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How to Sell On Kraftly

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Read this quick start guide that will walk you through a 60 seconds process to take your business online with Kraftly mobile app.

You can download the app at http://app.kraft.ly or check out our website at http://kraftly.com

Uniquely Yours - Buy and Sell Anything with your Smartphone!
Kraftly lets you sell your products instantly to 50,000+ buyers on the Kraftly app and to millions of other users using WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more!

Start your microshop today and bring your business online. Convert your hobby to a business. Anyone can sell.

Find unique products from sellers near you - won't find this stuff on the standard marketplaces! You won't know you want it till you see it.

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  • A very few can give such service as this website is giving in e-commerce space. Wish you all the best as I also planned to offer such platform to the most disorganised sector i.e. handicraft sector in India to bring a very positive change for the economically poor but artistically very rich crafts men.Wishing you all the best for a wonderful success.
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How to Sell On Kraftly

  2. 2. Welcome to Kraftly Kraftly is an app-only niche marketplace meant especially for unique and quirky products. You can easily sell your souvenirs, without putting any effort on Marketing! In this guide, we are going to share the easy steps to create your micro shop and list your products. So, Let’s Get Started!
  4. 4. Sign Up as a Seller • Once you download the app, you need to SIGN UP as Seller. You can easily sign up using your Facebook account or directly from email. • In case you have already signed up, simply tap on SIGN IN.
  5. 5. Mobile Verification To complete the sign up process, you need to VERIFY your mobile number. You will receive an OTP. Simply enter that OTP in the screen and click on VERIFY.
  6. 6. Wallet Creation • Enter a unique password to create your Citrus Wallet. • Your payments would be settled through Citrus wallet.
  7. 7. Enter Store Information Congrats! You have successfully signed up. Now, enter your basic shop details like name, email ID, contact number (where you want to receive all the information) and more details about your shop.
  8. 8. Enter Store Information After this, enter your store address. You can either choose it from Address book or simply enter manually.
  9. 9. Personalize Your Store • Your store has been created. Now, you can personalize your store by adding your company logo, banners. • Other than this, you can also edit shop information, if needed.
  11. 11. Create Listing Go to My Shop and click on Create Listing to start listing your products.
  12. 12. Create Listing • Upload your product images. You can click product images directly from your camera or choose from your mobile gallery. • Enter product details like name, description, attributes like color, size. Also, choose appropriate category.
  13. 13. Create Listing After this, choose : a. Shipping details like fees (based on your product weight) b. Number of days in which you will ship the product c. Shipping charges will be borne by you or buyer. Also, enter the product price. You can also enter the discounted price.
  14. 14. Create Listing • After you enter the shipping details, the total amount you will earn on it will be displayed • Click on ADD to complete the process.
  15. 15. View Product Listing • You can view all the listed products on the ‘My Listing’ section on your ‘Main Shop’. • Click on red (+) sign to add more products. • To view/edit product details, simply tap on that product.
  16. 16. Edit Product Details • Simply, tap on EDIT to change any product details. • You can also deactivate that product, in case it is out of stock or not available, by tapping on Active toggle. • You can also start selling on social channels by tapping on SELL.
  17. 17. Sell Product on Social Channels With Kraftly, you can simply share your products on various social channels for quick sales. All you need is to tap on ‘Sell’ and choose the channel on which you want to share the products
  18. 18. Store Management Tools • We also offer you various management tools to manage your store effectively. • Go to your main shop to view the same.
  19. 19. Store Management Tool: My Sales Click on MY SALES and view your orders to proceed with fulfillment.
  20. 20. Store Management Tool: View Store Click on VIEW STORE to view how your store will look to your buyer.
  21. 21. Store Management Tool: Wallet • If you haven’t yet created your wallet, first create your wallet by inputting your unique password. • Once you receive an order, we will credit your wallet with the amount due to you 7 days after delivery of product to buyer. • You can enter your bank account details and withdraw the same from your wallet.
  22. 22. Store Management Tool: Settings • Click on SETTINGS in your main shop to update store level settings. • You can define if COD is to be borne by you or the buyer. •Input your VAT details •Mention store level shipping days. •You can link all social media channels here to start selling immediately!