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Scrum All Day Training

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Scrum All Day Training

  1. 1. SCRUM An Agile approach to delight customer frequently!! By Shuk (Aditya Shukla), PMP PMI-ACP, CSM, CSPO ,
  2. 2. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Agenda A second line of text could go here Meet and Greet : Overview of class Introduction to Scrum - WIIFM Study Scrum activities Learn practical skills Scaling Agile [Tomorrow] Class Retrospective
  3. 3. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Objective To learn Scrum well enough to use it successfully for real projects • Learn one way to do each Scrum practice • Follow Scrum, add / tailor practices to suit our projects Scope of Class •Project-Management Concepts •Scrum Process Elements •Scrum Roles •Scrum Artifacts, Metrics, and Calculations
  4. 4. Q&A
  5. 5. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Introduction to manage projects with Scrum Show where Scrum fits in the big picture Define ―agile‖ & ―Scrum‖ Relate Scrum to project-management concepts Derive Scrum from basic principles
  6. 6. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! The Problem: Only 14% Software Projects Succeed NON-AGILE PROJECT SUCCESS Success 14% Challenged Failed • late 29% • over budget • lacking functionality • low quality Challenged 57% Copyright © 2012 by The Standish Group International, Inc. http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/blog/agile-succeeds-three-times-more-often-than-waterfall
  7. 7. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Most development money is wasted 64% of product features are rarely or never used •2006 – The Standish Group • A development company (in USA) of 40 engineers salaried at $100,000 each wastes $213,333 per month, or more than $2.5 million per year.
  8. 8. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Improved Planning doesn't Help after certain point • We’ve tried this 50,000 times • It hasn’t worked very well so far • Will it work better next time? •Probably not… Why doesn’t more planning produce better results?
  9. 9. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Improved Planning always doesn't Help Point of Law of Diminishing Returns diminishing Point of negative returns returns Law of diminishing returns Results Inputs To continue after a certain level of performance has been reached will result in a decline in effectiveness. “Planning is everything. Plans are nothing” Field Marshall Helmuth Graf
  10. 10. Uncertainty Destroys Plans Scrum : let’s deliver value!! How software projects are like all projects •Same triple constraint / iron triangle: •Scope, schedule, resources How S/W projects differ from many •One-of-a-kind features  Unreliable estimates •Customer needs change rapidly ―Planning better‖ by •Trying to estimate better •Spending more time to ―get requirements right‖ Does this work?? Reality wins: Scope & schedule uncertainty destroys plans.
  11. 11. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Understand the Adaptive Spectrum All processes have their ―sweet spots‖  Based on scope, effort uncertainty Uncertainty Predictive Reactive Predictive Planning Adaptive Planning Reactive Planning Plan-Driven SCRUM Kanban SDLC DAD Waterfall SAFe Scrum occupies the middle ground • Enables (some what)detailed planning • Adapts to rapid change Which projects should I use Scrum, use it for your complex once!!
  12. 12. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Scrum works well for projects For projects where • Needs change quickly (scope is fluid) • Much implementation can be done quickly • Long lead times are not usually a major issue • Project can be cyclic For projects in • Software development • Information Technology • Uncertainty and uniqueness is of vey high degree
  13. 13. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Scrum may not work well Uncertainty and uniqueness is not of very high degree. •Home building •Nuclear power plant construction •Assembly lines Etc..
  14. 14. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Scrum is ?? Watch Video Here: http://youtu.be/UT4giM9mxHk Video Credit http://youtu.be/UT4giM9mxHk
  15. 15. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Scrum is… A lightweight, agile process framework for iterative development  Iterative: Deliver results in frequent increments  Process Framework: A specific set of practices, simple and incomplete  Lightweight: Set is small, not comprehensive  Agile: Reflects the Agile Manifesto http://www.agilemanifesto.org/
  16. 16. Scrum Values Scrum : let’s deliver value!!
