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  2. 2. ALARMING STATE OF EDUCATION IN PAKISTAN  5.1 million Pakistani children of primary school age who are out of school  According to UNICEF, 17.6 per cent of Pakistani children are working and supporting their families  Don’t all they deserve a chance at education?
  3. 3. SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS  Just an initiative started by a group of university students for the betterment of education is Pakistan  A lot of people today are aware of the educational problem in Pakistan  Previous research shows that educational funds are required  Everyone has a right at education  High illiteracy rate  Long process to achieve education for everyone.  Regional disparity is a problem.
  4. 4. IT ALL STARTS WITH EDUCATION  Education is the most essential ingredient for the development of a nation  An investment to achieve both human and economic development  Unfortunately it is one of the biggest problems in Pakistan  In Human Development Report Pakistan is placed at 136th position for having just 49.9% educated population.  Basic flaws of the education system in Pakistan contribute to the economic, ethnic and sociopolitical crisis within the country.  No education, No job, No money.
  5. 5. IT ALL STARTS WITH EDUCATION  Title of Campaign: Alfbaypay… Saab nahi parh paty.  We study in good educational institutions, why not help those who can’t afford even the basic education.  As we go higher up in education we forget the most basic stuff.  Why not give others a chance to learn the Alfbaypay we have forgotten .  Help solve illiteracy problem  Help solve the economic crisis
  6. 6. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES #Alfbaypay challenge: • Share video reciting alfbaypay • Nominate further people • Donate 100Rs if fail Video and dropbox • PR ad to raise awarness • Dropboxes at school to collect funds Banner • Celebrity signatures • Auction the banner • Money goes to school Open school • Primary school • Rural area
  7. 7. Add hashtag pic or something
  8. 8. CHANGE STARTS SMALL KEY MESSAGE  Raise awareness that everybody has right to education  Collect funds to open school  “Everybody has a right to learn the basics we have forgotten” TARGET AUDIENCE  External Public  Active and Passive Publics  Primary audience: students at schools and college  Eventually nationwide audience
  9. 9. PUBLIC RELATION TOOLS USED  PR Advertisement  Video  #Alfbaypay challenge  Pamphlets/Brochures  Social Media
  10. 10. RESARCH AND EVALUATION • We used quantitative research method. • Used Google docs to do survey • People responded well to message • Video taped 10 people for Alfbaypay video • Celebrities interested • #Alfbaypay has gone viral on Facebook and Twitter • Quite a lot of funds being collected • People interested a lot in the project