliable SW Development Characteristics
  5. 5. www.safeswisscloud.ch 5 Agile Enterprise Development
  6. 6. www.safeswisscloud.ch Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Maratonaroma2006_circomassimo_5.jpg 6 The Marathon ….
  7. 7. Show cases for the Marathon Pricing information Trading Analytics: find and correlate information Analytics: Find and correlate information quickly www.safeswisscloud.ch 7 Steady workloads: lots of computing power needed for a longer period Lots of storage Low latency Fast I/O Reliable Trading Room Characteristics
  8. 8. www.safeswisscloud.ch Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Ironman 8 The Ironman ….
  9. 9. Show cases for the Ironman Giant portfolios Multi-dimensional analysis, slice and dice by many, many parameters Show correlations Format, layout etc. www.safeswisscloud.ch 9 Varying workloads over a longer period of time Lots of storage Bursts of compute Bursts of I/O Portfolio Reporting, Simulations Characteristics
  10. 10. Hybrid environments are the reality www.safeswisscloud.ch 10
  11. 11. www.safeswisscloud.ch How to enable hybrid environments Virtual Data Center Safe Swiss Cloud Virtual Data Center Private Clouds (on or off premise) • Openstack • Cloudstack • Etc. Public Clouds Cloud Integration Bus1 Enterprise App Store 7x24 Support & Managed Cloud Services DevOps Tools and Best Prctices 1 Cloud Integration Bus is a Safe Swiss Cloud product which enables the flexibility to move at the speed of the digital age while providing security, choice and control The future of enterprise IT is a hybrid of public and private clouds with users installing applications from a safe enterprise app store 11
  12. 12. How to deliver fast … www.safeswisscloud.ch 12
  13. 13. www.safeswisscloud.ch Virtual Data Centre1 VPC2: Virtual Private Cloud Virtual Routers3 & Networking4 Virtual Server Instances (VMs) Virtualize everything: network, storage, computing 1 A Virtual Data Centre (VDC) contains multiple VPCs 2 A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) contains any number of VMs (virtual servers) 3 Each VPC is controlled by a virtual router w. firewall 4 Create virtual networks and appliances (routers, firewalls, load balancers etc.) Each VPC can have any number of isolated network segments (not shown in diagram) Our unique combination of products are designed to easily enable enterprise grade IT services to be delivered from the cloud fast 13
  14. 14. Make it easy to use … www.safeswisscloud.ch 14
  15. 15. Safe Swiss Cloud www.safeswisscloud.ch 15
  16. 16. Make it reliable … www.safeswisscloud.ch 16
  17. 17. www.safeswisscloud.ch Fibre optic ring around Zürich Internet Provider A Internet Provider B Cross connect A (dark fibre) Cross connect B: (dark fibre) Data Centre 1 / Region swiss1 • Computing Resources (CPU, RAM) • Primary storage cluster (SSDs + disks) • Object storage cluster (backups, media storage etc.) • Networking: routers, firewalls Data Centre 2 / Region swiss2 • Computing Resources (CPU, RAM) • Primary storage cluster (SSDs + disks) • Object storage cluster (backups, media storage etc.) • Networking: routers, firewalls 17
  18. 18. About Safe Swiss Cloud www.safeswisscloud.ch Which factors matter: Ideal for: • ISO 27001 certified • Know your customer • Security Research: Projects with ZHAW Cloud Computing Lab Security Data Privacy • ISO 27018 (PII) compliant Independently audited • All data stored in Switzerland (Swiss Data Privacy Law) • FINMA RS 2008/7 compliant Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, Independently audited • Multiple redundant data centres • Software Designed / Virtual Data Centres • Architecture & Solution Design Consulting • On-boarding Services & Tools • 7*24 Support & Operation One Stop Enterprise Cloud • Designed for no single point of failure • Multi Tenant • Hybrid Cloud Integration • Up/down Sizing in seconds • Thousands of IOPS) • Network speeds (Gb/s) • Storage as a service: S3 compatible • Toolbox - DevOps - Migration • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity • Best Practices Architecture Performance & Elasticity Academy & Tools Corporates Partners Providers • Seamless integration with internal IT environment • Enterprise grade functionality and managed services • Swiss data privacy meets EU standards • International companies with a safe home base for their data • Hosting companies • Application Management companies • Integrators • Software Development companies • Consulting companies • SaaS - FinTech - CRM, ERP - Etc. • PaaS - Big Data - Hybrid cloud - MaaS – Messaging as a Service - Disaster Recovery as a Service
  19. 19. 7x24 Support and Services www.safeswisscloud.ch Virtual Data Center Software defined High availability Predictable pricing Advanced Networking Virtual routers & firewalls VPN, network isolation Protection for VDC On Demand and Elastic Instantly scale up or down Pay only for resources used No long term contracts Enterprise Grade Designed for complex IT Migration and engineering Swiss, Secure, Compliant Swiss FINMA compliant data centers Used by banks and financial service providers 7x24 Support and Services 7x24 Hotline Managed services Support 19
  20. 20. Alte Landstrasse 64 8800 Thalwil Switzerland Tel.: +41 43 541 5704 info@safeswisscloud.ch www.safeswisscloud.ch Safe Swiss Cloud AGC o n t a c t P r o d o s h B a n e r j e e p r o d o s h . b a n e r j e e @ s a f e s w i s s c l o u d . c h T h o m a s H i l g e n d o r f f T h o m a s . h i l g e n d o r f f @ s a f e s w i s s c l o u d . c h www.safeswisscloud.ch 20