  17. 17. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Characteristics of (any) Agile Processes (& Scrum) • Close and frequent communications with customers • Rapid turnaround of customer requests • Self-organized teams • Members collaborate closely • Members dynamically allocate task assignments • Self improvement through reflection and learning from past experience
  18. 18. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Defining Characteristics of Scrum Three artifacts Three roles •Product Backlog •Team •Sprint Backlog •ScrumMaster •Burndown chart •Product Owner Five Time Boxes •Sprint •Sprint Planning •Daily Scrum Meeting •Sprint Review (Demo) Meeting •Retrospective Meeting http://www.scrumalliance.org/pages/scrum_101
  19. 19. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Success in Scrum = Satisfied Customers •Success is not ―planned scope, on time, on budget‖ •Success is ―customer satisfaction with responsiveness and turnaround time‖ • Responsiveness: They want everything • Turnaround time: They want it today (scope creep!) Perfect world The real world • Deliver feature on the day it’s requested •How close to perfection can we get? • Total responsiveness (―Yes‖ to every •Total responsiveness  Implement in request) value-driven rank order • Instant turnaround (zero time to •Instant turnaround  Work in short delivery) cycles • Revise rank before each cycle
  20. 20. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Scrum vs. Waterfall (or ScrumFall or Traditional) Waterfall Scrum • Freezes scope, estimates schedule • Freezes schedule, estimates scope • Preserves scope by adjusting schedule • Preserves schedule by adjusting scope • Is more predictive than adaptive • Is more adaptive than predictive • Plans all features, designs all • Plans one feature, designs one features, implements all features, tests all feature, implements one feature, tests one features, fixes all bugs, in that order feature, fixes bugs for one feature, then repeats for next feature • Delivers all value at end of project (late • Delivers value incrementally throughout ROI) project (early ROI) • Customer experiences product at end of • Customer experiences product early and project. often
  21. 21. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Key Scrum Concepts  Product Owner(PO) provides requirements, as short narrative descriptions (―Stories‖), or bug-fix requests. Set of unscheduled requirements is the ―Product Backlog.‖ Each requirement is a Product Backlog Item (PBI).  Small Teams (3—9 people) work in short ―Sprints/Iterations‖ (2—4 weeks) to implement stories in rank order.  Requirements frozen when Sprint starts—no change requests allowed!  Teams self-organize to best apply member skill sets (coding, test development, testing, etc.).  ScrumMaster(SM) does not assign tasks.  SM focuses on planning, tracking, mentoring, and issue resolution.  Team members collaborate to complete stories quickly. They don’t allocate one Story per member!  Schedule rules: Don’t extend Sprint to finish incomplete Stories. Why Small is 5±2 ?
  22. 22. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Better Communication is key of success!! Team Members Communication Channels 1 0 2 1 3 3 4 6 5 10 6 15 7 21 8 28 9 36 10 45
  23. 23. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Swarming: Scrum Strategy for Collaboration Story 1 Done. How many people can work on Story #1? Story 2 How many people can … Done. They swarm on #1. How many people can work on Story #2? They swarm on #2. Story 3 Done. How many on….. The ability to shift shapes when they have no leader reflects the genuine behavior of collective behavior or collaboration.
  24. 24. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Scrum Defines New Roles ScrumMaster Team •Manages process •Self-organizes cross-functional (enforces, tracks, expedites problem members to implement, test features resolution) •Software & test •Runs daily Scrum, Sprint engineers, database architects, UI Planning, Retrospective Meetings developers, etc. •Often a Project/Program Manager Product Owner •Responsible for requirements (new features, bug fixes) and release dates •Works with customers to define user-facing features •Collaborates with engineers, QA, Services, and Support personnel, to rank requests •Often a Product Manager, Business Analyst Scrum Team = Team, right??
  25. 25. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Time Boxes of Scrum For 2 weeks sprints. Sprints 2-4 weeks Sprint Planning Meeting: 4 hrs.  Plan work to be done in Sprint {Implement backlog in rank order} Daily Scrum Meeting: 15 minutes  Review tasks and issues Sprint Review Meeting(Demo): 1 hour  Product Owner reviews deliverables Retrospective Meeting: 1 hour  Learn from experience We prefer and follow 2 weeks sprints.
  26. 26. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Scrum Renames Existing Concepts Classic Terms Scrum Terms •Schedule •Sprint •Scope •Sprint Backlog •Activity List •Task Breakdown •Productivity •Velocity •Estimate to Complete Chart •Burndown Chart •Earned Value Chart •Burnup Chart
  27. 27. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Scrum is Lean* 1.Optimize the whole (value of complete solution, product) • Consider big-picture, long-term as well as parts, short term 2.Eliminate waste • Minimise non-product effort (documents, sign-offs) 3.Build Quality In • Definition of Done, XP practices 4.Learn Constantly • Defer decisions, work: YAGNI • Feedback loops (external, internal) 5.Deliver Fast • Short cycles, incremental delivery 6.Engage Everyone • Group expertise / Wisdom of Crowds** 7.Keep Getting Better • Retrospectives *www.poppendieck.com **© 2004 James Surowiecki, Anchor Books
  28. 28. Planning Onion! Scrum : let’s deliver value!!
  29. 29. G N N N A A R P E E L L S I Scrum : let’s deliver value!!
  30. 30. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Defining the Release : Release Planning •Release is a set of Sprints (not a formal Scrum term) •Smallest possible release contains one Sprint •Purpose: Guarantee a releasable version of product •Each Sprint should produce acceptable quality •A Release ensures acceptable quality •Point of Confusion: A Release isn’t always ―released‖ •Distribution decision depends on content as well as quality •May have private releases between public releases •Private releases provide checkpoints of validated quality •Public releases provide new value to customers
  31. 31. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Criteria for Releasing Software  Acceptable defect level (e.g., no P0, P1 bugs)  Acceptable test coverage for features  Acceptable code coverage in tests  Acceptable performance under load  Acceptable deployment / installation process  Appropriate feature set (for public releases) • PO may have different criterion for private releases
  32. 32. G N N N A A R P E E L L S I Scrum : let’s deliver value!!
  33. 33. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Product Backlog Can be known as Product Backlog, Release (Product) Backlog and Sprint (Product) Backlog as per the context and/or ceremony. Release Sprint Planning Planning What is difference between Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog? Product Backlog Release Backlog Sprint Backlog  Big Ideas  Release R1 Stories  Sprint S1 Stories  Epics  Stories Product backlog is living document!!!
  34. 34. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! The Product Backlog What it is What PO does (or should be doing!!) •Requirements not assigned to Sprint •Finalize and Rank PBIs Represented by •2—3 days before Sprint Planning •Stack of index cards, sticky notes meeting •Spreadsheet •At least enough PBIs to fill the next •Entries in agile PM tool Sprint (more is good) Maintained by Product Owner •Supply Ranked list to Team •Ranks items for implementation •For use in Sprint Planning meeting •Owns all content
  35. 35. G N N N A A R P E E L L S I Scrum : let’s deliver value!!
  36. 36. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Team To work effectively it is important for a Scrum Team that everyone within the team  Team members share the same norms and rules  The Scrum team as a whole is accountable for the delivery  The Scrum Team is empowered (no command and control)  It is working as autonomous as it is possible  The Scrum Team is self organizing  The skills within the Scrum team are balanced  A Scrum Team is small and has no sub-teams  The people within the Scrum Team work full time in the team  People are preferably collocated http://www.scrum-institute.org/Scrum_Roles_The_Scrum_Team.php
  37. 37. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Why Empower Teams!! Watch Video Here: http://youtu.be/8NPzLBSBzPI Video Credit: http://youtu.be/8NPzLBSBzPI
  38. 38. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Sprint Planning Meeting Two Parts: 1. Committing to PBI 2. Coming up with tasks for committed PBI Purpose: Assign PBIs to Sprint Backlog •For each Product Backlog Item (PBI), in rank order 1.ScrumMaster or PO reads PBI to Team 2.Team discusses, asks Product Owner to clarify details 3.ScrumMaster facilitates & records Planning Poker* estimation 4.ScrumMaster adds PBI to Sprint Backlog 5.Planning is finished when Sprint Backlog is filled to capacity •Team creates Task Breakdowns for Sprint Backlog items Revise scope of Sprint Backlog based on Task estimates ScrumMaster facilitates, enforces selected time box. Enforcement!! Anti-Agile
  39. 39. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Estimation: We don’t know what we don’t know!! Watch Video Here: http://youtu.be/kGKMTCvq-RM An excerpt from a software development speech that Jim McCarthy gave to Microsoft Consulting when he was in charge of VC++ (now Visual Studio). Video Credit: http://youtu.be/kGKMTCvq-RM
  40. 40. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Planning Poker: Exercise Watch Video Here: http://youtu.be/gE7srp2BzoM Video Credit http://youtu.be/gE7srp2BzoM
  41. 41. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Subtleties in Sprint Planning Always plan for what Team can complete! •Incomplete stories cause planning , merging headaches What if…. •First 5 PBIs fit, but #6 is too big for remaining capacity? Maybe pull in smaller item further down in ranking •X and Y fit at end of Sprint, but need X, Y, and Z to produce user-facing feature? Maybe put all three at start of next Sprint, and pull in other items to fill this Sprint
  42. 42. G N N N A A R P E E L L S I Scrum : let’s deliver value!!
  43. 43. G N N N A A R P E E L L S I Scrum : let’s deliver value!!
  44. 44. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Sprints Repeat in a Cadence •Cadence: Rhythmical motion or activity •Requirements are completed before Sprint starts •Planning is continuous, not phased
  45. 45. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Sprint (Each Day’s Major Activities) • Purpose: Implement PBIs in Sprint Backlog • ScrumMaster monitors work, facilitates issue resolution • Team members swarm to implement PBIs in rank order  Ask Product Owner to clarify requirements  Ask ScrumMaster to resolve issues the Team cannot resolve (try once!!!) • Team members update status of each task  On starting, finishing, revising ―to-do‖ effort, … • Team members don’t start PBIs they can’t finish in Sprint  Maintain discipline of finishing what is started! •Prior to Daily Scrum meeting, the ScrumMaster  Collects task status information Prepares burndown chart (many tools do this automatically)
  46. 46. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Tracking • Bars: Amount of remaining work (―Estimate to Complete‖) • Sum of estimates for uncompleted tasks • Line: Ideal progress • Goes to zero at end of Sprint Why we do not track work completed?
  47. 47. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Daily Scrum Meeting •Purpose: Promote common understanding of Sprint status, and identify issues to be resolved •ScrumMaster facilitates, enforces 15-minute time box •Team members, ScrumMaster, (Product Owner may attend as silent listener) • Not a staff meeting Each Team member describes 1. What I’ve done since the last Daily Scrum meeting 2. What I plan to do before the next Daily Scrum meeting 3. What issues I’m facing that I need help to resolve Decide who will collaborate to resolve each issue after the meeting (“sidebar discussions”) No issue resolutions in Daily Scrum Meeting, please. We have 15 mins only!!
  48. 48. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Sprint Review Meeting Purpose: Confirm acceptability of implementations ScrumMaster facilitates, enforces selected time box 1.Team demonstrates finished PBIs to the Product Owner •Team members decide who will do the demonstrations. One person does all or round-robin style; etc. 2. Product Owner provides final decision on whether implementations are acceptable for release •If not, then they are not released *Should be rare, since PO monitors, helps & evaluates throughout Sprint. After: •Product Owner writes Stories for changes to implementations
  49. 49. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Retrospective Meeting •Purpose: Learn from experience, and improve •ScrumMaster facilitates, records, enforces time box •Say, 60 minutes total: 30 for recording, 30 for discussion 1.Review status of work items from previous Retrospective 2.Team members, Product Owner, ScrumMaster answer  What went well, that we should do again?  What needs improvement?  What specific improvements should we make? 3.Specify follow-up actions 1.Prioritize improvements 2.Select top few to address 3.Select owners to drive improvements(PO, SM, Team)
  50. 50. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! Recap Team or Vid ?? Watch Video Here: Scrum under 10 minutes http://youtu.be/XU0llRltyFM
  51. 51. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! What Scrum does not (explicitly) cover?
  52. 52. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! What Scrum does not (explicitly) cover? Hiring Stakeholder Mgmt. Procurement Mgmt Staff Meetings Resource Planning Portfolio Magmt.
  53. 53. Class Retrospective Scrum : let’s deliver value!!
  54. 54. Scrum : let’s deliver value!! • Succeeding with Agile by Mike Cohen • Agile Estimation and Planning by Mike Cohen References • YouTube videos credit goes to their uploaders/owners Video Links: http://youtu.be/XU0llRltyFM http://youtu.be/UT4giM9mxHk http://youtu.be/8NPzLBSBzPI http://youtu.be/gE7srp2BzoM http://youtu.be/kGKMTCvq-RM